Startin’ em’ early

Jules —  September 28, 2005

Jaden and Anjelia are quickly becoming early coffee addicts! Karen and I sat down to cookies and coffee and before we knew it the two little darlings had taken over our adult treat!!! After many giggles, the cameras had to come out! The coffee wasn’t fit to drink after they were done with it!!!!!

Do you like your’s black?

Dunkin’ toddlers. Gotta love those Milano cookies!

Where’d my cookie go?

Pacifiers and coffee, what a great combination!

A sweet cookie and coffee kiss!

“A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand”



38 responses to Startin’ em’ early

  1. That was sooo fun!!! I was just thinking that I probably had 4 sips of my good coffee before it was taken over by slimy fingers and cookie crumbs. But it was so cute I didn’t even notice!

    Thanks for having me over. :baby

  2. Yeah, I guess I should’ve offered you a fresh cup!!! Didn’t think of it ’till just now!!! I am so glad you came to visit!!! Two days in a row with you….I must be livin right!

  3. I bet they enjoyed that coffee way more than their mommies would have!

  4. Awwww. Very cute, :indeed

  5. Lol, very funny. I like how the two mugs are black & white.

  6. ***Please read an update I wrote about Karen’s mom Judy! It’s two posts down “Lord I believe, help my unbelief”.

  7. Rob, I thought the same thing!!! Male and Female, black and white!!! Boys and girls are soooo different. I think it’s obvious as early as infancy!!

  8. Good to have you back, Carl!!

    Debbie, you’re right! They definitely enjoyed it more. It was strong coffee so I eventually had to take Anjelia’s from her before she finished. She got mad!

  9. What fun, I remember having coffee with grandpa and grandma Knutson. Once in awhile they gave me a cup with pure cows cream. Man ya ain’t had coffee as a little kid unless grandma took it off the top of fresh milk. 😀

  10. I’d love to try that now, even as an adult!!!!

    I love hearing your memories!!! :love

  11. That boy is cute! But no wonder he didn’t sleep that night.

  12. It happened today, Tom!!!! That means you’re in trouble tonite. Evely will probably sleep soundly so Karen can sleep but we know you are the one that gets up with Jaden. Sorry buddy!!!

    And hey! So this is how I get you to post on my blog?? I have to put pictures of your kid on here!!! :fish

  13. And yes, he is very cute!!!!! :baby

  14. Too Cute!!!! Love those pics. you send us. I don’t remember the coffee & cream at gma’s, but I do remember dunking graham crackers in tea’n milk at her home. mmmmmmmm!!! I remember getting into MOM’s coffee for sips sometimes. Am still hooked.

  15. I think he has too much Tom in him. Poor kid.

  16. He does look and act just like Tom. It’s really cute. He has the same mannerisms!

    Tea ‘n milk and graham crackers sounds yummy!!!

  17. Yes, they are the very best. When I was in the hospital with each of my babies, my friends brought me Milanos and I’d sit and eat an entire bag!

    I try to refrain from indulging to that extent, now. They are wonderful with coffee. To those of you that haven’t discovered this wonderful treat, they are Pepperidge Farms Milano cookies. HEAVENLY! :angel

  18. MMMmmmm
    I love coffee. Ian loves coffee too and it is great because coffee is a stimulant and the coffee calms him down. I usually fix him his Decaf coffee every weekend so he can have it with his cinnamon scones and then he plays games and drinks his coffee and eats his scones.
    It is so cute to see him.
    He only wants to drink his coffee out of Grandpa Tommy’s coffee cup so it brings back memories.
    When I was little I remember Uncle Brian stopping off at a restaurant in Odessa and getting me coffee before he would take his ford pickup truck to the car wash. Uncle Brian washed his truck a lot I think I went with him a few times when I was real little. It is that little car wash right by where Grandma lived in that little trailer.

  19. Oh wow, I forgot about that car wash. Yes, I remember going there with daddy too!

    I don’t remember him buying me coffee but I do remember him stopping in at the gas station to buy me snickers.

  20. Rob, he doesn’t have too much Tom in him. He didn’t burp and fart all day.

  21. I’m so glad the girls table is still in our family, Looks good. I hope there will be a lot of coffee & tea parties around it for years to come. And it’s in such a loving family too. Thanks for taking it Julie.

  22. We had Coffee with cream at the Anderson house too. I enjoyed cream on my Nabisco Wheat. But the best was the Butter Cinnamon rolls mama made every other day. Huge and were they good.

  23. Jaden and Anjelia look so cute and kissable!

  24. They were! Especially once Jaden got his face cleaned!!!! Missed you tonight Mary. That wasn’t a guilt trip. Just missed seeing ya!!!

    MMmmmmmm…. cinnamon rollls…

    We love the table!!!!!

  25. I noticed the table, but it didn’t register that it was our former one! I’m so glad you got it, Julie. I remember having little birthday parties at that table and sitting there with friends and cousins when guests were visiting.

    Those pictures of the kids are priceless. Too cute! And perfect for your blog!

  26. Aaahhhh…. We love the little table and chairs. James made a new laminated top for it. Sometimes a counter top business is very handy! Two of the chairs are becoming boogered up. The upholstery is brittle so they are tearing. I am considering re-upholstering them although I really love the blue yellow and green flowers. I bet I could find something retro. It does look good for it’s age!!! It’s probably what? 30 years old? The girls have their birthday parties around that little table now too!!!!

  27. The new top–that’s what threw me. The old one had a more turquiose color. But I was amazed the chairs are still together. And yes, after 30-something years, I expect that vinyl would be getting brittle! Awwww–Memories. Now your girls will be making their own tea-party (or Milano and coffee party) memories. Sweet. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

  28. By the way, when you all come to visit here someday, could James just bring along some counter-top? I want mine replaced! Ours is a cheap cream countertop and I really don’t like it! I have to use bleach on it to get the slightest stains off–this countertop just soaks up stains.

    You could write off a vacation here as a business expense!!! 😉

  29. I’ll have to talk to James about that! 😉

    As you can see in the picture, there is a chair over by the cabinets. Anjelia and Elaina push it over there to climb on to see what they can get into on the counter. Standing on that old brittle vinyl is probably what’s doing it in.!

  30. Debbie:
    I too remember that table and chairs and it just dawned on me today, oh that table….
    I am a little slow. We had quite a few good times at that table.

  31. Daddy made Marilyn and I a table and chairs set. The chairs really were like little picnic benches. I think all five of us grew up with that set. Grandma Pearl always made sure each Christmas that whoever was using it had Tea Sets. We played hard with them. So they had to be replaced. I wish one of us still had the table and chairs, but they have been gone for a long time I think. Daddy made them in Elkhart I believe. Do you remember Punky? I think the last time I remember that table it was a plant holder.
    It helped raise a lot of girls. Tootsie

  32. Suprise!!! I still have the table, but don’t know what happened to the chairs. I think he just made two seats. We got them in Elk. Ind. when I was 4. I remember that Christmas very well. It was the year I was so worried about how santa was going to get down through our pot bellied stove.
    The table almost got away. At dads auction I saw a man carry it away and said “Oh that was the table my dad made us.” I asked if I could buy it back from him and he said I could have it for .50, he paid a quarter for it. The chairs may have been at the sale too. I wish now I had looked harder at the stuff he had for sale. My mirror was probably in that stuff. I had a mirror with the dresser Gma Pearl gave me. When I got married I left it at Dad’s house but when I asked about it later Do didn’t know where it went. That table I gave Julie spent a lot of time at church too. I used it in Sunday School for quite a while. It has been around the block a time or two.

  33. Deb, I think that green color,that I see alot at hosp.& diff. places would look nice in counter tops in your kitchen. What do you think?

  34. Punky, you don’t know how happy that made me to know you have our play table. I’m glad I brought it up for you to see.

  35. Such adorable kids… I loved the pictures.

  36. Mom, I don’t remember the little wood table you and Aunt Marlis are talking about it. Where do you have it? Is it on the front porch? I’m drawing a complete blank. I’m glad you mentioned it. You need to write notes and leave them on all the extra special things so someday we will know where some of them came from.

  37. Deb, I think I have had it hidden under things all these years. It’s really rustic looking and think I’ve had plants on it sometimes. It’s probably been in the basement a lot. I can’t remember where it was when you girls were home. I guess it hasn’t gotten the attention it deserved.