the nativity

Jules —  December 14, 2006

Mom and Larry have a beautiful nativity scene. The pictures do not do it justice. Larry built the manger and the stable. The pretty star can be scene from the black top. The kids really enjoying seeing the nativity each year. I am confident they will grow up with fond memories of it.



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  1. Beautiful!!! :indeed

  2. It looks so pretty, I’d love to see it. Maybe he will leave it up so we can see it at Our Christmas in Jan.

  3. Oh yes, we went last Saturday to see “The Nativity Story”. It was very good and gave us another side of what Joseph and Mary might had to experence to get to Bethlehem. Luke chapter 1&2 was even a delight to read again after seeing the movie. Thanks for the pictures Julie. Tell Nita and Larry they did good! :worship

  4. WOW–I wish I could see this in person! Do you think Larry’d mind moving his display to Mom and Dad’s so I could see it at Christmas?! Is that TOO much to ask? 😀

  5. Oh, how pretty!

  6. GIFT report–we watched a new Christmas movie this week–Last Holiday with Queen Latifah. It was good, but didn’t let boys watch it due to language. Made me want to step even more outside my “comfort zone-box”.

    Haven’t found any mistletoe but I have a spot just waiting for it!

    This year one of my changes for the year was NOT writing an annual letter with our cards. I’ve been sick with flu or colds for 2 weeks and I had to let some things go, and that got cut. I’m still trying to fit in some baking and candy making with the boys, but didn’t figure I should do that while sick. “Here’s your Christmas candy. AH-CHOO!!! Enjoy!” :puke :disgust

  7. I need to call the floral shops in town. I want my other “something new” to be mistletoe.

    Debbie, I want to see that movie. It looks good. I think I’ll be sure to watch it now. Thanks for sharing. I like Queen Latifah.

    I’m sorry you’ve been sick and I am glad you made the decision to cut something out instead of over doing it. I will miss your newsletter. It’s a coffee break highlight each year. I have not done any cards myself. I haven’t for the last few years. I should get myself into gear. I love receiving cards.

  8. That is really neat, I especially like the star.

  9. Sis and Larry always enjoy having and showing the Nativity since they moved there. It is very beautiful.

  10. Deb sorry you have been sick, I missed you on the blog and when you called. I need to talk to you about James. So if you have any ideas don’t call tomorrow morning, I’ll be gone til 10:30 to Angelfood. I have a gift for him but need to get something else.

    Larry has a cut out nativity that I really like too. He does good work building things.

  11. That is really pretty! Did they make the star?

  12. Nothing to do with this post, but I tried some of the recipes from your cookie exchange post, Julie. I should post it there but didn’t figure anyone would see it now.

    I tried Kandi’s Lemon Bars–mmmmmm, gonna make those more often. And I made Karen’s Grandma’s Peanut butter chocolate drops. But I made it spread out in a pan and cut into bars instead (much easier). I don’t seem to do well with dipping chocolates (what a huge mess! Is there a secret with dipping chocolates? If so, someone please tell me!) Very Sweet and Very Yummy!

    Those are my 2 new baking items for my GIFT challenge. The only problem with trying all these new traditions—I’m having less time to do my old traditions! ha

    I’m still sick so pray for me. I think my cold has become a sinus infection. I promised Steve that if I wasn’t better, I’d go to the doctor on Monday. Christian’s cold turned into an ear infection that ruptured his ear drum. The ear drum sealed itself back up so he’s hearing fine, but he’s on antibiotics. All these illnesses are actually what’s keeping us from doing all of our Christmas traditions! Oh well, the colds will go away…someday! And we’re still fitting in some fun and joy! :indeed

  13. Deb, I’m trying to chase you down, give me a call this morn.

    I haven’t gotten to try any of the recipes yet but hope to sometime.

  14. Love the Nativity!! It’s so cool!

    Wanted to say hey and wish you and your family
    a blessed Christmas!!

  15. I’ve bought some lemon juice to make those lemon bars this week. Deb, I’ll let you know how the dipping goes — I am dipping 10 dozen oreo balls into vanilla almond bark today! :eek

    Merry Christmas Misty!!!! I hope you guys have an extra special Christmas in your new home!

  16. Please pray for Lydia, everyone. She has run a fever since Thursday night. She got up to shower today. This is the first day she has walked on her own. We’ve had to carry her to the bathroom etc. cuz she’s so weak she gets dizzy and nauseas. She’s not being a baby, she’s a toughy.

  17. Julie, we’ll definitely pray for Lydia and for you all. It’s so difficult to have sick ones, I often second guess myself as to whether I’m doing the right things for them.

    About the chocolate dipping–I was using a long toothpick to dip the candy into the chocolate, and the candies were not looking very pretty. My friend was here today as I working on some more candy and she suggested that I just roll the candy balls in the chocolate, then dip them out with a spoon. They looked much prettier that way, like store-bought! Yeah, I’ve learned a new skill!! 😀

    My, you’re ambitious–10 dozen oreo balls! And caring for a sick one!

  18. Just in case you moms outthere need a picker upper. A friend of mine was shopping this week-end and was in line to pay with a lady who was expecting twins. She told my friend she had triplets at home under the age of 20 months. Now do you feel a little less pressure.

    Hate to hear that Lydia has been so sick. Hope she will rebound real quick. Will pray for her to.

  19. Thanks, pray that it doesn’t spread. The kids are tired of me praying for them!

    I hope that lady has a lot of help. I would not want to be in her shoes. I had a very overwhelming day. I can not keep my house clean. It’s always a mess. I know that’s not what’s important but it sure is hard to relax when things are a mess. I told James that I don’t think I’m cut out for this job. I’m sure a good nights sleep if I can get one will make me feel much better.

  20. Jules, you should really go read this G.I.F.T. post. I think you’d really enjoy it:

  21. Thanks, Carl. That was a great story. I enjoyed it very much.