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Jules —  May 2, 2007

I took my two older girls to our church’s Mother / Daughter banquet. We had a fun time. Next year Elaina will get to join us! I love being a Mom to my girls. They are my joy!

My mom and my cousin Kandis called me at 6:12 AM Saturday morning. They were headed to my house to do some shopping at my community garage sales. We had a BLAST. My very favorite activity is garage saling. The Lord always blesses me with good deals. I am so thankful. My home needed rugs and now I have all I need. I barely spent anything on them and they are sooooooo lovely! As you can see, we were very pleased with our finds! The prices were right!

Mom just called to tell me that my Aunties, Punky and Tootsie, are headed our way Saturday to do it again. I am soooooo stinkin’ excited. I can’t wait!!!!!! I wish Kandis could come back down, too.

I am soooooo thankful to have a family that’s so fun loving and not at all afraid to be dorky. Life is too difficult to be too serious all the time. I am glad I have people in my life that I can be a complete dork around. Life would lack color for me if I had to be serious all the time. So. . . here’s a big thanks to my family and friends! You know who you are!

Did anyone see American Idol last night? Oh my goodness!!!!! That was TV viewing at it’s best!!!!! My heart was doing flip flops! I am so proud of Phil! WOW!!!!! And Blake. . .he was AWESOME. James and I called in and voted for Blake. That was such a creative performance! I think I need to watch it just one more time. . . I can’t wait to see Bon Jovi tonight on the results show. Last night was rockin!!!!!



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  1. Wow, look at your stash! That is awesome. You are getting me in the mood to garage sale this weekend!

  2. What a pretty picture of you and the girls! I just can’t believe how grown up they look – and how YOUNG you look! :)hee hee

    The garage sale finds look awesome! Garage saling is the BEST. I love the rugs. They will go perfect in your house!

    You are right. . .what would we do without dorky friends. Sometimes they are the only things that can get you through this hard life.

  3. Aunt Marilyn May 2, 2007 at 3:40 pm

    I am excited about coming down this week-end too. And a big garage sale adventure, I am making up my list of what to look for.

    Want a beautiful pic of you and Jessica & Lydia. Our church used to have a Spring banquet for the women but we haven’t done it lately & I really miss it.

  4. Faith, I wish for you a van load, too! Thanks for stopping by!!!!

    Karen, thanks for being a dorky friend. It’s theraputic.

    Aunt Marilyn, I really admire your ability to plan ahead. I hope to improve in that area. See ya Saturday.

  5. I am starting to feel very worldy. Did anyone see Idol?

  6. I could hear Kandi upstairs while she was watching american Idol. I said one time, what did you say, and she said “nothing” I’m enjoying IDOL, don’t bother me. Hee he he. She loves that show. I have never really watched it. Maybe next time.

    That pic of you and the girls is wonderful.

    I’m feeling much better now that I’m over the kidney infection and got my Drs reported just a second ago and everything is great. I got all my cholesterols normal. I’m so happy. She is going to put me on some new medications for my breathing. So hopefully I’m going to finally start feeling much better. She is like me and feels that most of my problems are allergy related.

  7. Oh yes, I’m very excited about us coming for this weekend. I hope I can keep up with you all. With my new medicine, maybe they will help me. I may even feel like getting real dorkey.

  8. Glad to hear a good report. I hope you’re feeling great soon. I think allergies run in the family. I’ve been having sinus trouble all week.

    I wonder if Kandis liked Blake’s performance. Simon said half of America wouldn’t. I really like Melinda Doolittle too. I loved how Bon Jovi said to take it to church and she perked up and said, I can do that I LIKE church! She’s so sweet and then she gets such attitude when she sings. It’s fun. I really enjoyed the country music night with Martina McBride, too.

  9. Julie you will have to wait for Kandi to answer. I don’t know. I know she loves the show and I just leave her alone to watch it. I know she was doing a lot of talking to them and hollering. And she never called in.

    I haven’t had very much sinus trouble since moving away from the lake. They also found mold in the furnace system because Richard ran the air most of the time and kept the fan on full instead of Auto. I told him that would happen because the vents were always damp, but he was so hot all the time. So being away from mold helps me a lot. I don’t wheeze any more now.

  10. Gorgous ladies!

    And looks like you found some great accessories at the sales!

  11. Ahhhh. . .Thanks Angela.

  12. Yeahhhhh
    I am coming to go garage saeling!!!!!
    I will put Larry up to the torture test and see if he passes…..
    Yeah Blake and Melinda are still in the running in IDOL…..I love blake he is so cute and Melinda is so darling. I like Jordan but I really hope Blake and Melinda make it….

  13. I am soooooooo happy you are coming!!!!

    Yayyyyy!! Blake and Melinda!!!! I am so sorry Phil. I am riddled with guilt for not voting for you. I am sorry you got voted off.

  14. Phil was so sweet and a family guy. Hope he has some success. Sanjaya is popular but I never thought he could sing.