Thank God for small blessings!

Jules —  April 7, 2005

I have exciting news!! My children slept ’till 7:45 this morning!!! It must be a combination of daylight savings and cloudy weather. Yippeeee! Maybe 6 am mornings are going to be a thing of the past!

More exciting news… I slept from midnight to 7 without waking up. I didn’t have any wheezing or coughing fits!! Thanks for praying for me last night James! I have lots of confidence when you pray. Oh, and thanks be to God!!

I am heading to Children’s Mercy this morning to have Anjelia tested for the peanut allergy. Please say a pray that it will be negative. I am ready to have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches back on the menu! No home full of small children should be without peanut butter! C’mon!!!



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  1. What is it about sleep that can make or break the day! Hmmmm.

    I am happy for you. My kiddos are starting to sleep till later, too. And baby Evely is starting to go 6 hours at a time. Yippeee for me.

    I will be praying for you today and that the peanut allergy is negative.

  2. Julie, let us know how the test turns out.

    I think your site clock is on the old time. Your post was made at 6:59 yet you say your kids slept until 7:45. Hmm…been looking into your crystal ball again?

  3. Good for you! I almost tested that peanut allergy for you the other night. I gave Anjelia one of those Keebler cracker snacks with the cheese in the middle. She was very tired and just nibbled off a corner of the cracker and just was kind of spacing off. I was eating the others and decided to look at the package. It said “may contain peanut products” or something like that. I quickly snatched it away and gave her some regular crackers! That was quite the momentary scare for me. Thank God she was too tired to dive right into it! :)

  4. I have a very strong baby. I was told that by three different health care professionals this morning! A doctor, a nurse and a lab technician.

    Anjelia weighs 25 lbs and I weigh 100 and…something and it took my whole body to hold her down while they drew blood out of her little arm. I had to wrap my legs around hers, with one of my arms around her chest,holding down her arm, and my other arm holding her head. It’s amazing how good they are with little veins. She’s a spirited little thing. I’m glad she has some fight in her! (Reminds me of Lydia when she got shots at one year. Afterwards, the doctor went to hand her a cookie but she was still mad and she slapped it out of his hand. It flew across the little exam room and hit the wall!)

    The test results will be back in a week. They gave me a prescrition for epi-pens, to inject her with epinephrine, if she has exposure. It only lasts 10 to 20 minutes and then you better be at a hospital.

    Allergies in our country are continuing to rise. Especially, peanut allergy. They say now to never give a child under three peanuts products if you can help it. They don’t know why allergies are so prevalent here. One theory is that we are so clean and disease free that we don’t have the same resistance. She gave other theories but they have no concrete reasons for our allergy problems. Peanuts are roasted here and in other countries are boiled. No one knows for sure.

    The doctor wants her to wear something at mother’s day out and other day care type situations that gives a medical allergy warning.

    I’m still praying for healing and a negative test result!!!

  5. Mary, I will have James fix my clock!

  6. Karen, I am sooo happy to hear that Evely is sleeping 6 hours!!!! Are you starting to feel like a regular person again? Those first few weeks are sooooooooooooooooo hard, especially with other little ones to take care of. I am glad you are coming to the end of the sleep deprivation tunnel. I rejoice with you!!!!

    Now you will only be moderately sleep deprived as opposed to exremely sleep deprived!!! Can anyone tell me when the mom sleep deprivation ends or is it a lifetime commitment?

  7. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that if you need to make an appointment at Children’s Mercy ask to go to Children’s Mercy South. It’s much quieter and parking is much easier. We were the only people in the waiting room!! Big difference!! I didn’t have any strange acting children with mouth sores trying to kiss my baby!!

  8. Yeah, South is really nice. I wish I was there Thursday, I could have shown you around the radiology dept. It’s amazing. No expense spared. I think just my MRI dept. alone was $4 million, all private donation. We just got monies donated to paint extravagant murals and they asked me what the theme should be. I said Hooters but I don’t think they thought it was funny. Johnson County snobs. I like the owl mascot.

  9. Bummer, I’d have loved to have seen it. Both hospitals are really decorated beautifully. The first time I went there I felt really teary and emotional. I don’t know how you do it!

    Those snobs, I don’t get it!

  10. Any news on the allergies or lack thereof?