the little ones

Jules —  September 2, 2005

I have been watching the Fox news channel quite a bit this week. I get curious about how things are going in Louisiana and Mississipi and turn it on. Some of the images have made me feel sick in spirit. The hardest have been the children. It must be due to the stage of life I’m in. The other day I saw video of a desperate mom sitting on the side of the highway in New Orleans crying. She was holding a limp five day old baby with a fever. If you’ve had kids you know the pediatricians warn of fevers in babies under 8 weeks old. It’s considered a medical emergency. I have been praying for that child and her mom. Hopefully they are in a safe place now. I’m sure the mom was in need of sanitary supplies herself after having just given birth.

There have been other images of children in need. That has to be one of the worst situations to be in, unable to take care of the physical needs of your babies. I am so thankful for my family and my home. I am thankful that I can take care of my kids and I have all I need to meet their needs. I hope and pray that the people of our great nation cry out to God during this time. May His salvation and deliverance and provision and protection be to those affected by this disaster.

He takes care of His flock like a shepherd. He gathers the lambs in his arms. He carries them close to His heart. He gently leads those that have little ones. Isaiah 40:11



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  1. It’s so horrible to watch. So many people in need of help and it’s so hard to get all the supplies to everyone.

    I don’t see how that part of the country will ever recover.

  2. It’s hard to believe that 80% of the people got out ahead of the storm, when you see what remained. Officials knew it was to be a catastrophe. It was broadcast on tv way ahead of the storm, I heard it. What are these people thinking of. Busses should have been bussing these people out from the beginning. If they did’nt want to leave, stop complaining. The old and the children did’nt deserve this. I pray God helps them. Please God if nothing else, give these people patience, and understanding. I’ll pay the gas prices, rather than to experience this. Maybe I’m not making sense, this is to big to even know what to say. God help us all.

  3. I imagine some of the poor inner city people didn’t own cars. I imagine some had no where to go and/or no money to travel. I don’t think anyone thought the levy would break and flood the city. They should have left. Hind sight is 20/20 I guess.

    It is hard to know what to say.

  4. The reports of violence and rape is just dispicable. It’s amazing what animals people can become when civilization erodes around them.

  5. Karen said all the druggies are probably going nuts needing a hit and are willingly to do anything.

    Man is not inherently good. We need Jesus bad. This is just more proof.

  6. We overlook the “little” things that we do daily or use daily to help us feel better.
    Just imagine if you went without water,food,shampoo,feminine hygiene products,toothbrushes,dry/clean clothes.
    If my child was hungry or needed shoes I would get them any way I could “unfortunately”, I would however not steal tv’s or 30 boxes of tennis shoes or things I did not need.
    I cant imagine. This is just the beginning of bad things/images to come.
    I have prayed hard every day for the children and elderly. A lot of children were just handed over by their parents to get the food and water needed and now the parents have no idea where their own children are “talk about heart wrenching”.

  7. My mom heart breaks for the parents and kids and for the grandmas and grandpas.

    I heard that looting is legal if you are taking normal amounts of food, water, clothing etc. Things needed for survival. People stealing electronics is amazing.

  8. A 5 year old child was rapped in the convention center in New Orleans, I just heard that on the radio. I am sorry to put this in an email but what has happened to society in a tragedy?
    I cannot imagine this to a 5 year old.
    There have been multiple rapes and shootings today as well as yesterday.
    What is going through these peoples mind doing these terrible things?????

  9. I was telling Julie that on Focus on the Family today they interviewed a pastor from the area. He said that the pastors down there need tons of prayer. They have to keep going even though they themselves have lost everything and still meet the needs of their congregations.

    They suggested that churches go on the web and look up a church in that area and sponsor them. I thought it was a great idea. Thought I would pass it on. Maybe our churches we go to would want to do this.

  10. When I spoke above of bussing people out, I meant free, just out of kindness the Mayor should have gotten as many out as possible. But, yes, they did’nt think the levy would break, it’s just to big to second guess, I pray for these people, that’s all I can do.

  11. Our church & others in our town are now collecting items, water,baby food, diapers, etc. to take to Gulf Port, Miss. where our pastors family is from. This is where our youth were going before Hurricane Dennis detoured us to Colorado in July.
    Also there are many families coming to our town from the Hurricane areas who have family here.
    It’s going to cost many $$$$$$$$ to help the homeless people affected and to start to rebuild, so we sent our $$$ in this morning to Red Cross. That is about the only way we felt we can help, besides prayer.
    Its so hard to imagine how to rebuild an entire city like New Orleans. Like the Pres. said, it’s hard to imagine brighter days, but they will come. I feel there is a lesson in this that God wants us to learn.

  12. The girls’ school is collecting money and needed supplies. That is the avenue our family is going to take part in. We haven’t gone shopping yet but we will this weekend.

    A lesson indeed.

  13. The Methodist Church in Camdenton is having a spagetti dinner Sept 15, for the Hurricane victims. They are expecting 600 people to attend and hoping for 800 which they have feed before in similar circumstances. Our Ozark art club is going to strongly support this and many of the members are members of the club. This is where we have our meetings also.

    Just a note: I spent nearly $1000.00 to have Betty worked on in the last two weeks, and Kandi finally took her to Custom Muffler in C. they worked on the timing for $65.00 and Kandi said last night she sure had a lot of zip and did’nt get hot. Thank You “Custom Muffler”. 😉 :disgust

  14. I know people all over will be God’s arms & legs and pocket book. Praise God for everyone’s willingness to help.

  15. I just want it noted that they are now talking about why attempts were’nt made before the storm to bus these people out of New Orleans. That was my sentiments from the beginning and I mentioned above. I not so dumb. 😉
    Now is not the time for people to worry about that, Get the people taken care of.

  16. Today I went to see the lady whose family came in from the hurricane. She has a 1 bedroom home here in the projects, and she had 30 relatives come in and there are more on the way. A motel here in town is going to put them up in about 6 rooms til friday. A business owner is giving a home he owns & food for some of them to stay in. The helps center sent over a bunch of clothes for them to go through, as all they had was what they were wearing. I am sure people around town took the clothes to the help center. She told me that the Red Cross has already given them money to go get clothes & supplies for the children to go to school. I could tell that many people had been bringing food over so she could feed all these relatives. It was a good feeling to see 1st hand one family that was being helped. She did not know that people would do this for her and she was very thankful. God is Good.

  17. At church yesterday, it was announced that 350 people were brought to the town next to us to be put up in the National Guard Armory. On the news it was announced over 5000 evacuees will be brought to this area. The boys are anxious to do something to help and looks like we’ll have some opportunities firsthand.

    The news out of the South is so heartbreaking to see. But I can’t help wondering if it’s more than coicidence that in the past 4 years, America has suffered the most devastating natural and manmade disasters in our countries history. I don’t want to be a doomsayer, but is God withdrawing His Hand of protectio?. Maybe it’s time to follow 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”


  19. On re-reading my comment, it sounds much more judgemental than what I was thinking. I didn’t mean to imply that the people in the path of Hurricane Katrina were being judged. I don’t really know how God works or what His plans are. But the Bible says the rain falls on the just and the unjust.

    What I meant was that America and the church as a whole may be falling away from God’s protection. Maybe that He is trying to wake up His people to the urgency of spreading His good news for none of us are guaranteed another day. Maybe that He is calling us to cry out to Him with a passion and heartfelt desire to be close to Him. I confess for myself that I frequently approach God with a dutiful prayer rather than with a crying out and a wholehearted leaning on Him. How I must grieve Him at times. I’m not pointing fingers at the Gulf states as being less righteous; I’m really feeling the finger and warning being pointed at myself. It’s a time to draw near to Christ. :worship

  20. Yes, Deb, I thought you were talking about America as a whole, I just happened to be thinking about all the gambling casinos too.