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Jules —  July 11, 2005

We had a great weekend. It started Friday night when James and I decided that we MUST get some time alone. (If anyone knows a responsible teenager to babysit occasionally please let me know. We’ve decided we’ve got to get alone together more often!!) We took the kids to my mom’s house at 8:00 and went to a delicious restaurant, Countryside, that specializes in homestyle cooking. We had awesome soup and salad and country fried steak, served with mashed potatos and gravy, green beans with bacon for seasoning, along with hot rolls and real butter. I love soul food!

Saturday morning we did one of my favorite things. We went out and ate breakfast at IHOP!!!! Yummy, country griddle cake combo!

got milk? Anjelia enjoyed drinking half and half at IHOP!

After breakfast, James took me to see several beautiful homes that his company installed cabinets for. I FORGOT to take pictures. (I think I was stressed about Anjelia running around.) They also did most of the countertops. I like them better than the marble one I saw. I fell in love with one of the model homes. It was a California split floor plan named, Clinton. It was absolutely beautiful and perfect for my family. Too bad it cost $250,000! It’s fun to look!

We went back to mom’s to pick up Jessica, who spent the night there. There are so many fun things to take pictures of at mom’s. I wish I could remember how to do the slide show. I have a hard time retaining the information James teaches me.

country butterfly with my great-grandparents old farmhouse in the background

Sunday morning we went to church and out to Janet and Richard’s (Mom and Dad D.) for lunch. After eating, Janet taught the girls how to make ice cream!

I’ll get this recipe and share it! Scrumptious

While the ice cream was chilling, I took A NAP!!!! Woohooo. I was sooo tired feeling. They took the kids outside to play while I slept on the couch. Thank you, I really needed that!

The only downer was while I was eating my ice cream outside a wasp crawled into the bottom back of my t-shirt and stung me twice! Those dang things hurt!

Thank you James for a great weekend. Thanks for recognizing that I really needed to get out!

“You’re never too full for ice cream, it’s for filling in the cracks!” Mary



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  1. Here is the web site for that builder.

    Clinton Floor Plan

  2. The Clinton was definitely my favorite.

  3. Officially speaking I prefered the official site best. Grandpa Linfords birthday is today, and no man ever loved homemade icecream better than he did. He helped wear out one of our ice cream makers. That’s all he ever wanted on his birthday was ice cream. Tommy probably whipped him up some today. Yeh, I bet he did.

  4. That ice cream looks delicious! I was too full to have any on the 4th because of all the other great food.

    Where’s Countryside at?

  5. I didn’t know it was Great-Grandpa Linford’s birthday. I am glad I posted about ice cream and had his old farmhouse in the background with the butterfly! I am sure they must of had ice cream. Probably better than anything we can imagine!

    Countryside is a great treat. It’s on the outer belt road off the highway of my hometown. :) Everything they serve is homemade, even the croutons! They have a gift shop and you can buy goodies like cookies, etc.

  6. Is’nt the Countryside, Amish run? It used to be. But yes the food is delicious. They also used to serve family style(food served in bowls)

    I remember one year on grandpa’s birthday, there was a hail storm, it covered the ground in about 2 inches of ice. The worst hail storm I ever saw. Your doing great with that new camera. I love that butterfly.

  7. It is run by what I believe to be, a Christian commune that lives on acreage south of town. When I was in high school my best friend waitressed there and dated the head guy’s son. She visited out there several times and really enjoyed the people.

    Yes, it is served family style. They bring the bowls of food to the table and you pass the food around. I am getting hungry!

    The butterfly cooperated much better than the bumblebees.

  8. Sounds delicious. I love mom and pop style restaurants with good home cooking!

  9. Aunt Marlis, thanks for sharing that about Gpa Linford; I didn’t know that either. I had an incredible urge to make homemade ice cream yesterday, but didn’t because we had no power much of the day–the wind from Hurricane Dennis blew hard here yesterday.
    Well from now on July 11th will be homemade ice cream day in honor of Grandpa! (I LOVE the thought of Uncle Tommy making ice cream for him in heaven!)
    Julie, it’s amazing what a dinner out can do, huh? Did you go to Wal-Mart afterwards? It’s a running joke that Steve and I always end up at Lowe’s or Wal-Mart at the end of our dates! (It’s fun to shop with just the 2 of us sometimes.)

  10. Your welcome, I’m glad I brought it up. I spent many, many, July 11th’s with Gpa. making him his ice cream. Aunt Tootsie

  11. Wal-Mart is the Mother ship. I must check in at least once a week!!

    I would like to get an ice cream maker!

  12. Thank-you, Thank-you, Julie. You made my heart smile while I was reading about the girls and me making home made icecream and seeing our picture together. It was so much fun and a blessing as you watched, even to bring your camera. It was Dad D. and my joy to keep the girls outside so you could nap. I could tell you were in much need of rest. Blowing bubbles with the girls kept them busy. Love you, Mom D.

  13. Love the pics, Julie. Sorry, haven’t been able to catch up lately. Work, and house-buying, and a job offer have completely overwhelmed me.

    If you get a chance, I’d appreciate your prayers!(!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Let me know what I can pray for too, k?

  14. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate Rob. I will pray for you about these things. :)

    James thought it was your birthday today! I guess because it’s the 12th. His birthday is two days before yours. Go figure. He thought his was earlier this week! I suppose you guys will have to wait until August!

    It must be the sleep deprivation talking.

    He says I loose 25 percent of my brain with each child. You do the math! I think the business is sucking his brain dry, too.

  15. Janet, I need to get that recipe so I can share it on my blog!

  16. OK. It will my pleasure:)

  17. Rob, where did you get this job offer?

    Do tell!

  18. Colorado! I’ll talk to you more about it this weekend…

  19. You couldn’t find something closer eh?

    Colorado sounds more tempting to visit, though.

  20. Love the beautiful pic. Anjelia, is so cute. Got Milk? I just got back from Lafayette Colorado, on a Youth Mission Trip. It was wonderful, but {{{HOT}}}. I would have loved to have had some of that Cool ice cream. We were nestled by the Mountains.