Celebrating Friendship

Jules —  March 9, 2005

Julie, Karen and Mary at Karen’s baby shower.

What would I do without my dearest friends? I can’t imagine life without them!! My life would be dull in color.

Karen gave me this pic, yesterday. I was excited to have it and of course I had to post it!!!!

The first time I met Karen we were instant soul friends. I can’t explain it. Something just clicked and it is forever. Mom D. had a party at her house. She had met Karen at their church and wanted to hook us up.

The first time we talked was on Mom D’s king size waterbed. We giggled and watched the olympics. It was a divine appointment. I think it was about 12 years ago. Since then we’ve laughed and laughed and cried a lot. I just couldn’t live without her.

Mary’s the kind of friend who knows what brand of paper towels and toilet paper you use and buys it for you when she sees it on sale!!! She takes note of things about you like that that other people would miss, take for granted or simply not care. Not Mary, she cares!! Maybe she keeps a list!!! Hehe!!

One day, a couple of weeks after I had Anjelia, Mary called. I was so overwhelmed and I couldn’t stop crying. About an hour or so later Mary showed up on my door step to help out. What a friend!!! I wouldn’t trade her for the whole world!! She’s a gift from heaven!

Another group of friends that are special to me is my Girls’ Night Out group. JoEllen, Amber, Brandi, Tracy, Karen H., Karen S., and Misty. Hopefully we’ll be getting together soon and I’ll post a pic. We are all so different, yet so much alike, too.

I have a friend. I sing louder. I smile bigger. I laugh harder. I pray more. I love better.



13 responses to Celebrating Friendship

  1. What a sweet picture!

  2. Awww…what cuties! You all take the cake….I know, that was bad!

  3. smile. . .sniff. sniff. . .smile

    That was so sweet, Julie. Thanks for the kind words. I feel the same about you. The meeting on the king-size bed was truly a divine appointment!

    One thing that Tom and I always say to each other is “I hope I die before you”. We say this because we don’t want to figure out life without the other person.

    so here goes “Julie, I hope I die before you.”

  4. There’s something about Mary. . .you know that she will always take up for you when you aren’t present!

    She always sees the best in everyone.

  5. I have to say that’s it’s a little weird to get on the internet, pull up a site and see your own face on there.

  6. Surprise!!!!

    Karen, I hope I die before you!!!

  7. Karen and Julie…don’t know if I’d go out in public and start your story, “We met on a king-sized bed…”, might create some unwanted attention. 😉

  8. I guess I’m self-centered enough to say that I hope YOU all die before ME…he,he,he…just HAD to type that. Tom would’ve if I hadn’t. Sorry.

  9. Thank you, Julie, for the great words! I can’t wait to see you all on Friday night!

    God has truly blessed me with the friendship of Karen and Julie. I love a friend who will tell it to you straight. For instance, after I got my eyebrows waxed, Julie was so kind as to say, “Now you won’t want to go out looking red like that; I have just the right eye shadow to cover that up.”

    Maybe Karen, Julie, and I will all end up in the retirement home together without our husbands who all died at the ripe old age of 95!

  10. Just lookin out for ya Mary!!!!!

  11. The first time I met James I grabbed his butt. We’ve been buns er buds ever since.

  12. What a sweet pic. Its so great having good friends like you have Julie, what a treasure.

  13. awe, very sweet! i have to say i’m a little envious of the close friendships you seem to have.. those kind of relationships are rare! i have quite a few friends, but most of them phase-out of my life when they go off & get married or move away. it just makes me cherish those true ones that much more!