Reclaiming My Home

Jules —  March 31, 2005

It happened. Last Friday I had had enough!!! At one time I had a neat, organized, immaculate home and then I had children!!! Those of you who knew me 7 years ago can attest to this. After my children came, I did my best to keep up the ‘ready for a showing’ persona, as if my house were for sale. When the third and especially the fourth child came along, I gave up!!! During the summer, when everyone is at home all day, I go into a vegatative state when it comes to keeping up with the house. Seriously, I just stare blankly, expressionless, I shut down, it’s just too much! I go catatonic! So, you’re waiting on pins and needles, wondering what happened Friday. I reclaimed my home from my children!!! I carried out every toy, I mean EVERY toy, and put them in my garage!!!!

I feel like a re-birth in my life has occurred!!! It’s been days since I looked at my house and felt like crying. I feel like I have some space of my own!!! I suddenly care about my home again! I’ve spent my week cleaning and organizing. I can’t explain to you how good it feels!

Now before you go thinking that I have gone, ‘mommy dearest’, let me tell you my children are not traumatized! Jessica is the only one that seems to care. I let her go pick out two or three things and she plays contentedly and then takes them back out to the garage when she’s finished. Lydia is perfectly happy having her stuffed cat collection neatly placed on her bed.

To top it off, we are doing a TV fast this week, too. The girls receive a medal at the next Reading Nite Out, if we go without the TV for a week. I haven’t heard a cartoon for days now….awwwwwwwww. Peace and quiet.

My children read books, play school, play hide and go seek, play outside, listen to music, dance……… Why didn’t I do this a long time ago? I’ve come to the conclusion that they have too much!!! So….what do I do with it all? How much is enough? Should I bring the stuff back?

Oh no!!!!!!!!Garage sale season is coming. Can I resist all the great deals on great toys? I must!!!!

Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling snow before it stops snowing.



22 responses to Reclaiming My Home

  1. Good for you! Put them kids out in the garage as well! :) Just kidding! I’m so thankful that its nice again, makes it much easier even with a child as old as Tori to just say, “go outside for awhile”. Thankfully your kids are getting old enough that they can realistically be taught to pick up after themselves. Plus you have 2 older ones that you can make clean up for the younger ones….your own personal slaves!!! That’s what kids are for, right?

  2. yeah, the older ones are starting to become useful!!

  3. After 14 years, I’m still not that useful.

  4. You set up Julie’s blog, which is quite awesome. :-)

  5. Clap, clap, clap, clap, Yea, for you Julie. I am the kid in our house and I am trying, trying, to get rid of stuff. I always seem to be looking for things after I throw them away, so its hard for me to clear out what I really don’t need. I remember when I was a kid and we didn’t have a tv. We were always outside or playing with stick horses we found in the weed patch, I don’t remember having a lot of toys. We always had a doll though. Had to have one to play house.

  6. Your useful at lots of things, James….like, providing me food and shelter!

  7. I knew you would be happy for me, Aunt Marilyn!

  8. I seriously need a good energy spurt so that I can do the same thing. Although, around here toys are like a necessary evil. I hate having them in every room of the house, but I love it when the kids can entertain themselves with them while I’m trying to get things done. Same goes for videos. I don’t know how I would ever take a shower in peace without cartoons :-)

  9. I admit, I fudge during the day, I let Elaina watch cartoons! We are having an electrical problem and the plug for our living room TV is not working. Fine with me, they can go to my room to watch cartoons. I am enjoying the quiet!

  10. I know what you mean about the shower, it’s real hard right now with Anjelia. She doesn’t watch cartoons yet. So gets into stuff while I’m showering, like my makeup. All my lipstick has been dug out by her little fingernail.

  11. Yeh, and we would really fix them stick horses up to where they looked real. Corn silks for manes and tails. Mamas old pans to make mud pies and cakes, buckeyes for jewelry, or the fun of picken tator bugs off the plants and putting in a can of kerosen. Yeh, that was the good old days.

    There really was a life before tv. But of course getting in the Poison Ivy patch down by the creek did not turn out to be fun.

    I think we collect things now and can’t get rid of them because we did’nt have a lot of things when we were kids. BUT, and I repeat, BUT, we really did’nt know we were poor or doing without.
    Aunt Tootsie

  12. I think kids used to have to use their imagination more. I’m sure that was a good thing. It worked well for you. You’re very creative.

  13. wow, i’m impressed!

  14. Ok, I admit, after this morning, I am ready for morning cartoons, once again. I heard more crying and fighting this morning than I care to hear in a week’s time. They are always tired by Friday. Sometimes the tube can be a good thing!

  15. Don’t get me wrong, it was the time, if Marilyn and I had TV, videos and things of date, we would be in front of the tv too. But I do cherish the old days.
    Aunt tootsie

  16. It seems we all like to look back and remember our childhoods. It’s good for us I think. My kids aren’t growing up in the country like I did, which I loved, but I figure they’ll have their own memories they will be fond of.

  17. Man, I just spent 2 hours of my precious Saturday helping my 3 boys sort through their toys. (for our yard sale next month). I could’ve saved some time and put ALL of the toys in the garage, if I’d read your blog first. They really only play with Legos, wood blocks, and Hot Wheels most of the time.

    I’m so proud of you, Julie. I know the feeling of freedom–I just took back my bedroom–NO TOYS in Mom and Dad’s room! Feels great! You haven’t felt pain til you’ve stepped on a Lego in the middle of the night! NO MORE!

  18. MOM POWER!!!!! MOM’S UNITE!!!

    Ouch!!!! I feel your pain Debbie!!! Been there done that!!!

  19. Well, it’s been a little while. . .how is it still going? Are the toys still in the garage? Are they missing them?

    This weekend I went through our toys again and boxed up more of them that they weren’t playing with. Julian even added a few things to my box when I wasn’t looking.

    Jon and Amber were over last night and I was just amazed that it took me less than 5 minutes to pick up all the toys (and they were all out) and my house was clean again. I LOVE THIS FREEDOM!! I feel the need to burn something to commemorate this freedom. I don’t know what I would burn, though. I need my bra, so I won’t burn that.

  20. They go get stuff sometimes. I haven’t brought it back in. The house still gets very messy somehow but it is a lot better than before!

    I have lots of Barbies. You can have one of those to burn!!

    Fry you skinny, pretty, little, young, trendy, thing!!! Muhahahahahaaaaa!!!!!!!!

  21. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I picture you saying that in the wicked witch voice you do! “Fry, my pretty”

  22. Too funny! I love that voice!!