Honoring those who serve

Jules —  April 25, 2005

Here is a pic of my bro-in-law, Dave. He is serving our country in Iraq. Fortunately, at least as far as I can tell from this picture, it doesn’t look like he’s suffering too badly. Of course, being the ham that David is, it would be hard to tell otherwise! I posted a pic of his wife, Christie and her M-16, last week.

Since I’m on the subject of honoring our military, I’d like to post a very touching picture. I love the generational sentiment!

Pearl Harbor survivor Houston James of Dallas embraced Marine Staff Sgt. Mark Graunke Jr. during a Veterans Day Commemoration. Graunke lost a hand, a leg and an eye when he defused a bomb in Iraq last year.

Here is a pic of my Marine dad in Vietnam. He was a heavy equipment operator. He dug artillery implacements (ammo dumps) and cleared fields of fire around small bases.

“All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom; justice; honor; duty; mercy; hope”
Winston Churchill

“Freedom’s enemies are waste, lethargy, indifference, immorality, and the insidious attitude of something for nothing.”
William Arthur Ward



12 responses to Honoring those who serve

  1. 3 cheers for our brave servicemen, then and now. We had several from our family in Viet-Nam. John Ed, Morris,(Gil’s bro.), your dad, Joe. Gil was in Thiland just as Viet.nam was heating up, but was discharged, and wasn’t called back in. He was in 4yrs. He figured they would be calling him back. He would have been in the front lines building bridges. Instead he ended up helping build I-70 which is where he was when I met him, in your territory or just a little east of you.

  2. Tell Gil “Thanks for I-70”. We drive on it often!!! Thanks for serving, too!

  3. To serve our country during a war is the ultimate sacrifice other than to our lord. We can complain but don’t really have the right unless we have served. I love and value the men and women of this country who serve. God bless you.

  4. I love that picture of Dave. It cracks me up.

  5. That is a great picture of Dave! :)

    We too often take for granted all the bloodshed that has taken place to secure our freedom. I am very grateful to know there are very selfless people out there willing to die to defend my freedom and life here in the USA!

  6. We are spoiled rotten. I bet we smell and don’t know it!! Really, we are soooo fortunate. I am very proud to be an American. I was brought up to have pride in our country and our freedom. I remember when I was a small child, those litte American flags on sticks were real popular. My parents very firmly told me that I better never let it touch the ground. I was taught to respect our flag. Fortunately, my girls say the pledge of allegiance every morning at school.

  7. Cool post, Julie. Wow, I had forgotten what Dave looked like. I do remember him being a goofball though, lol! Those flyboys are funny.

  8. Thanks again to your sister-in-law and her hubbie as well as to all those who serve. Its an honor to have real heroes in our daily lives and I appreciate all they do to secure and protect the freedoms that I enjoy.

  9. I appreciate all your kind words. Sometimes we get so caught up in our workday we forget we are serving our country. At times, it just feels like another day, another dollar. He will be home in less than 3 weeks and counting.
    Yes he is a goofball and that is one of the biggest things that keeps this marriage alive! He always has me laughing and has me entertained. I got very lucky indeed.

  10. I’m so glad to hear is is coming back so soon! (seems soon only to me I’m sure)

    I miss all of you guys soooooo much!

    It was a blast getting to see Cam and Andrew last year. They have gotten so big.

    I love and miss you, sis.

  11. We too are very proud of David and Christie. I really enjoy seeing them in their uniforms.

    To be with Christie and the boys while she did her mock drill each night for several days, was for me a real joy!!!!

    I think we all take OUR jobs for granted. Because of our freedom we DO get spoiled. May we not forget what we have in this country