snow creatures

Jules —  December 8, 2005

“To appreciate the beauty of a snow flake, it is necessary to stand out in the cold.”

Today was a snow day! The kids were so excited about the snow and the school cancellation!

A pitiful snowman, but cute nonetheless!

A ragtag band of snow bunnies!

I laughed so hard, watching Anjelia eat snow!

One winter day when I was a little girl, it began snowing hard while I was at school. When I got off the bus I had a terrific surprise waiting for me. My mom had made me an igloo!! It was so warm on the inside. I had a blanket for the door.

In elementary school I had a friend who had a big hill behind her house. We had a lot of snow and she invited me over to go sledding. We went fast down that big hill on tractor innertubes. It was a great fun!

I remember having snow ball fights with my dad. One time he accidentally hit me with one in the face and I started crying! He bought us really neat wooden slides with red runners. I also had the silver disk made famous by the Griswalds.

Those are my favorite snow memories. What are yours?

“Kindness is like snow – it beautifies everything it covers”



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  1. The 1st snow memory that pops into my mind is the time Marlis got her tongue stuck to a sled runner or something like that. She was still in the experimenting age. Mom came out with some warm water but think she got unstuck before she got there.

  2. Well, :( in my mind and as cold as that slide runner was, & having frozen my tongue to the runner, I just knew that the water mama went after was going to be boiling hot. So I thought I might as well pull loose. Why did’nt mama explain that it would be tepid. :cry Well at least I can :rotfl about it now.

    Well now that we have Punkys story told, I best remember the good ole snows of days gone by being up to the fence post tops and you could’nt even walk, and it would be days before you saw a bus coming down the road to take you to school. I also remember the leggens & Coats mama made us and the four buckle boots, Angels in the snow and
    I remember Marilyn and I would make Igloos also.
    :rolleyes As old as I am, it’s been a long time ago that I played in the snow and forgot a lot. :cry

  3. Oh yes, the kids are cute, I love this blog, keeping up with you all. You do good with your camera. Back to my painting. 😉

  4. Glad you enjoy the blog. I hope pictures of my kids don’t get tiresome.

    The tongue story is very funny! Do you remember how old you two were?

    What are you painting now?

  5. I am trying to picture your mom out there building you an igloo before you got off the bus. What a great Mom you have! Way to go, Nita.

  6. I remember building snow forts in the back yard. I would play outside for hours. I never wanted to go back inside. 😀

  7. I was in about the fifth grade, Punky in about the third. You would have thought me the smarter of the two because of age, but I had been around longer and heard of people doing this and I did’nt think it would work. IT DID!!!! :cry I swear I never told anyone I was so dumb. :oops

    I’m painting a picture of Richard playing the piano now. Hands and keys like the accordian painting. It’s going pretty good.

  8. I forgot to mention that under all of Elaina’s clothing layers was her Snow White princess dress!!!

  9. Aunt Katherine and I saw our Grandmother who raised us fall down in the snow and showed my sister and me how to make snow Angles. Did not know that an older woman knew how to have fun in the snow :worship

  10. The kids and I went out in the snow Saturday. I threw a snowball at Sarah, she slowly looked down at the front of her jacket and gave me this look like “What the….”
    I kept on going and threw one at Aaron, needless to say, they picked up the game quickly. We even made a snowman, he lasted until today, but we are expecting snow again tonight, early am. Yippee!!!
    My fond memory is going skiing in Kirksville and falling all the way down the hill until I couldn’t stand or catch myself, absolutely crying my eyes out, kicking off my boots at the bottom of the hill. I guess I was about 19-20 yrs old! hehe

  11. The computer ate my first try!

    I remember sledding down the small hill next to our house, and sometimes the driveway. One time, my goofy brother jumped off the house roof into a snow bank. Good thing it was a deep one!

    When we got my dog a few years back, it didn’t take us long to figure out that she liked to chase snowballs. That was lots of fun!

  12. I never get tired of seeing the kids. I keep thinking my 2 will catch on to this. He he. I remember when Deb & Trish were small we would play fox & goose in the snow. You make a big circle in the snow then cut it into quarters and chase each other. I think the center was safe zone. One day when I think the girls were in Jr. Hi. a friend came over with her horse and sleigh and took the girls for a ride. I thought it would be a good pic for the news paper so I called them and told them. In the mean time the girls switched with some friends they met so they were the ones who got in the paper. :(

  13. I saw that remark about you being smarter, Marlis. :moon :angel

  14. Julie, I think you got a lot more snow than we did. Looks like the kids were having fun. I remember staying out so long our fingers were about frozen and couldn’t hardly get our clothes off. :cry

  15. I remember sledding for HOURS on my grandparents’ hill in their back yard. Seriously, the best sledding hill on earth, with the terrifying exception of having to stop yourself expertly before sliding straight into the fence!

  16. I said “smarter by age” meaning being older. I did not mean brain smart, undoubedly, I was’nt that either, or I’d not put my tongue on the metal. :cry Punky you mooned me. You never in our whole life did that. Bad girl :evil

  17. We got 10 inches of snow and it only got up to about 10 degrees today!

  18. With those leaves laying where they are it looks like the girls made a snowman laying on his back with his arms and feet outstretched. :rotfl

    Anjelia has good technique! Forget about possible glove fuzz and go straight to the source for your snow eating pleasure!

  19. Punky and I had a sled and the more I think about it the more I remember we played on that thing a lot. Pulled the younger girls around on it too. I wish I’d have taken, well I started to say taken more pictures. That was a luxury we could’nt afford and when mama and daddy got the old Brownie, there were so many kids, who could remember a camera. :(

  20. I felt bad after I mooned you, Marlis, but then I was sure you knew I was just messing with you. I couldn’t resist saying something about you being smarter than me, I know you are, I just had to tease you. We had a lot of fun with that white sled with the red runners.

  21. Gil & I always watch a friends home in the winter time, and one day I went over after a big snow and got the disk sled out of her garage and tried to slide down her hill in their back yard, but it didn’t seem to work very well. Are you supposed to put something on the bottom of those things. It was a beautiful day, but didn’t do well with the sledding. Maybe age has something to do with it. :(

  22. heehee, I can’t believe she had her costume on underneath! I love it!

    Such fun pictures!