retro trash to retro treasure

Jules —  October 31, 2007

Larry saved this really ugly, retro piece from the neighbor’s trash and I hauled it home and gave it a new life.

I am going to use it as a buffet in my dining room. I love this retro / modern piece. It’s so fun. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go at all with my wood stained china cabinet with bronze handles. Silver knobs seemed like the only way to go with this blast from the past. James had some high gloss laminate that he said he’d never use so it is now my new top! The grey veins seemed to go well with the handles.

Despite the fact that it doesn’t match, I love my new buffet. I think I’ll fill the drawers with scrapbooking supplies. The project only cost me twelve bucks and lots of elbow grease! That makes it even more enjoyable!

I’ll eventually figure out how to piece all my things together. None of the things in my house match, but they are all my bargain hunting treasures. If I’m drawn to the look of something and the price is right, you can bet I’ll be dragging it home!



11 responses to retro trash to retro treasure

  1. Love it! You should start your own television show of how to shop for bargains & then turn them into treasures.

  2. Late Friday afternoon our family went shopping. James was too tired to drive and asked me if I would. After just a few miles, he asked me to move out of the driver’s seat. Apparently, I slow down at every intersection. He was sick from me braking. I told him I had no idea I drove like that. James said that I slow down at every street looking for garage sale signs! It must be a habit. I guess that’s the key to my bargain hunting ways. I am always on the prowl!

  3. THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE it! You did such a great job on it. I’m sure you are so excited to put it to good use. I think it is perfect.

  4. Thanks Abby and Karen. I’m glad you girls like it – that makes me feel more confident about it.

  5. Hey, you go girl. Looks nice. My stuff don’t all match either, but If I like it, thats all I care about. That top just finished that piece off. Ya might have to set a lava lamp on top. Well, maybe not.

    We had a lot of trick or treaters tonight. Ian won some prizes over at the “Firehouse” down the street.

  6. We used to have a lava lamp in Lydia’s room but it broke. Too bad.

    We took the girls trick or treating. It’s always fun to watch them. I’ll post some pics soon.

  7. Wow, you are good! It takes such vision to see the possibilities with stuff like that. I am impressed.

  8. Hey thanks, Faith!!! Maybe it’s out of need. I was getting tired of empty space!

  9. Awesome! It turned out great.

  10. I love what you did to the dresser. I love bargains too.