Still dreaming…

Jules —  June 11, 2005

I’m in love… I think I have discovered the camera I’ve been longing for. Ok, I know it’s not a digital SLR, but it seems to take awesome pictures and the price is right. I am convinced, if I owned this little puppy, that I could go bloggin crazy!!! Take a peek. Cannon! Of course, I have to have the red one! Now I need to figure out what I can sell, to make a few bucks, so I can bring this baby home! Hmmmm…. One of the children? No, I DID NOT just say that!

I must confess, I am thinking about becoming a stalker. I have visited quite a few blogs in my free moments. It’s interesting to see what’s out there. I have found one that I really love and it sparks my interest. Her pictures are so fun. I e-mailed her to find out what kind of camera she uses. She introduced me to the above camera! Her blog is fun and sweet and just plain COOL! I am inspired! Check it out… secret-agent-josephine

Oh, and that camera is small enough to fit in my purse. It could become a permanent part of the contents, as essential as my car keys, checkbook and lipstick tubes! Just think of the moments I could capture!

“I gotta have the red one!” ~Julie



17 responses to Still dreaming…

  1. I would’nt give up my Kodak Easy share CX7430 4pixal. But, everyone to their own opinion and way of life. Its so easy, stick it in my memory reader, My wizard comes up on the screen and hit next, next and so forth and its in my computer or you can get a easy share machine that prints out photos and don’t need a computer. Hi Julie, I’m back. I missed home, but what a good 4 wild days away. Catch ya later.

  2. I had to give up my little red camera phone, which I loved dearly. It didn’t always take great picures but I loved having a camera with me all the time. It broke and James switched phone companys because of the business. It was about the same color as this one. I am through mourning the loss of it and am ready to move on. This looks like a great replacement! Of course, I may have to wait a while to get it.

  3. Glad you had a good trip and made it home safe and sound!

  4. Nifty, that’s a great blog. You’re right, inspiring. Love that cute camera. I’d have to go with Zen Gray though. :-)

    Melissa just got a tiny digital recently. I think it was a Nikon.

    I’m eager to see your blog when you get the camera some day!(!!!!!)

  5. Her site is really fun, I’ve been reading it for awhile. I like how her site has the slide show presentation of pictures. James needs to figure out how to do that for us….only because I’m too lazy to figure it out for myself.

  6. I showed him and he said, “Oh, that’s no big deal, piece of cake.” Haven’t sat down with him yet to learn. He said he’d just do it for me when I want him to. I’m very spoiled.

  7. Yes, that’s what we all say about you. “That Julie D. is just plain spoiled!” 😉

  8. Animated gif files are pretty easy to make.

    The only challenge is making all your pictures the exact same size.

  9. I mean anyone who has two nannies (J & J incorporated), a cook, and a housekeeper has to be spoiled.

  10. Ok, I’m trying to be positive. In reality I am getting close to the rocking, staring and drooling phase. Karen saw it first hand Friday. The two of us were visiting surrounded by our 7 children. It was loud and I started to stare and she asked if I was ok. She sings and I slip into a somewhat functional coma. We do have a good time, though! Love the kiddos!

    Tom teases us about our “luncheons”. I’d like to see James and Tom try it!

  11. Julie, I hope you “get your red one!” I bet the sale of a certain nice wood bunk bed would get you a really good start on the little gem.

    I’ve been contemplating that little camera, too. I have been holding out for the canon Rebel, but you are right. . .it would be great to carry a camera with you at all times.

    I love how she takes pictures of food and feet.
    Whenever I look at her website, I feel like I need to go to the kitchen and rummage through the fridge.

  12. I’m not subjecting myself to that kind of abuse!

  13. Julie and Karen, you know, Tori said that Julie should pick up her and Alyssa one day and they could babysit all your kiddos while the two of you go to lunch. You would have to get Judy to watch the littlest one or take her with, I suppose. I think that Tori could watch a 4 month old but not with having to keep track of the two under two year olds at the same time.

  14. That sounds fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I love how SAJ has secret agent gear you can buy. I thought about sending in my Percolations logo and having a little “store”. I’d like to have a Percolations mug! It’s too cute!

  16. I’d totally buy one of those mugs, Jules! You know, that could be a way to earn some extra change for that red camera. 😉

  17. Yeah, our Pastor is always talking about how God can give you witty ideas. I prayed God would show me some ideas to make some money for myself.