spring in January?

Jules —  January 21, 2006

Mom stopped by yesterday with her new digital camera that Larry gave her for Christmas. I downloaded this picture off her camera. She took it this week in her yard! When was the last time it was warm enough in January for dandelions?! I sure wish it were spring. After Christmas, I am emotionally finished with winter. I guess the wait makes it that much more delightful when the warm weather and flowers come. We have just a few more weeks to go!

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.รขโ‚ฌย Anne Bradstreet



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  1. Was your Mom wanting to make her dandelion jelly?

  2. Her dandelions can’t wait for spring to be made into jelly, so they are coming out now. I noticed on my walk that the Honeysuckle vines have not died and the hickory nut trees have budded. Boy could we use a winter to kill down the pesky bugs. :evil

    I’m glad Nita (popcorn, Punky and I gave her that nick name long time ago) got that picture or we may not have believed her.

  3. With all the rain lately, I keep thinking of a quote someone shared at Grandpa Dale’s memorial. Someone quoted him as often saying, “You can’t get the flowers in spring without the snow in winter.”
    I don’t remember hearing him say that, but I can picture him saying that. I didn’t get to see Gpa and Dorothy after they moved to AZ, so all my memories of him are at their big white house in Odessa. I remember always wanting to go out and see the HUGE sunflowers he planted each year. I’ve tried many years in a row to plant sunflowers for my boys and they’ve only come up once. I guess the birds ate my seeds. Don’t know how Gpa got them to grow every year like he did. I’m rambling. Just been thinking about Gpa and that quote, which can be aptly applied to so many things in life besides just the weather.

  4. Daddy saved all table and cooking scraps(potato peelings etc and table scraps) except bones and took them out to the garden everyday where he had a whole row dug out and buried the scrapes. When that row was done he had another row dug out. If the garden was full of growing veg., he had a compost pile. In the fall he did the same with the compost pile. After a few years you have got the best soil you can grow huge Sunflowers in. He put his leaves in the compost too and added dirt to it. I think he would get cow chips from gpa’s farm too for the compost.

    Now I don’t ever remember hearing daddy say that quote myself, but it may have been one he picked up later in life.??????

    But he sure loved his gardening. He and I both did. We were always comparing our tomatoes and flowers.

  5. I am sure she’ll be making her dandelion jelly this spring.

    I thought the same thing when I read your comment Debbie. Maybe it’s the compost pile. He always had a big compost pile. I’ve never seen a garden like his since. Lots of vegatables surrounded by pretty flowers. It seemed to take up the whole back yard. I loved playing out there. I loved eating the mint leaves, too.

    I also remember his big toe in a jar. That was pretty cool to a kid!!

  6. Don’t forget the “Red Raspberry Patch” oh GOD, I always felt in heaven in that patch. I wish to this day he would have told me where the “PAWPAW Tree” was, but he never told. You could go anyday of the year and he would have them frozen in the freezer, Oh Man I loved them too. The MORELS, he could find them by the baskets. He would take me with him too pick mushrooms. Daddy could make the bestest homemade fudge. Just ask mama, if you don’t believe me. That was the best treat, when daddy announced he was going too make fudge. ๐Ÿ˜€ Marilyn and I would take turns getting to eat the tests for doneness. (spoon a little of the cooking fudge into a cup of cold water) and when it formed the perfect ball for daddy, he would turn it into a pan coated with pure butter we had churned. Ummmm goooooood. Let set. Watch Punky and Tootsie eat. Yes we had a limit. His candy was as good as mamas “Cinnamon Roll’s” which I have the recipe. :evil Daddys recipe was on the back of the cocoa box. :king

  7. Explain his big toe in a jar!!!! :puke

  8. He was diabetic. He had to have his big toe removed and later his leg. He kept his toe preserved in a small jar of formaldehyde.

  9. Before it was all over, he lost both legs, and my
    “HERO” just kept on walking. He had two prothesis wore his tennis shoes and kept on driving(a regular car) and gardening. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  11. I was reading up on Grandpa’s paw paw tree. Evidently it has a powerful anti-cancer drug as well as a safe natural pesticide primarly in the twigs and small branches. Maybe that’s why his garden was so wonderful. I remember that old house, I loved the porch. I never saw the toe, thank God!
    PS Marlis keep the stories coming, it is our heritage that you are sharing.
    Love you all!

  12. Julie, I’m suprised “a toe in the jar” didn’t freak you out. I’m glad he didn’t show it to me. Deb, do you remember the lone sunflower you girls planted beside our house one summer? It got really tall.Maybe you got the seed from your Gpa. It had a lot of sunflowers in it. I walked around my yard and my daffidils are about an inch high. I hope they don’t get ruined.

    Marlis said I’d better get my lazy duff off the couch and get to posten. Well, that isn’t really true, she called to see if we were OK, cause she had’t seen me post for a while. We were gone most of Thurs. and all of Sat. The computer is covered up while the men are here digging around in side the house all day.

    Dad didn’t give up easily, he continued to drive when he had cataracts & Do would tell him when to turn. That’s when a friend told Do she was going to learn to drive, and she did.

    As much as I like fudge, I can’t remember dad making it, I’m suprised I forgot that. I do remember that Nita has a wonderful recipe for fudge. Yum! Yum! :indeed :indeed

  13. Trish posted above Aunt Marilyn. Her comment was stuck in moderation. You’ll have to go back and read it now. I don’t know why that keeps happening. I try to remember to check everyday to see if something didn’t go where it was suppposed to.

  14. Trish the PAWPAW tree was not at the house it was in the woods near town somewhere. But the peeling were in the garden, buried.

  15. It has been one weird season, that’s for sure! I for one want a few more snowstorms before its officially spring, but I’m alone in that I’m sure.

  16. Carl, as bad as I hate cool or cold weather, I’m with you. I would like to see a good snowstorm. I’m also selfishly wanting to take some snow and ice pictures. But other than that 80 degrees and above is my temp choice.

  17. As long as it is winter and cold, it might as well snow. That would make the winter much more enjoyable. It’s the cold overcast days with no snow that makes winter blah. Everything is kinda ugly–brown and gray. When the ground is covered with snow it is so pretty. I am with you Carl, too. As long as it is winter, let it snow.

  18. I’m with you, too, Carl. I want at least one big snow! I’ve enjoyed the unusually warm days, but I always hope for one big snow especially that falls during the quiet of the night. I love the hush that falls over everything. Then the joy and excitement of watching the boys wake to find it snowed!

  19. Is being stuck in moderation like some kind of purgatory? hehe
    Blah, blah, blah snow….rush hour….not a good combo….ya’ll can have all the snow!!!

  20. Trish, I’m glad Julie got you out of Moderation!

    The men are through digging up everything and are gone. The work is all done. Yeh!!! Now I hope to get some painting done before we put back the washer, dryer & sink.

    I remember churning butter, thank God for butter sticks you can get from the store. I loved mom’s homemade bread, it would come out of the oven just before we got home from school. It was so good warm. Now I can go to Deb’s and get homemade bread. Yum! YUM!

  21. But I have Mama’s homemade Cinnamon roll recipe.
    You want me to come and help you paint? How about birds or flowers? Oh, you meant the walls!!!

    Yes the butter and cream we got from bessie was sure good. In our time we churned butter when we were young, now they play on computers. I still enjoyed my time, but I’m not giving up my computer.
    I guess you call that wanting your cake and eating it too. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m going too buy me some butter and lard and make mama’s cinnamon roll’s soon,i’ve been thinking about them a lot. If you want baked goods like gma or mama’s the secret is the “LARD”. Trust me.
    I was thinking about you Trish, when I saw all the snow you were getting this morning. :rotfl
    Just kidding :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl

  22. And here I thought I would be in the minority. Maybe we can all get together and do a snow dance or something!

  23. Speaking of painting, I gotter done today. At least til I ran out of paint. I started to say, that the painting you give me at Christmas was ment for me. I have a glass hummingbird & red flower just like the flower in the pic. So I hung the three together over our desk.

    I like snow too, but I like to be snowed in (with plenty of food) and I love to watch the hugh flakes fall. When it all gets dirty and messed up I’m ready for it to go away. I would like to find a great sledding hill and do that for a while if it isn’t bitter cold out.

  24. I saw this flower befor in Feb. and we had 110 deg. at July amd Aug. God controlls the weather as spoken in the book of Job. :worship He with my delight is in controll. Praise HIS name!!!! :indeed

  25. Punky, that is exactly how I feel about snow. If it’s going to snow, I want snowed in.My main preference of provision is ELECTRICITY :eekToo many times I’ve been in a snow storm or ice storm without it, that does not make me a happy camper. Yes, after the snow is dirty, I’m with you, YUCK, I’m ready for it to melt.

  26. I hope the summmers aren’t warmer than normal, too! Uugh.

    Sounds like lots of changes around your place, Aunt Marilyn.