ready to bake

Jules —  December 6, 2005

You must buy these and try them. They are sooooo yummy. The kids and I have a sugar cookie day, once a year, at Christmas. It’s very fun to make the dough and do the cut outs and decorate the cookies. However, it’s messy and a lot of work. I am so glad I’ve discovered these. The pack comes with the frosting and the edible images. The kids bake them and decorate them all by theirselves, with NO mess! Elaina, my four year old, decorated these! Get them before they sell out!

Think what a better world it would be if we all, the whole world, had cookies and milk about three o’clock every afternoon and then lay down on our blankets for a nap.” ~Barbara Jordan



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  1. Are the images sugary? I was wondering when I saw the pics on the package if they were edible as it would be a real messy pain to put them on and then pull them off right away to eat them.

  2. These are grrrreat! The pictures are edible but you don’t taste anything. Thanks for bringing them over.

  3. Where do you get them in the frozen section or the baking section?

  4. They were in a special cooler. They weren’t with the other year round cookie dough.

    I haven’t tried it yet, but they have sheets of gingerbread dough. I bought a package to try. We have a gingerbread cookie cutter. I usually use it with sugar cookie dough. I can’t wait to make gingerbread men. I’ll probably save it for our big cookie making day.

  5. It’s 3pm where I’m at and I would love milk, cookies and a nap!! LOL

    We used to do the sugar cookie day when I was younger too…and we always used to roll them out and use cookie cutters and so on. It was fun, but I like the idea of the easy “ready to bake” a little better!!!

  6. Thanks for having us over, Tom. It’s a real treat getting to go to someone else’s home!

  7. You should give them a try Ciera. They’re great with coffee or milk.

  8. I’ve always avoided the homemade sugar cookie scene. The dough always sticks to everything and I get so frustrated. That doesn’t make for nice memories! After trying the store-made, I’m sold. I’ll have to look for these kind–must be new this year!

  9. Yeah, that’s why I just do it a at Christmas and Valentine”s Day. I have let go of the, “let’s decorate pretty, perfect cookies and make us look like domestic goddesses”, phase. I let the kids decorate them without me hovering, telling them what to do. I just set out all the multiple tubes and sprinkles and it’s every girl for herself! Their creations are hilarious. It’s such a big deal to them.

  10. The boys love to decorate cookies…they end up putting so many sprinkles of all kinds on them, I really have to “suck it up” to be a good mommy and eat them. TOO SWEET! :eek

  11. Ian made his own last year at his Nana’s house two days before Christmas and she said this year she will put an old sheet down on the floor. I did not ask but I am sure Ian was messy but he had fun and she said he did not get yelled at or talked down to she just let him decorate.
    Ian was proud of his cookies but I have to agree with Debbie it was all I could do to choke down those cookies with tons of icing and sugar sprinkles. Most of them were Alien Santa clause cookie designs.
    Not pretty!!!