this age worms the heart

Jules —  March 11, 2007

Anjelia has discovered the joy of worms! She’s been keeping a little one in a bowl full of dirt. Today she found a gasoline can and mistook it for a watering can. After “watering” my daffodils with gasoline, several giant earthworms came up out of the ground gasping for air. I rinsed them off over and over until the smell of gasoline was gone and she happily skipped away with her bowl full of worms. She sits and talks to them and tells them how beautiful they are! Silly girl!!!

A three year old child is a being who gets almost as much fun out of a fifty-six dollar set of swings as it does out of finding a small green worm.” Bill Vaughn



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  1. Anjelia, how wonderful. I loved worms when I was little too. I didn’t dump the gas on mama’s flowers or ground, but what the heck. As long as a person gets the results of what they want that’s all that counts isn’t it Anjelia? How cute your little TOM BOY is Julie.

  2. She is a cutie, isn’t she? She warms my heart. I really adore this age.

    I rinsed off my daffodils quite a bit. I hope the gasoline doesn’t kill them.

  3. My Gosh!! Those are big worms. It sure is fun being a kid. I still remember a lot of the things we did as kids. One should never stop. What a cutie. I hope your flowers live.

  4. When I was little I used to play with worms too. I always had a fascination with creepy crawlies. I guess it was because I was raised around tom boys and boy cousins.

    I have a feeling that Aiden will be hunting for worms shortly as well. It’s only a matter of time.

  5. I can remember making mud pies with Kandi when we were little. I always played outside and I would make a play house in the woods. It’s so good to not watch tv so much and actually experience the big outdoors.

  6. Hey, what about the new house? When will you be in it?

  7. We take possession on March 20.

    I played with lots of bugs and worms and frogs. I really had a thing for little frogs when I was a kid. Sometimes I’d manage to catch a ginormous bullfrog. I had to use both hands to carry them.

  8. I’ll bet you can’t wait to have all that room. I’m so happy for you. Hope your current one sells fast now.

  9. Jules,
    I hope you can come Friday or Saturday!
    If not I understand, We understand….
    Bring the kids.
    I dont have a trampoline yet, so they will have to play out in the back yard. Bring them in their messy clothes………and bring a spare set.
    Maybe they can all make mud pies or start digging up a garden for grandma tootsie…..

  10. Awww, that is so sweet! Yesterday Jonathan was working out in the garage/yard and he gave McKenna a little box to put her new “friends” in. When I came home McKenna came running up to me with her little box and said “Mommy, Mommy…..LOOK…..WORMS!!!!!” She was SO excited to have WORMS to play with again :-).

    *Although, I wasn’t so excited to see that she had dug up my tulip bulbs in the flower box while she was collecting dirt for her “worm box”. She said “Look mommy, an onion with a sprout!” No, that used to be a tulip….used to be….(sigh).

    Isn’t it funny that our little girls are more excited about worms than flowers when spring rolls around-LOL! I was the same way when I was little girl. Frogs and snakes were my very favorite though. :-)

  11. I played with worms when little too. I remember digging in our sand box, shoveling out the cat poo, then making little places for worms to live. I’m sure they hated the feel of the sand.

    But I REALLY loved Lightning bugs–still do. I love to see them arrive for the summer. The field behind our house just lights up.

    The boys got an idea once and caught a toad and set a lightning bug in front of the toad. When he swallowed it, we could see the toad’s belly light up. It was cool, but I felt bad for the little sacrificed bug.

    My boys like to hunt for “Road Toads” during summer nights. We go for walks and they find all the toads that hop out on the road below the street lights. They move them to our garden so they can eat all the bugs there and not get squashed by cars.

  12. Ian had a pet toad that him and Pa found in Pa’s back yard. It ate a lot of cat food and june bugs before we let him go. I am sure he loved the june bugs but I guess he ate the cat food and liked it just as well….

  13. Punkie and I used to save Lightening bugs in a jar with holes in lid. We would put them in our room by the bed and watch them light up. We got a lot of mileage out of that jar.

  14. I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s stories!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

    Sometimes I feel badly that my kids don’t get to grow up in the country. It’s such a great way to grow up. Thankfully bugs, toads, worms etc. live in town too!!! Plus, all the grandparents live in the country, so that’s nice.

  15. Ian catches lightning bugs and smears them on his shirts and arms to watch the goo glow. I feel sorry for the poor things having their bodies smashed onto his shirt but he loves it…..I used to do that on the boydston farm, Mary and I would smash them in our hair and talk about our pretty glowing hair….. I guess we were ahead of our time on frosting and bleaching…..Our hair was pretty glowing though….

  16. Love the worm pictures! She is so funny. My kids have been watering the worms too. They find a worm and immediately thinks it needs a swimming hole to lie in. They find anything that will hold water and then drown the thing.

    I’m gearing up for the infestation we will have this year. We always have a doozy of a weird swarm of something. So far I am thinking its the deer. They come in our yard and night and they have eaten every leaf off of my bushes. We also had about 100 geese take a nap in the yard a few weeks ago. As long as we don’t have the march of the millipedes or the wolf spiders I will be okay. I enjoyed the 1000’s of baby frogs a couple years ago.

  17. Hurray for 3 year olds!!! And worms

  18. Karen, your comment has made me thankful I live in town. The only infestation we have are box elder bugs.

    Hi Mary!

  19. Kandi, I never thought to put them in my hair. The girls love to run around catching lightening bugs. I can’t wait till they arrive.

  20. Debbie when you said road toads, the image that came first came to my mind was a completely flat, dried toad. That’s what kinda toads I always see on the road. Really dead flat ones.

  21. Road toads, yuck!!!! Your funny girl.

    Karen I had Millipeds at the lake, oh lord I hated those nasty things. I couldn’t get any one to spray because of Richards health. After he passed away, I called in the exterminators and told them to bomb under the house and spray inside. He did and that was that. BUT–he told me to use SEVIN DUST around the outside of house or in closets or under sinks and spray with regular house spray and I would be doing what it takes to get rid of them. I had an infestation and they agreed I needed them this time. So use the Sevin around the base of home on outside, he said it is excellent for Millipeds.

  22. Well, Julie, that’s how the term “Road Toads” first got started…because of the flat dried ones. But now the boys use it to refer to their hunt and rescue mission for the live road toads BEFORE they become road pancakes.

    Kandis, I knew someone that used to pinch off the lightning bugs’ lite and put it on their ring finger so they could show off their “glowing ring”. I always thought it was nasty! I tried it once and felt so guilty for hurting that little bug, that I never did it again. I can’t really remember who always did that, thought maybe it was the neighbor girl…but after reading your story, I wonder if it might have been you, ya’mean ol’ lightning bug de-lighter! hee hee

  23. Too cute!

    Btw, I finally sent out the drawing yesterday in the mail. I had to cut off some of the border to fit in the envelope I used, so it may look a little strange.

  24. I look forward to its arrival. Thanks again!