sleeping double in a king size bed

Jules —  April 23, 2005

Lydia took this picture for us!!!

Well, I’ve already told you about my chiropractor, which undoubtedly would have been my biggest highlight of the week, except that this week James and I got a king size bed, changed our living room into a master bedroom, our dining room into a living room and moved Lydia into our old bedroom!!!

It seems James is sleeping in the next county!!! I swear this sucker is the size of a country acre. We have been sleeping on a full size mattress for 11 years. Big difference. I love it, but James says he misses me. He’ll get used to it!! I’m tired of rolling downhill on a broken down mattress. This thing was a big blessing from God, believe me!!! Thank you Jon and Amber! They helped us purchase the mattress set for a really good price through Jon’s work.

The first night that Lydia slept in her new room was heart wrenching for the girls. Jessica cried till her eyes swelled up cuz Lydia was so far away (across the hall!) Lydia, who hasn’t slept in a room by herself since she was 2, was scared. Eventually, Jessica ended up in bed with Lydia, and Elaina, who was upset about being left all alone, was with us, and all was well for the night!!! They are starting to get used to the change. We’re going tonight to pick up Lydia’s bedroom furniture that she’s inheriting from Grandma B.! Thank you!

“It’s okay to laugh in the bedroom so long as you don’t point.”



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  1. I remember when I moved to another bedroom from my sister to be alone and when I woke up she was there beside me. So normal but good for all. She is still beside me.

  2. I thought of you and Aunt Katherine this week!!!

  3. Congratulations! Now we have somewhere to sleep too when we come visit! Should be able to sleep 20 in that bed comfortably.

  4. When I get a head board I want to have the girls over for a pajama party!

  5. Hehe, how cute. I don’t think I ever shared a room with my sister (thank the LORD!). Hey, Melissa, something else you and Julie have in common: exclamation points! Just kidding, Julie. Don’t ever change. That’s what I love about you and Melissa — your enthusiasm is infectious. :-)

  6. Oh my goodness!!!!!!! I didn’t realize how many exclamation points I used!!!!!!! That is too funny!!!!!

    I am really excited about these changes!!!!!!!!

  7. Great, now I have that old Barbara Mandrell tune stuck in my head, Sleeping Single In a Double Bed!!!

    Now I’m the one sleeping all a-lo-o-one!!!

  8. Julie,
    I love your quotations at the end of your entries! And I LOVE exclamation points, too!!!
    AND capital letters!!!

  9. Having a king size bed might counteract the effects of having gone to the chiropractor recently. (grin) King size beds are good birth control. (I have a queen size, by the way!!)

  10. Better be careful, then! Unless, of course, you’re ready for another little blessing. You don’t need a chiropractor!

  11. Hmmmm–I have a queen size bed AND I go to the chiropractor. You’re right, I’d better be careful!
    You all have warped me–I just know I’m going to roll off the chiropractor’s table in a fit of giggles the next time I’m there!

  12. I’ve checked your site 4 times today. I think I need to go to Percolations Anonymous–I think I’m getting addicted!

  13. My sinister plan is working.


  14. Didn’t notice the !!!!, so I had to go back and look. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next time I check in. Watch out Deb, Julie may be giving you some ideas!!!!!! I love our King size bed, I get 1/3 & Gil get 2/3 of it. Glad I don’t have to worry about B.C. I do go to the Chiropractor, so guess I’d better be careful. Ha!

  15. I did used to share a bed w/my sister Marlis. We only had 3 bedrooms and 7 people. Only thing I don’t like about our King, is we have a small bedroom, just enough room to walk around the bed to the other side. We don’t have a room big enough to change to. Wouldn’t be very private if we did. Can’t wait to see the changes you made Julie.

  16. YEP, slept with sis, remember when mama made 4 bedrooms Punkie, of course when winter came on that enclosed porch got dern cold. We were finally worked inside. I’ve had queen bed for years, now I’m back to a double. They are awful small but listening to you all I don’t know if I want to change. Love your site. Aunt Tootsie

  17. I don’t think I’d want to have a bedroom on the porch in winter! Glad you got worked inside!!!!


  19. YAY! I’m so glad you like your new bed. Isn’t it twice as big as you thought it would be? I was shocked when Jon brought ours home. I wasn’t sure it would fit in our room! It was a little strange at first having so much room between Jon and I. Now I LOVE it! I don’t even notice McKenna when she is sleeping horizontally in bed with us-LOL!

    I don’t have anywhere to put the new baby yet, but I’m not worried because there is enough room in our bed for this one to “bunk up” with us for a few months (he, he, he). I guess I’ll have to get around to finding a permanent bed for this one sometime soon. Right now I’m too tired to think that far in advance.

  20. I woke up one morning and Lydia was sleeping with us and I didn’t even know it!! Yep, the space is awesome!!!

  21. Rob!!!! We did share a bedroom for a while. I can’t remember why actually. I think I didn’t have a bed or something. Anyway, the Griffin’s had given us their old bunk beds, so I slept in your room for a while. That was when you told me that if I flipped the light switch the wrong way it would explode! I was terrified! I solved that problem by never turning the lights on or off.

  22. ROB!!!!!! Poor little Melissa!!

    That’s funny. Sounds like something Lydia would do to her little sisters!!!!

  23. Mike and I have a full size bed and are now sharing it with a cat & a dog. Thank goodness for us the dog is little but not for him as he has already gotten rolled over on.

  24. Oh yeah, that’s right, Mel. I forgot all about that (big surprise!). So what was in your bedroom then?

    Ahh, the exploding light switches. Good times… Remember that Rube Goldberg like light switch gadget? That was fun!

  25. I had a Wonder Woman, glow in the dark, light switch cover! I thought it was THE COOLEST thing ever!

  26. So, Abby, is your puppy letting you get any sleep?

    Good thing he is going to be little if he’s sharing your bed. Razz and Marci alway slept with us!

  27. Love the picture! I think your bed looks good in your living room.

    I love the quote! Made me think of no one laughing at my “wobbly bits” LOL!