roxie – my big girl bike

Jules —  June 25, 2007

I feel as free as a little girl when I’m riding my new bicycle that James gave to me for my birthday! Roxie is sparkly pink with a fun retro design. The best part about her is her shiny silver fenders and wide handle bars. Now I can keep up with the girls when they’re biking. I think I need some accessories like a basket and some flowers or maybe a bud vase like the cute new VW beetles have!



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  1. What an adorable bike!!! It suites you perfectly. I had so much fun Sat. morning at the brunch. Great food and fun company. Thanks soooo much for inviting me!

  2. I’ve been riding my bike a lot. It’s a lot of fun.

    I was so upset with myself after everyone left. I didn’t get a picture of everyone. I wanted to take a pic of you guys sitting at the table and I forgot! I always get so caught up in the moment that I forget to take pictures.

    I had so much fun with the brunch! I am glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Love your bike, I’ve been wanting one too. Maybe this will get me going. But I enjoy walking and taking pic too, so maybe I won’t. Love the pink.
    Glad you had a happy birthday. Sorry I didn’t look intime to blog you.

  4. Oh Jules, I missed yours too! Thats what happens when you have company. I forgot your birthday. Well it certainly looks like you had a good one though. BEAUTIFUL BIKE and it looks just like it was made for you. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY Love ya.

  5. Don’t worry about it. It’s no big deal. It’s too hard to do everyone’s birthdays. That’s why I quit and just do my immediate family.

    My rear is a little sore. I don’t think it’s used to a bike seat yet! I’m surprised my legs aren’t sore. Going uphill burns!

  6. Oh….Jules that is such a cute bike.
    I want a roxie bike too!!!!
    How retro…I love retro things….

  7. Happy belated Birthday Jules….Sorry I missed it…..

  8. I knew you’d like it!

    We missed you at the brunch. How did your glucose test go?

  9. You look so cute on your pink bike, Julie. You’re such fun! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  10. You may need to raise the seat just a little and maybe it will be easier on your legs. I bet you have as much fun as the girls do, maybe more.

  11. LOVE the bike! So very cute! And keep riding — eventually your bum toughens up. Really. And belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  12. Hey get a saddle seat! That will feel good….
    But you need a pink one….lol lol

  13. That is GREAT! Nicely done, James!

  14. Thanks to all for the birthday wishes.

    Yes, James did very well picking out my bike! He said he did some calling around. This style isn’t real easy to find.

  15. James went to a bike shop that had several Electra bikes. I love these bikes but they are too pricey for us at this time. They are fun to look at though. Check out their website. The cruisers have a lot of fun designs.

  16. Oh, and he found mine at Target!

  17. Jules, Aren’t you glad you have that wonderful place to play around now, instead of the street where you used to live? I’m happy for you.

  18. Yes, I love our neighborhood. It’s not stressful to get out and walk or bike ride.

  19. Thanks alot Jules, all Larry and I have heard is “I want a Roxie bike”. The girl is possessed and jealous of your bike.

  20. Julie, you have a wonderful blog! It was so great to catch up with you and your family, complete with pictures! I’ll stay in touch and keep checking in!

  21. Hello, Fawn! How nice to hear from you! Please do check back in and comment. I love hearing from you. I’d love to know how your family is doing.

  22. Now y’all know what to get for Kandi, eh? If she gets one we can get together and ride!

  23. I want one too. Then we’d have to get a new van for me to carry it in. I want to ride the train trail around here.

  24. Wouldn’t it be cool if all us girls had a Pink Roxie bike, wouldn’t that be a picture.

  25. Steve’s mentioned getting me a bike….maybe I’ll have to request the ROXIE! We’d just be such cute chicks, all on matching bikes!

    Julie, your sense of humor and zest for life are so refreshing, girl.

  26. Thanks, Debbie!

    We would look AWESOME on matching bikes. Wouldn’t that be fun?!

  27. I think you two resemble each other anyway so might as well have matching bikes.

  28. When I hear a recording of myself, I think it sounds like Debbie talking.

    Thanks for the compliment, Aunt Marilyn. :)

    I need my smileys back. I miss them.

  29. Jules Ilove that bike girl, thats what Joe is gona be hearing since my birthday is coming up and are anniv. , maybe he’ll get me one. Do you ride it alot? I like the way the handle bars are up and ya don’t have to lean down. Is the bike called A Roxie or did you name her that ? I have a very good friend who’s name is Roxie, she beautiful, and so is your Roxie. later lovey’s..

  30. Yes, Roxie is the name on the bike. It’s from Target. I hate the bikes that make you have to lean over. That is one reason why I wanted a cruiser. I can sit up straight and I love the wide handle bars. It’s much more comfortable to me than regular bikes.

    I do ride it alot. Just around my neighborhood. I am not a cyclist that goes all over. I just wanted something to play with the kids on.

  31. I loved your bike, it is perfect for you, but I still think you need some streamers. That, a basket and a bell are the perfect accessories for Roxie.

  32. Yes, I am so excited about the streamers! Why didn’t I think of that? Thanks!

    I’m glad you were able to come last night. It was fun having you and your family!

  33. Did you all have your big fireworks blowout as usual? We enjoyed seeing your Mom and Larry with Gma Dorothy at Aunt Tootsies’ on the 4th. I hadn’t seen Gma Do since Gpa’s memorial service.

    I heard Jessica has been sick–hope she’s better.

  34. Now the rest of the family needs to get a Roxie bike since I have one NOW…….

  35. Debbie, I was so sorry to have missed you guys.

    Yes, James had quite a blow out. I need to post some pics.

    Kandis. . . YIPPPPEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

  36. sweet looking bike! I have a friend with one of those VW bugs with a budvase…it’s lime green with pink flowers on it…and it is a riot to see her manly man drive it!!! LOl! have fun on your bike rides 😀

  37. Nice bike! Joseph thought it was one of your girls at first. Then he thought maybe it was an old picture of you. I guess that’s his way of saying you look good!

  38. That is so you! James hit it right on the mark with that bike. Does James have a bike? I would like to get a child seat on the back of my bike to ride grandkids around!

  39. Julie, Julie, Oh for where art thou, Julie?

    OK, bad attempt at quoting Shakespeare (you know…Oh for where art thou, Juliet)! Trish goes and mentions on Aunt Tootsie’s blog that she’s reading Shakespeare and now look what it made me do! hee hee

    I bet you’re having a busy summer with the girls home. When does school start there? School starts here 1 or 2, so we’ll probably start then too.

  40. Don’t you know, Jules is out on her bike, trying to keep up with the girls. I had a couple of girls in VBS and they had come from out west to stay with their Gma. She teaches them how to sew and I think they go to some kind of sewing camp in the mornings. They made the cutest back packs and heart shaped pillows, they brought them to VBS to show me.

  41. I am so sorry for my absence. I will beging to post my summer udates. We’ve had a wonderful summer. It’s been a busy one but I am getting in the mood to blog. School starts August 23rd and I am starting to feel ready for it to start. We’ve still got a little time left to play.

  42. I just bought a Roxie bike this weekend, and fitted it out with a Bell Carry along basket on the front. It’s the cutest bike I have ever seen!!!