that kinda girl continued…

Jules —  September 20, 2005

Lest anyone should think of me as a selfish mother, I went to Wal-Mart today and picked up another four pack of Happy Apples! The lady checking me out totally cracked up when I told her yesterday’s Happy Apple story. She giggled the entire time she was ringing up my groceries!

Of course, I have to offer proof that I did indeed save them for the kids after school snack!

The girls were annoyed at me for trying to take their picture. They just wanted to enjoy their apples. I gave up quickly before I could get a good picture.


Mother’s Day Out started a couple of weeks ago. I had mom guilt this morning when I dropped Anjelia off. James quickly helped relieve me from my guilt trip, when he asked me to tag along with him, as he met with a customer! He even promised me lunch afterwards! The business he was meeting at happened to be right by the DAV thrift store! As he talked business, I went shopping!!! I purchased nine “new” shirts for this winter for the whopping price of $23.00! Nearly all of them are Gap, Old Navy or Eddie Bauer, so they are “current” brand names, too! I am still trying to get used to the new fashion of everything being tight fitting. I am not afraid to admit to being a thrift store shopper. I’m that kinda girl!!

“Anyone can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the number of apples in a seed.”
Robert H. Schuller



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  1. I’m so proud of you for going back and making things right. Your a great mom and you must have really been in need of eating those apples. I love to buy from thrift stores too. I don’t like to buy new clothes, I can’t stand the prices. I found 4 sets of King size sheets, for $5.00 total, Sat. while I was garage hopping. Each set had the flat& fitted sheet + the pillow cases. Great buy. I also found a peasant blouse for $.50, I love them, and they go good w/my dance skirts. From the pics. the girls love those apples as much as you do.

  2. Yummy! But I noticed, the package says “Fresh Caramel.” You’d think it’d say “Fresh Apples”. Just struck me funny. Never saw rotten old caramel…seen plenty of rotten old apples.

  3. And, Julie, just so you don’t stand alone in your “crime” of eating your children’s Happy Apples, I confess to the annual Raiding of Chocolate from my children’s Halloween stash. After they go to bed, of course. It’s for their own good…really…they surely don’t need ALL of that chocolate. :indeed

  4. Children don’t have a proper appreciation for chocolate. Let them have their Starburst and pixie stix and sweet tarts…. The chocolate is for the moms and dads! :evil

  5. The first thing I look for when the girls bring home their candy and dump it out is the Snickers!! They don’t miss them…..

  6. Do you guys have to always talk about food with nuts in or on them? Poor, Poor me. I wish I was one of your little girls. :rolleyes

  7. Wow! after listening to you’alls confessions, I don’t feel to bad now, I’m in good company. Yes, Chocolate has to be properly appreciated. Dove Cho. is one of my favorites along w/snickers.

  8. Deb, I didn’t even notice the “fresh Caramel”, I was zoned in on the apples, sure look good. I bought a carton of that caramel you was talking about so now I can have caramel apples slices.
    I to wonder what old rotten Caramel is like. Never saw A caramel I didn’t like.

  9. “Fresh caramel”… hilarious! Thanks for the laugh, Jules.

  10. Mom, is that a confession that you used to eat OUR halloween candy?! I’m SHOCKED! It’s one thing for me to eat my kids’ candy, but certainly another to learn that MY mom had eaten MY CANDY. Not my Snickers bars….NOOOOOOO! 😉

  11. Giggle, giggle, yep I did, probably your Dad too.

  12. I’m surprised I didn’t notice–I used to separate it all out on the first night and keep count of my favorite candies. How’s that for possessive?! Well, no hard feelings! Love you guys!!! (But your confession definitely explains why Dad would take us all over the numerous neighborhoods to Trick or Treat….More candy!!! But for whom?! I thought it was for us….now I’m not so sure….Hmmmmm ;))

  13. You may not be far from the truth. But, we usually bought candy we liked to eat if it wasn’t all used up at the door. So maybe that kept us at bay, a Little.

  14. All this candy talk has me excited about Halloween. I could sure enjoy a Snickers right about now!!!