there’s something in the freezer. . .

Jules —  June 19, 2011

Anjelia has been freezing stuff for years. She loves taking a glass of water and freezing nearly anything in it, including crackers, cereal pieces, rocks. . . . you name it. None of us are surprised when we find silly things in the freezer.

Here’s what we found today: an inside out, knee-high sock and a Hershey’s bar purchased with leftover camp money. When asked about the sock, Anjelia said, “I’m doing an experiment. When it’s really frozen I’m going to throw it out into the heat.”



15 responses to there’s something in the freezer. . .

  1. She did eventually hurl the sock out the front door.

    I left it there. Don’t want to screw up the experiment.

  2. Ha! Next you need to tell her to soak the sock in water and THEN put it in the freezer. That would be a really fun experiment.

  3. How cute! She has a great imagination!!!!!!!!

  4. Anjelia was embarrassed at first that I was sharing her experiment. Then she decided she was happy I was sharing. She hopes it will give other families “good ideas”. She is so fun!

  5. Great! There is no reason for her to be embarrassed. Wonder if there is some cool book at the library that would suggest a bunch more fun summer experiments for her.

    • It’s fun living with someone who likes to experiment.

      We all got our fix today at Goodwill. Now we’re going swimming.

      • I miss you all. I wish I was there, too. Tell all the aunties, cousins and mom hi for me. Love you all bunches. So sad I didn’t get me Tennessee fix! Maybe Thanksgiving. . .

        • Hope you get to go for Thanksgiving, I think we plan to go. I think Lydia really enjoyed her trip to Linda’s and being with the girls. They packed a lot of activities in a little time.

  6. Better close that freezer door before it all thaws.
    Love ya Jules and family.

  7. I hope we get to see some school pics soon. I always love to see them and what they choose for the 1st day to wear. Jules you need to be in there with them so we can tell how much they have grown. Thank you for considering my requests. Love ya Jules.