Spring Is On It’s Way!

Jules —  March 9, 2005

My mom typed this out today in the “Who Am I” page. I am so proud that she is posting and it is a very timely poem so I bumped it up here for everyone to enjoy.

Come walk with me in the springtime, Past the apple blossoms fair. Their fragrance was made in Heaven and drifts slowly through the air. Trees are starting to bud again and daffodils are breaking sod. Songbirds grace us with melodies, singing their praises to God. Rivers are singing sweet songs again, Spring air is fresh and clean. Brilliant colors are exploding everywhere and the grass is turning green. I’m overwhelmed at Springs beauty and shall savor it in my heart. I thank my God in Heaven who is the Master of all art.~ Shirley Hile Powell



6 responses to Spring Is On It’s Way!

  1. I’m proud of my sis, and your Mom. I always told her she was a Diamond. Now if we can get her to get a computer. Well it took me long enough, she’ll be in there one of these days.

  2. Nice poem…wish it was ACTUALLY spring now and not this pretend spring we keep having….ah, well…it’ll come soon.

  3. Stop complaining!

  4. Hey…first its the weather and then the small boobs thing…least I picked the right thing to complain about!

  5. I love spring, Loved the musical on boobs, be happy with what you got, I heard a lady the other day who thought hers were a curse. Love to visit your sight. Wish I lived close enough to help you too.

  6. I was hoping the “aunts” would like the boob song!