singing neptune

Jules —  December 4, 2005

A few months ago, we purchased a washer and dryer set, and I did a post called Kenmore Krazy. Well, it didn’t turn out to be a good choice to purchase a used set. We’ve had continuous problems with the dryer, and it finally gave us it’s last heated tumble. We decided to splurge and purchase my first BRAND NEW set.

I went with the standard Maytag dryer. I can’t believe how quickly it dries. It also has a drying tray, that fits on the inside, to dry things on without tumbling. It’s AWESOME. It has Sensor Dry; it measures the humidity and automatically shuts off when the clothes are dry.

The best part is my new washer. It’s a front loading Maytag Neptune. It’s soooo cool! It uses half the water and half the detergent and cleans better and gentler!!! This sucker weighs the clothes and determines how much water is needed. When it spins, I think it may go into orbit! The clothes come out practically dry! The very best thing about this washer is it’s sweet chime. It’s digital and when you change a setting or turn it on or off, it chimes. At the end of the cycle, it sings a song!!! I love it. It chimes a little 3 or 4 second tune. I have started thinking that this new appliance has a personality. I know my imagination gets carried away sometimes, but I think this appliance is happy to serve me and proud of the job it does. I think the song goes something like this:

Look at me. . .
I am good. . .
Look what I did for yoooou!



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  1. Julie, I am so happy for you. You should send this ad to Maytag, you’ve convinced me, maybe they will put you on TV. You look great, like a model, Your ad is wonderful. It’s so nice to have something brand new, you want to keep it looking that way, all polished & dusted and clean.

  2. It’s a little difficult to do a serious pose with a washer. I did it with my new mop, so I figured why not!!

    James laughed at me cuz he was ready to take the pic, but first I had to put on some lipstick!!!

  3. The saleman said in 2007 the government will no longer allow top loading washing machines to be sold. They use too much water. The manufactures are going to have to go to making all front loading washing machines.

  4. I imagine we are in for a lot of changes in the future. Hybrid cars, washers, no tellin what is around the corner. :eek :eek :eek

  5. Julie, Louise (the lady that works with me) bought one because her and her husband do lots of laundry since they are a small farming family. They have their own water well and because of drought two years ago they chose the same kind of machine and was told the same thing about the change in laws.
    Very Interesting!!!! šŸ˜€

  6. Well, I am feeling very frustrated. My new dryer just started making a really loud obnoxious noise. I have a load of wet towels to dry. I think I am under a dryer curse!

  7. Our washer and dryer are Maytag and boy do I love them. Mine do everything yours does, but sing. Well, I guess you can’t have everything. :( Oh well, I still love them. :love

  8. Maytag, I believe, is made in China. The chime is saying “I clean your clothes long time”.

  9. No!!!! Their factory is in Iowa, silly boy. The chimes might be made in China, hehe!

  10. Oh suh-weet! I want one of my own!!!

    Did your dryer straighten up?

    I got a giggle out of you having to put lipstick on for the picture first. I just might have done the same!! :)

  11. Now isn’t that just to frustrating! I hope it is something easy to fix. YOu didn’t leave the drying rack in did you? Just kidding :evil It may be a dryer belt that turns the drum. That makes a loud noise. We are waiting to hear what the real problem is. :rolleyes

  12. It quit and is working fine now!

  13. Such a cute photo, Jules! :-)

  14. Too funny. Yeah, those front loaders are sweet. Jules, you should name your washer/dryer!

  15. You must have got a lazy dryer… in, “What!? WORK…You mean I have to do more than sit in this store and chime pretty every once in a while?!”

    I got a Maytag dryer, too. The first time it chimed instead of making an obnoxious buzz, I ran to it yelling, “WHAT WAS THAT?!” I got a girlie dryer!

  16. Debbie, that’s hilarious!!

    They are girls, no doubt about it!