the blind guy

Jules —  May 3, 2007

Today the blind guy came to my home and installed our new blinds. I am so excited to have some privacy. I’m also hoping the kids will stop getting up at 6 AM with the sun.

He was so kind to the girls. They were so curious and excited about what he was doing. He put them to work sorting the small parts into boxes. They did a perfect job for him. They followed him around while he worked chattering away. Bless his heart he listened and engaged them in conversation. People that are patient and kind to my kiddos score big in my book!

My bedroom is so dark and cozy now. I daydreamed all day about taking a relaxing, long nap.

My mind is at ease now knowing the girls have privacy in the family room. It feels creepy not having window coverings at ground level.

The blinds were installed just in time for my first house guests. I am so excited to now have a home big enough for overnight company. My Aunts Punkie and Tootsie and my Mom are spending Friday night. We’ll be up at the crack of dawn getting ready for garage sales. I am glad they will have proper privacy!



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  1. They look so pretty! It makes everything feel more “finished” doesn’t it.

    I cracked up at your title ‘the blind guy’. I was picturing a little man with a white cane. . .

  2. I was talking to my sis on the phone and told her the blind guy should be pulling up any second and she thought, “What the heck is a blind guy doing driving?”

    The blind guy said his business card used to have a picture of a blind man with dark sunglasses and a cane touchin some blinds. He changed that for fear of offending someone. He said he is always called ‘the blind guy’.

  3. When James came home he said he was soooooo thankful that I took care of this and hired someone to install them. He was very relieved. I think this would have sent him over the edge. He is so incredibly stressed and tired. He put his fist through a cabinet door in his office yesterday! Imagine what could’ve happened to my home if he had tried to hang blinds. Bless his heart. He’s the most patient person I know but a business can send you over the edge. I know that now.

  4. Jules your french doors are exactly like mine. I do love them. The blinds are so nice. That settles it. I had pretty much made up my mind that is what I was going to do but now I know I’m going that route. I didn’t want curtains because it would cut off light to my studio.

    See ya tonight.

  5. Yeah, we’ve only done curtains for our bedroom. The blinds plus curtains give our room a real hideaway feel. I am not putting up curtains anywhere else at this time. I am going for understated simplicity in my new home. I am considering making some little cafe curtains for our eat in kitchen area. It would give privacy but only cover half the window. Nice and simple. We’ll see.

  6. lol I was going to make some crack about letting a blind guy do all that work, but I see others had the same thought! There used to be a blind guy around here that tuned pianos…but I was having troubles figuring out how someone could put up blinds without seeing.

    You all are going to have so much fun. I must have misread something…I thought Kandis was coming too. Maybe she was talking about getting to go to your girls weekend later on!

  7. Kandis is not staying here but she will be in town visiting. They’re planning on coming over tonight. I just didn’t include her cuz she wasn’t staying overnight, although Mom’s not coming now so I’m not sure who will or won’t be here.

  8. OK, you said “THEY’RE coming over tonite”. Do you mean Kandi and Ian or…..Kandi and someone else? Hmmmmmm.

  9. Well I’m looking for some details of how everything went!

  10. Aunt Marilyn May 6, 2007 at 4:07 pm

    I got to Nita’s kinda late, Fri. night, so Marlis, Nita, & I spent the night there, also I thought Kandi & Ian were spending the night with Jules so thought it might be a little crowded if we came too. As it turned out no one stayed at Jules. We found a lot of garage sales and Jules found a lot of neat stuff, Marlis found some & Nita and I didn’t do to well. I did find some glass jewery to remake into bracelets, but not much. We were together and had a lot of fun though.

  11. We got to meet Larry. He’s a real nice guy. After Saturday I think it’s safe to assume that he’s patient, too.

    I seem to always score big. I guess cuz I am shopping for six people and a new home. Just after the last two weekends of garage saling my house is starting to come together.

    I enjoyed seeing everyone.

  12. The blinds look great. I’m sure he was tickled by the D girls and their chatter. Probably was one of his more enjoyable installations of the week!

    A nun is sitting in the bathtub, washing herself. When there’s a knock at her door. She asks: “Who is it?”

    “It’s the blind man. May I come in?”

    She thinks to herself: “He’s blind, so he wont see anything.” So she says: “Come on in!”

    The man comes in and says: Nice tits, where do you want the blinds?”