the beauty shop

Jules —  November 18, 2005

Beauty has it’s price!

Beauty overwhelmes us, enchants us, fascinates us, and calls us. ~Fr. Andrew Greeley

I have to be beautiful, of course, since I’m going out with Mom and Mary tonight to see Walk The Line! Wendy made my lighter highlights lighter and added darker low lights, so there is more contrast now. Between my new shades and the fact that I bought a few Christmas gifts this week, I am starting to feel the the holiday spirit! I can’t wait to get out all my wonderful decorations and start wearing my antlers!

James and I have decided, in preparation for Thanksgiving, to stop complaining about our house and to be thankful. (We have run out of room. I am not complaining, just stating a fact!) I know we shouldn’t complain and we should always be thankful, but at least we are making an effort. Right? I am so thankful that I have a home. I love my living room. It’s fully furnished from wall to wall now. I recently added a buffet for my girls’ china sets and special pieces. It’s a warm and cozy feeling room.

Thanksgiving is the language of heaven” – A.J. Gossip



16 responses to the beauty shop

  1. We should have had a community vote on your hair style. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. What?! No after picture?! :cry

  3. Maybe we’ll take a pic tonight, once I have a chance to fix my makeup!

    I think that facial expression could best be described as my bunny rabbit look!

  4. Now if you could just fix it so that the pic would wiggle your nose for you!! LOL! :)

  5. What a woman, what a beauty! I’ve looked that way a few times myself. I don’t have to pay for the highlights now, they are growing in. I like your home but with 4 girls I’ll bet it feels a little crowded sometimes. I feel like our house got smaller after the girls left. I may need to get rid of MORE STUFF. Have fun tonight.

  6. What a beauty :indeed :rotfl. I’m sorry, I have seen you better. I have highlights too, a little black in the gray. ;). Hey!!!!!!!!it don’t cost like yours does. ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Jules, I think you look absolutely cute in that pic. :-)

  8. Thanks gals!! You’re all beautiful!

    I think it would help a lot if we had a basement, a good place for our family table(our bedroom is not ideal) and lived on a safer street for the girls to play. But, I am not complaining!!!!!! I am thankful I have a place to call home!!!!!! Plus, we can afford this one! :worship

  9. Jules, I know that you have run out of room. . .but I wanted to say that every time I come to your house, (no matter how lived in it looks or clean it is) I always feel right at home. It feels safe and welcoming. Your home, though small because of your lovely big family, is YOU . . a safe, fun place of relaxation.

  10. Cute Pic! I had Wendy take a picture of me last time but it was so awful I dared not post it!! You look cute!

  11. Karen, what sweet words of affirmation. Thank you soooo much!!! :love

  12. …and soon to be filled with a Christmas tree hanging from the ceiling!!! :indeed

  13. So, where are you going to put all the Christmas decorations, oh Queen of Christmas Stuff?

  14. I don’t know!!! I want it all in my living room but there isn’t room in there for ANY of it. I may have the best decorated bedroom around! Our bedroom is the ONLY place in the house for the tree!!! We may just have to get rid of the tv and cabinet for a couple of months. If you guys come over to watch a movie we can watch it on our king size bed!!

  15. You know I don’t know if you remember this, but when you guys were in the mobile home Karen and I would come over and because the only heat was in the bedroom, that’s where we would stay. Just the 4 of us, on the bed talking and laughing. (I mean fellowshipping). Did I give you that waterbed? Maybe it just looked like mine. Big bookcase headboard, 6 feet off the ground with shelves underneath. It wouldn’t be James and Julie’s house without everyone on the bed!

  16. Our bedroom is STILL the hangout spot. :banghead