the help

Jules —  August 4, 2005

Several of James’ young, buff, tan employees have been roofing the shop roof each day. These are the images I’ve been seeing each morning from my front door. I giggle to myself and think I am having a Desperate Housewives moment!! More then once, I’ve walked into the office and they are all in there taking a break-shirtless, and I feel so silly when I giggle.

I think I need a pool and a gardener!

“A man is as good as he has to be, and a woman as bad as she dares.” Elbert Hubbard



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  1. What? I thought that was a picture of James. The face is in shadows, but the body looked about right. hehe

    I am soooo glad you are putting that camera to good use, Jules.

    Nice quote!

  2. LOL! I really did laugh out loud at this one. Way too funny.

  3. I don’t know dear, I think it’d take quite a few beers to make James bod look like that! :) (No offense of course as we’re in the same boat Jimmy boy)

  4. I thought beer made you gain weight and not lose weight. I think I am confused, Carl!

    Glad you liked the quote Mary! I am thinking of that song, Bad to the Bone. Hehe I am in a silly mood!

    They are nice boys, I mean young men. I felt too silly taking their pics so James went with me and said “Hey, pose for my wife”. Courtney used to model and was not shy at all about striking a pose for me.

    They are the grandsons of Janet’s good friend and Janet and Richard have spent a lot of time teaching and mentoring them.

    I am glad you got a laugh, Rob. I got the idea and thought it was too funny not to post.

  5. I’ll be right over!

  6. Abby!!! I’m shocked and appauled. Doesn’t Mike look just like that with his shirt off?!?! :)

  7. We can set up lawn chairs, Abby!

  8. If I did’nt live so far away, and was’nt so old, I’d bring my lawn chair and join all you girls.
    Toot toot tootsie WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. You make me laugh out loud!!! You’re so funny!

  10. Hate to break up the estrogen frenzy :-D, but just to be fair… hypothetical: Suppose some time in the distant future, I was to ask the community pool life guard girl for her picture. How much trouble would I get into with Mrs. Rob?

    A) You’ll be a eunuch thereafter
    B) Happy time just came to a screeching halt
    C) Better not let me catch you
    D) If he looks, I’m looking

  11. Well, I asked James first, to see what he’d think, and he thought it was funny. Funny enough to help me get a picture. I wouldn’t have done it without his approval.

    He knows I am not lusting or anything. Just being silly.

    I suppose if he was taking a picture of his lifeguard sister it would be ok. Otherwise, no. So, call me a hypocrit! Hehehe!!!

  12. Just teasing you know, Jules! And I know that it’s different for men being visual-based.

  13. I know you’re teasing!! It did give me a chance to defend myself because I knew someone would bring that up!!!!!

  14. Can we go to Hooters for dinner tonight?

  15. Nice view!!!!! Didn’t know you can get too old to look!!!

    Is Julie & Jules the same person. I’m confused.

  16. I knew you would enjoy this post Aunt Marilyn!!! I thought of you.

    Yes, I am now Jules. It was time for a change!

  17. My, my from tomatoes on Carl’s web to beefcake on Julies!!!! What next???? he he

  18. Beefcake!!! *giggle*

  19. You did it!!! That’s hilarious!!

    I might set up the picture as a screensaver on my computer – JUST KIDDING!!

    Every now and then you just need some change of scenery when you look out the front door, huh. Sometimes you probably look across at the shop and just think “work, work, work”. At least for a short amount of time you could look out and it brought a whole new light on the thing. Paradigm shifts are good :).

    I like the “Jules”.

  20. I thought maybe Extreme Home Makeover was back and that was Ty!! ha

    By the way, thanks, you nearly got me in trouble–Steve came in while I was looking at this entry and he was SURE wondering what site I was on!!! hee hee

  21. Huh, I need a buff workout guy….
    too bad those “boys” across the street werent older……