Silver Dollar City

Jules —  May 5, 2010

Domino sleeping on the way down!

Our good friends, Robin and Larry, invited us to travel to Branson for the weekend. The highlight was of course, Silver Dollar City, a wonderfully clean and friendly theme park. It was a blast.

Anjelia was rather attached to Larry for the weekend. Robin and Larry were brave to invite a family of six on a get-away weekend!

Elaina and her daddy.

I enjoyed the ginormous Flemish Giant bunny!

And Anjelia liked the little goats!

The girls were curious about the old school house. Kinda wish things were still this way for my kids.

The girls loved the roller coasters. Elaina jumped on the barn swing with Lydia and my blood pressure went up. This thing is a beast of a ride. Elaina and I both survived the experience! Jessica and Olivia were roller coaster riding machines. Lydia was brave and tried them all. Larry bought the video of Lydia riding Wildfire, a 66 mile per hour ride with five upside down loops. Her expressions are hilarious the entire ride! I was proud of them all for being brave. Anjelia loved the Powder Keg. It starts by going from 0 to 60 in two seconds! Pretty daring for a six-year-old!

Our family at The Landing. It was beautiful. Would love to see the fountain show at night.

We toured Marvel Cave. It is a one hour walk underground! Very cool. It’s amazing that there are gorgeous water falls underground! The girls got to see some bats and lots of beautiful formations.

A big thank you to Larry, Robin and Olivia for sharing their bring-a-friend tickets with us! We had a great time spending the weekend with your family. Thanks for the memories!



8 responses to Silver Dollar City

  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful family with us for the weekend. We had such a great time. We feel so blessed to call you friends!!

  2. My knees get weak just listening to the rides discriptions. I’m a wimp when it comes to the rides. Looks like you all had a great time though. I really like to go to SDC. One time I wore a long broomstick skirt to the park and people thought I worked there.

  3. Looks like a great time! What great friends!

    We’re going to an amusement park near here next weekend–Steve’s workplace pays for it all (3rd year in a row as a family day bonus) plus meal and all the drinks we want all day. We figured for our family it’s worth nearly $200!

  4. Family time is a terrific way to bonus people! That’s a great idea. Yay! Have fun.

    It only cost us 40 bucks to get in thanks to Robin and Larry’s free passes. Otherwise it would have cost us $300 just to get in the gate, not counting food. It was such a blessing!

    I posted the Andy Stanley link for you in the previous post.

  5. Punkie, that would get old after a while. People wanting help while you’re there to have fun and relax! hehe! Funny.

  6. Thanks, Jules, I saw the Andy Stanley post and bookmarked it–Looks good!

  7. I remember also when we went to SDC we went to a barn dance and Gil & I were danceing by ourselves for a little while. Another couple came in later, they asked us if we were paid to dance in order to encourage others to participate. We told them we just liked to dance, we didn’t get any pay.

  8. hehe! maybe it is your calling to work for SDC!

    Debbie, I wish it were still available on-line for free, but I am going to go ahead and purchase it. It’s worth having in my library. My in-laws used the series to counsel a couple and it really ministered.