snowballs and summertime

Jules —  June 4, 2011

Well, we are one week into summer and the kids are eating me out of house and home. Combine one hour of swimming laps each morning for swim team with two to three hours of swimming in the public pool each afternoon, and you have the makings of an awfully hungry bunch!

I desperately need to stock up on food for the summer. We have an extra frig in the garage for overflow food, but I have a bunch of obstacles. . .  lots of snowballs! We had a surplus of snow this winter and Jessica decided to put it to good use by stocking up on snowballs for a summertime snowball fight. These suckers have got to be rock hard by now. . . OUCH!

bags and  bags full of snowballs!

It might be kinda fun to celebrate with snow on the Fourth of July!



7 responses to snowballs and summertime

  1. I don’t want to be anywhere close when she starts throwing those things at people!

  2. Better up your insurance!!!

  3. You could always put some syrup on them and eat them!

    • Oh yes! I need to get some of those paper snow cone cups and some syrup! We made really yummy snow cream this winter but I’m wondering if the snow balls might be a little freezer burned. LOL

  4. Watch out–you’ll put your eye out!

  5. All mothers HAVE TO say that. Don’t we?