Jules —  July 14, 2005

I love garage saling. I don’t enjoy purchasing things at the regular retail prices, there’s just no thrill in it. Yesterday morning, the girls and I found a gem of a garage sale. In a box in the garage was a set of beautiful china!

I have a china set that I absolutely adore. My mom began collecting it when I was just three years old. In the past few years I’ve added several pieces and it has grown into a 95 piece set! I don’t just like for it to sit in the hutch and look pretty, we use it on occasion. On Christmas Eve we set the table with it and had a big, delicious candlelit meal. It was lovely.

My Haviland china, blue garland pattern, made in Bavaria Germany.

With some leftover birthday money and some spending cash James had given me, I purchased the 8 place setting, 65 piece set for $40! When I brought it home, it was like Christmas, as I unwrapped each piece and washed and towel dried it. It is missing the sugar bowl and it has a gravy plate but no gravy boat. The cheapest sugar bowl I could find online was $30. I’ll eventually add these pieces along with some others I want. This is a most excellent start!

I’ve desired to collect four sets, one for each of my girls. Of course, to buy them retail is outside my budget. I feel like God himself reached down from heaven and gave me a special gift! Now I’m excited about the additional sets that I’ll eventually find for my girls.

Teacup sitting on a doily made by my great grandmother.

This is the Rosarito pattern of fine china by Mikasa. I am tickled pink just like the dainty pink flowers!

“It’s a wise husband who will buy his wife such fine china that she won’t trust him to wash the dishes.”



18 responses to Rosarito

  1. What a beautiful buy. You did good.

  2. Thanks. I had to share! I just love finds like that.

    I have a beautiful china hutch that I found. It only cost $100! My dad gave me the money to buy it several years ago.

  3. WOW-what a find! That excited feeling when you get a good deal is thrilling–especially when it’s a treasure for someone else. What a wonderful idea to give the girls each a china set–so much more meaningful than registering for a set when they get married. Now I need to think of something really cool to collect for the boys–that’s a bit more challenging for me!

  4. Yeah, I hope they like the patterns I choose! I kinda like old fashioned, delicate, shabby chic type styles.

    I do think boys are tougher to buy sentimental things for. You’ll think of stuff I’m sure.

  5. “I kinda like old fashioned, delicate, shabby chic type styles.” That’s funny considering my answer to your ‘china’ comment on my post. I just came over here for the first time today and read that and started laughing…I didn’t know where the ‘china’ reference had come from.

    You did very, VERY well here, great haul! As you prove time and again you are the garage sale goddess…no one can top you! These are great. Pretty but not overly done. Very classy!

  6. Ha! That’s funny Carl! Were you thinking ‘china?’ what’s she talking about?!

    Thanks, I think they’re pretty and slightly understated.

  7. I knew you liked china but I didn’t realize that the reason you mentioned it was that you had just come into the mother lode! And I thought it was funny that we both used the phrase ‘shabby chic’ in our comments.

  8. Great minds think alike!

  9. Speaking of china, Julie, here is a place where your opinion on china can be put to good use:

  10. Ok, Carl. I posted my opinion there. I hope it makes sense, there was a lot of crying going on while I was trying to post. I am very frustrated because I accidentally used my last name. Can you tell I am not used to posting on strangers blogs? I wonder if I should try to e-mail her and ask to remove my last name. I always find something to be concerned about!

  11. i don’t think it will matter, doesn’t strike me as a place for weird internet scandals to happen.

  12. I e-mailed her so I wouldn’t worry and asked her to remove my last name. She probably thinks I’m a worry wart. I put my little girls pictures on here a lot and I have an obligation to protect them. I had to stop watching the news. Having daughters is scary but I ask God to protect them all the time.

  13. Wonderful idea Julie, why didn’t I think of something like that for mine. Deb, think hard! Am sure you’ll come up with just the right thing. Your sets are beautiful Julie. I like crystal bowls. My plates are solid white.

  14. You also enjoy small chinese tea sets! I know that now!

  15. And it seems to me I’ve heard somewhere that Mom likes western style boots, too. Did she get a new pair recently or something?! (big grin)

  16. Hmmmm….that rings a bell.

  17. Hey, you all remember. I haven’t gotten to use the tea set the way I want to yet. I loved your idea, Julie of taking a tea party to a shut-in and I intend to start doing that. I have used it for myself.

  18. Actually, I think that was mom’s idea. I’ll give her the credit!