the graduate

Jules —  May 16, 2007

Elaina’s Mother’s Day Out program had a pre-school graduation ceremony for Elaina’s class. At the end of the program they sang the song, “Bye, bye teachers we’re going to kindergarten”. It was very sweet.

Each child walked slowly down the aisle one by one to receive their diploma. They played graduation music, too. It was sooooo cute. After each child received their diploma, they were asked what they want to be when they grow up. Elaina’s response was hilarious! She answered. . . “A monkey”!!!



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  1. How sweet and lovely, and she wants to be a monkey?

    Art Linkletter had it right, when he said, “KIDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS”

    They are so cute and innocent.

  2. I don’t think Elaina wants to grow up. She’d rather just turn into a monkey. She doesn’t want to move away from home. She’s always talking about which house in our neighborhood she’ll live in someday. She says she wants to live close to Daddy. Right now she has the house next door picked out.

  3. I really enjoyed Elaina when we were there for the garage sale week-end. She stayed and visited quite a while with me. All your girls are so sweet.

  4. Oh how sweet!
    Elaina is so beautiful…she is a monkey..I love it when she says in her DEEP voice..((KANDI))…
    Jules I cant wait to eat at the winery and sample wines….I love those old wine cellars the smells remind me of when mom made homeade wine…..

  5. I think I’ll bring the stuff to make quiche and BLT’s.

    For the picnic— there’s a frig for cold things and an oven to warm stuff in. Pray for nice weather!

    I am looking forward to the winery, too.

  6. Well, I bet money that once she becomes in the teenage range, she will be glad when she meets that first love, she will be glad she’s a pretty LIL” lady and not a monkey. What ya want to bet. She will be shaving off all the hair she can, not to look like a hairy monkey.

  7. Hehe! Guess we better stock up on razors!

  8. And stock up on Mousse….but by then there will be some other hair item they use….
    Boy jules I can just see how the bathrooms in your house will look in 4-6 years.
    I cant wait to celebrate with my family……..

  9. Julie, I’v been looking over your blog to see what I’ve missed. I love all your pictures, hopefully I’ll have more time when school is out next week.

  10. A milestone reached and onto Kindergarten! Life is so fun.

  11. How sweet! And I bet she got lots of laughs over the “monkey answer.”

    And Jessica looks so cute in the pink uniform—that color looks great on her. She looks radiant!

  12. I am so sick to my stomach that I missed the ceremony!

    I’m sure they all looked so cute.

  13. Sorry you had to miss it James, she looks so cute! The stinker! Love her answer. She doesn’t have to wait until she grows up though, she already is a monkey!!

  14. Jules:
    Did you find any finds Sat???

  15. yes, mom and I found some oriental things for Punky’s spare room.

    I FOUND A DINING ROOM SET FOR MY DINING ROOM! I’m so excited!!!! I only paid 50 dollars for the table and chairs!

    We found some other odds and ends. It was a good weekend of saling. Their were hundreds and hundreds of garage sales. The whole town was CRAZY. It was a lot of fun. We happened upon an old friends home and she was grilling hot dogs. She said she sold 50 hot dogs in an hour!

  16. Oh how thrilling….I am happy you found a Dining room table and chairs….What do they look like?

  17. I guess you didn’t happen to find an oriental headboard, did ya. He, he.

    I’m so glad you found a dining room outfit.

  18. The garage sale where we bought the comforter had an oriental style bed. It would’ve been perfect but it was king size with a headboard and footboard. Mom thought it was more than you wanted to spend too. I’ll keep looking for ya!

  19. Gee it sounds like you all had a good time. The sales any better than when we were with you?

    I’m tickled you got your dining room set. It is fun to get what ya want at a good price. At least I think so.

  20. Jules:
    Hey girl we want to see your dining room set!
    And Now!

  21. The sales were wayyyyyyy better. GV has the best community garage sales. There were hundreds of sales. By noon people just wanted an offer for things just to get rid of the items. Everything was negotiable. I really love dickering prices. I think that makes it more fun! I got a brushed oil bronze floor lamp for my bedroom (exactly what James and I wanted) for 2 bucks!

  22. Yeaaaaahhhhh a Dining Room Set!!!! I’m so glad for you. You said God had a better one in mind than the one you lost – sounds like a much cheaper deal!!!!! Can’t wait to see it.