something cute to look at!!

Jules —  April 7, 2006

Here’s a pic of my cutie cousin Jared with his friend Sarah on his 21st birthday! I love the hair Jared!!! Jared is the youngest of my Aunt Kathryn’s three sons.

Tell me I’m clever, Tell me I’m kind, Tell me I’m talented, Tell me I’m cute, Tell me I’m sensitive, Graceful and wise, Tell me I’m perfect– But tell me the truth.รขโ‚ฌย Shel Silverstein



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  1. Jules, would’nt you know I’d be the first one on this morn.I did’nt even know you were putting this on this morn. Jared is my baby , he is such a sweet person Im so proud of him ๐Ÿ˜€ He’s in his 2nd yr. of college, he will major in history and will have a minor in french .Jared plays the guitar ,mandlelin ,piono some, harmonica, musical instraments come easy for him, he also sings, but he’s a bit shy to sing in front of people, you have to sneak and listen when he does’nt know. Jared is some what of a freak at home with Joe and I and his brothers because he’s much taller than Joe or his brothers, of course he thinks that pretty neat.Sarah is a very sweet girl we all like her well, she fits in well with all us nuts . o.k. do ya’ll want me to quite bragging on my baby now ? Thanks so much Jules. later lovey’s

  2. Y’all brag away about your Jared! The best my Mom can ever say about me is that I’m her “Starving Writer”…great vote of confidence there!

    Loved the quote as well, Jules!

  3. What a sweet, good lookin couple. Everything Kathern said about them is true. I’m suprised they even got this shot of them. Happy belated Birthday, Jared :birthday U have never gotten to hear him play so maybe someday, he will grant us all an audition. :rolleyes

  4. Nice pic Jared & Sarah. My gosh, 21, now I know I’m old. Sis’s our kids are growing up so fast and our grandchildren. But what a great looking gang we have. :birthday Jared, hope you had a wonderful day. I must say Kathy you have 3 very handsome men, four counting Joe.

  5. Oh stop,you all are embarressing me. ๐Ÿ˜€ I am so proud of my boys , their good boys and their good to Joe and I. Thanks everyone.You know come to think of it even my dog is cute as a button. :rotfl later loveys

  6. Thanks Ciera,for puttin up with the braggins of this ol Mom, I appreciate it and Im sure your a great writer and have many other gifts, you know, we all have some different gifts.Kelli says I have a gift of hospitality, of couse among many more :rotfl Ciera, thanks for talkin with me .

  7. I love to hear Jared play and sing but you do have to be sneeky ;)! I love to watch him play basketball also. Jared likes trivia. He has such a great sense of humor also. All of Kathryn’s kids have a sense of humor. They get it from Joe!

  8. Happy Birthday! 21…hope that didn’t involve any :puke . :rotfl kidding…just kidding! Hope you had a great birthday and have a great weekend ahead!

  9. Thanks Carl for the b. day wishes for Jared, It’s so nice of you to comment on Jared’s b. day. Kelli your right Jared does love any kind of trivia, And he likes wheel of fortune. He does have a great sence of humor, from ME. :rotfl His daddy is abit more serious than me , thank goodness one of us has some sence.Its been real nice that your friends have been talking with me Jules.Kelli, Alex,Joe ,and Erin,Kelli’s mid. daughter and me just got home from eating out, we went to Justin and Kiki’s resturant and the power was out so we went to a rival resturant and ate ,we had a nice time , Kelli and all just got home from Florida late last night, we missed them alot. I have to work tomarrow so later lovey’s .

  10. My pleasure Kathryn! :)

  11. I really need everyones prayers today, Gil goes to surgery tomorrow and I started to get back spasms last night. Thank you it is urgent.

  12. Marilyn, I left you a message on your e-mail, thanks for my e-mail.You know I will be praying for you dear one . Jules, Im so selfish , I love getting on your blog and seeing my baby! I talked to Linda yesterday and they will be traveling home today so everyone pray also for their save return home.Justin and Kiki and sweet baby Dimitri got moved in and are staying there now. Justin is so much happier and Kiki seems to be doing good with their own place, Dimitri is happy anywhere. :baby I just want them to be happy and have their own little family like it should be . Pray for them please. later lovey’s

  13. Hi All, we’re home and Butch is mad cause I beat him to the compter. I feel great and Butch is over his cold and sore throat. We had a great and relaxing time. I’m just soory we didn’t get to go on to Tenn. I just did not want to give this to Mama or anyone. We saw lots of beautiful mountain views in Blowing Rock, Brevard and Caryville. We will be praying for Gil and you, Marilyn. Pray for Heather too, she was to sick to work with these kidney stones and they fired her the day after we left. Kathy’s boys are handsome and funny and talented, sorry I did’t get to see them this week. But May 15 will be here before you know it. Love ya all

  14. Good Morning Family! I want to thank everybody for their prayers,while we were sick and for safety on our trip. :indeed :indeed When I woke up this morning,the Lord had laid Gil and Marilyn on my heart.I know how busy our days can be,that is why,Ijust wanted to remind everybody to pray a lot for Gil and Marilyn today. PSALM 5:3 In the morning,O Lord,you hear my voice;in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation. :worship :worship :worship :worship

  15. I hear ya Butch, Marilyn and Gil were on my mind also .Glad ya’ll had a good time , is your cold gone too? Tell Heather I said Hi and Im thinking of her and Tara. later lovey’sIm off to P.T.

  16. I haven’t seen Jared in years. It’s nice to hear about his personality and interests. Too bad we can’t all live close to each other. I guess that’s just what happens. People scatter.

    Thanks for sharing, Aunt Kathryn!! I am glad to hear that Sarah fits in well with the family. She looks like an very sweet girl!

    Uncle B and Aunt L, I am so glad to hear that you had an enjoyable vacation after all. No doubt you needed some time away. I am glad it wasn’t stolen from you.

    James and I are praying for uncle G and Punky. Hope to hear a good report soon.

  17. Yes, I’m anxious to hear how Gils surgery turned out too. Lord, I hope everything went well. I’m so glad Sis was feeling better this morning. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. I’m back home and just talked to Deb. Gil went through the surgery fine. He didn’t get what he wanted though. They were going to replace just the top part of both knees but instead did a total again on his left knee and will have to go back some time to do the right knee. I’m sure the Dr. will want him to do that as soon as he gets well from the left knee. I got up this morning and got ready as if I was going and my back seemed to feel pretty good, so I went ahead. Gil’s bro. planned to come up and go with him because we just didn’t know if I would be able to. I did have to take 1 pain pill after Gil went into surgery and I laid down and slept on a bench for about an hr. I just thank God I was able to be with him and not have to stay home and think about it and wonder. Thank you for all your prayers, God was listening.

  19. I am so thankful that everything went well even if it was’nt what they planned. I talked to Gil and is OK now, but around 1:30 had a bad bout of pain. He thought they were on the correct pain medication needed. Thanks for letting us know Sis even if I could’nt wait and called. Gil said he was glad I called. Get rid of that headache.
    Love ya all the way to Jesus.

  20. Marilyn, so glad to hear Gil did well , sorry they could’nt take care of all at once, you know there was a reason. I hope your back will cont. to feel better. later lovey’s

  21. All of his knee surgery’s he’s had to go through that bad bout of pain, that’s why I hate to see him have to go through it yet again. I’m hoping I’ll be able to go see him tomorrow. I have a friend who will take me if I’m on the muscle relaxant but feel able to go.

  22. Hi Kathy! Linda is back to driving the school bus and is also starting to put a lot of time in the yard.I knew that,as soon as she got well,she would be on the go again.I told Heather that,you said hi.I still have a little touch of a cold,but I am doing much better.Marilyn,I am glad to hear that Gil is doing okay.I prayed this morning that you would be able to be with Gil during this surgery.Jules,you probably didn’t even realize what this blog would do for this family and friends when you first started it.Even though we are miles apart we can be there with our thoughts and prayers :worship :worship I think it is really neat that when a family is going through rough times we can be there on the blog. :indeed :indeed Gil and Marilyn,God has been with you. :worship :worship

  23. Marilyn,I thought to myself this morning that I wished we could have been there to be with you during this surgery.You had a lot of company.God and all of his Angels were there :worship :worship

  24. Thank you for your wonderful thoughts Butch. I felt God had helped me through the day and was with Gil. Thanks again for all your prayers. :worship :worship
    I’m Glad Linda is back to normal. Did you get to feeling very bad while you were on your trip Butch. Glad you got to go after all even though you had to change plans. We were praying for you both too. I am also thankful for Jules blog.

  25. Thanks so much for praying for Mom and Dad. i talked with Dad late yesterday afternoon, and he sounded strong. He was a bit disappointed about having to do the other knee later, but he told his surgeon that he had done a lot of research before he chose him to do the surgery and he trusted his judgement. He appreciates all your prayers.

    This is definitely one of those times I regret that we live so far away.

  26. Im glad to hear you talked to Gil Deb and that he sounded strong , thats really good , like I said there was a reason the Dr. could’nt do both . Butch, glad to see you back on the ol blog, I also knew you can’t keep L inda down , thank you lord. I need her help down here, I can’t keep up with my flower beds and weeds, I think Im just gona fill all my flower beds in with white rock and plant some pretty bushes. Jules like Butch said thanks fof having this blog for everyone. later lovey’s

  27. Marilyn,I am glad to hear that Gil is doing fine.I know there are a lot of circumstances that we cannot control.This has really been unbelievable what Gil has had to go through with his knees.We are a little upset because the VA. has not let us know yet when they are going to take this kidney stone out of me.We will be calling them today!I am not in any pain but I do not want to ruin my kidney.I was not sure if I wanted to put that part in about my physical problem.I guess I was just trying to explain how some things are out of our control.I just want us to keep giving our support and prayers to Gil and Marilyn.Marilyn,I really didn’t feel real bad on our trip.If you just have a cold it really makes you tired and run down. :cry :cry :cry We really saved a lot of money on food because neither one of us had a big appetite.Linda lost eight pounds!I always tell Linda that I don’t need to lose weight because I am a physical specimen but not quite like that man that Kandi had on her blog. :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl

  28. If anyone believes that last statement than I also own one hundred acres of land in Tenn. :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl

  29. Butch, don’t put yourself down, some how you always seem to stay the same weight. Wish I could do that. Linda didn’t really need to loose weight either. Glad your both feeling better. I am trying to get around to go see Gil. I slept late and have exercises to do and eat then I’m going. I talked to him this morn. and he made it all night without much pain so that is wonderful, but he didn’t get much sleep. To much noise and he is a light sleeper. They were about to get him up for his 1st walk, so hope the pain level don’t rise after that. Talk later. Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers. My back is pretty good today, not 100% but close.