stars and spurs

Jules —  September 25, 2015

House of Hope has a yearly fundraiser, Stars and Spurs. James and I were able to attend. Anytime we get to spend time with Jessica, we are there!


The girls performed a dance and served tables. They also showed a video of the girls sharing. We didn’t participate in the auctions, etc., but it was fun to watch people bid and write checks for such an amazing program! I did purchase a mum from our table!


Here’s the video that was shown. Jessica was meant for the camera. She is a world changer!



4 responses to stars and spurs

  1. Awesome, you guys. So happy to see. :)

  2. Nancy and I are so proud of Jessica and thankful for your entire family. Jessica is a tremendous young lady.

    • Thank you, Pastor! We appreciate all the support and love our family has been given. My kids are sooooo blessed to have such an awesome support system. I love my church family and can’t imagine getting through the hard stuff and raising teens without the spritual, mental and emotional help that our pastors give so freely.