seventeen years of marriage

Jules —  October 18, 2007

Thanks so much to those of you that wished us a happy anniversary. School started and I completely lost what little blogging momentum I had left. I really enjoy blogging and I need to start making the time to post and chat. I hope I still have a few readers left out there.

James and I left early Friday morning and returned Sunday evening as we spent the weekend celebrating with some time away. It was a surprise trip planned by James. I am so thankful that I have someone that loves me so much. I figured out the night before that we were going to St. Louis. James had a slip of the tongue!

We had a great road trip there, stopping off at a winery and bistro for lunch. I was so excited when we arrived at the Sheraton hotel. It’s a big, beautiful, spoil me rotten hotel! We drove past the hotel to take a look around and the Scottrade Center was right across the street. James told me to look up and there was an electronic billboard advertising the Rascal Flatts concert!!!!!!!! I knew immediately that James had bought tickets to the concert!!!

This was the view of the Scottrade Center from our hotel window! Rascal Flatts is one of my favorite groups and I’ve been disappointed in the past to have missed their show. I was really, really excited!!

The show was amazing!!! It was so sweet of James to spend our anniversary at a girl concert!!! There was lots of screaming and singing (and the crowd was loud, too!)! I had a blast! I am excited that we get to see Garth Brooks, too, in a couple of weeks!!!

Another highlight of our weekend was our tour of the Budweiser plant. It was surprisingly interesting and fun. We learned some history, toured the grounds and the plant, got to see the Clydesdale horses and sample some beer (I had an energy drink, instead!).

A little of me.

A little of James.

I love holding the camera out and taking pictures of us. I won’t tell how many of these pics I have on my computer from this weekend!! I love being dorky!!

Thanks James for loving me so much — it’s obvious. I’m a very fortunate (spoiled) girl!!



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  1. Happy anniversary, you two! I’m glad to hear you had such a great weekend. :-)

  2. Hey, Sarah! I miss you guys! It’s great to hear from you. How are you doing?

    It’s encouraging to receive a comment so quickly after such a long blogging absence.

  3. I have your RSS feed so it pops up on my Google homepage. I’m at home sick :-( while Rob is at choir. We’re doing great! I need to get back into the blog-world again this fall- maybe I’ll post some recipes and project photos. We miss you guys!

  4. I figured you had an RSS feed. Sorry to hear your feeling badly. You should post some recipes and photos. I’d love that.

  5. Hurray! I am so glad that you had a good weekend.

  6. Thanks, Mary.

    I need to include a big thank you to those who watched the kids while we were gone! Mary and Carl watched Jessica, my friend Lisa kept Lydia and Elaina and Mom enjoyed the weekend with Anjelia. Thanks, everyone!!

  7. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you guys had a great time!

  8. Thanks, Angela! We really needed to get away.

  9. Welcome back to blogland! We’ve missed you!

    What a wonderful husband you have–looks like you all had a great time. Happy Anniversary! I can’t believe it’s already 17 years for you two.

  10. And we love that you share your dorkiness with us–encourages us to embrace our own dorkiness! ha

  11. Happy Anniversary a little late! That was so sweet of James to plan such a great weekend for the both of you. How fun!

  12. Debbie, time is going by too fast, isn’t it?

    I’ve learned to embrace my dorkiness. Sometimes I still embarrass myself a little. I’ve never been a hip or cool or whatever the word is now, kind of person.

    James and I minister in our children’s church ages 6 to 12. We have an awesome worship service but I hate to get on stage cuz I do my letters backwards, like F A I T H motions. My F goes the wrong way and James broke the news to me last night that my air guitar is always backwards. So. . . I just embrace my dorkiness!

  13. Thanks, Abby. It was really sweet. He was so excited about it that he was teary eyed. I think it was just as big a deal to me as it was to him.


  15. How wonderful to see a new post, and what a wonderful guy you have to plan such an adventure for you. Gil did that for me, when he planned a Clint Black outing, got tickets thru Trish when she lived in that town, and came to where I was working and took me away for the day. He had made plans with my supervisor. A wonderful suprise.

    I’m not very familiar with Rascal Flatts, I don’t listen to the radio much during the day, except for the Christian radio station.

    It looks like you had a blast and I love you the way you are, so don’t change a bit. YOu are a lot of fun but we know you have a serious side and love the Lord. I bet the kids love the ministry you have with them.

  16. Thanks Vicki! I can’wait to see you at the shower! I just got back from a garage sale where I found the prettiest cloth napkins for the shower. I am so excited!!! I think I have enough now.

  17. Thanks Aunt Marilyn! Your Clint Black surprise sounds so fun!!!! I have a friend who loves Donnie Osmund and her husband surprised her with a trip to Vegas to see his show!!!

    James is a good boy and the only secular stuff he listens to is sports radio. He fills himself with good stuff from his i-pod. I have a weakness for country music but I only listen to the radio in the car. I do have some Rascal Flatts cds that I listen to sometimes when I need a housecleaning boost!

  18. Yeah!!! You are back!!!!!

    I’m glad you had your cowgirl hat to wear to the concert. Did James bring it or did you happen to have it on ya? I was wondering about that since I knew you would need it for the concert but didn’t know where you were going.

  19. WOW–look at all the posts in less than 24 hours. Jules, you haven’t been forgotten–we’ve just been here waiting for you!

    I love your pictures–you all are so happy.

  20. Karen, I asked James what he’d like for me to bring to wear and he said I should bring my cowboy hat cuz I hadn’t worn it much. I’m glad I had it.

    Debbie, I know, it’s been fun having so many commentors!!!! I’m going to post again soon! Now I just need to catch up on everyone else’s blogs.

  21. Grandma said she has a couple of good looking grandkids there, you said your fortunate to have James, I’m fortunate to have you both. Congrats on your anniversary.

  22. Great pictures, good job, I would rather be dorky than fuddy duddy. We can never lose our sense of humor and fun!

  23. How cool is that man of yours? HAPPY ANNIVERSARY again. I’m so glad you were able to get away. Wow what a fun time you had.

    Tommy used to surprise me, it’s a wonderful feeling to be so loved.

  24. Sorry I forgot to tell you the pictures really are good. I am happy for you two.

  25. Happy Anniversary! It sounds like y’all had a really good time.

    Everyone please read my latest post. I would really appreciate your prayers for Stephanie.

  26. Ahhhhh. . . Thanks so much Grandma Vera. I was so happy to see you commented. Love ya.

  27. Hello, Kelli, Marlis and Ashley. I am so blessed to have so many readers and commentors after my long absence. Thanks so much. I love hearing from everyone!

  28. Awwwww, that is so sweet! I love it!

  29. Happy anniversary! Aren’t you kids cute?!