tools of the trade

Jules —  July 15, 2005

I did it Debbie! I bought THE MOP! I have been using the swiffer wet things that you buy but I realized that they are not very cost efficient. With six of us tracking through the house each day, I need to sweep and mop every other day. So, I finally broke down and bought the Vileda Ultra Max! The pad can be taken off with each use and thrown in the washing machine. Aren’t you proud, Debbie?!

Aww, look at my happy family. Well, James was mad at me! Can you tell?
I know this is ridiculous to be taking pictures at Wal-mart.

I tried it out today and it really is great. The bucket comes with the mop and you just rinse and squeeze out the water with this built in tray. I kept mopping and mopping and the pad kept turning brown. Finally, I gave up! I also bought the dry cloth one just for sweeping with. It worked great on my wood floors, except that it didn’t fit the mop well. I think there must be a different sized one for sweeping with. It must be bigger.

Jessica took the pic. How do you like my apron?

Maybe you have read the comments made here about this mop. If so, maybe you will find this post humorous. It really is a big deal to find things that make housework easier and more enjoyable. Housework is so daily and can become very, very mundane.

Oh, another plug… I bought the clorox toilet wand and the refill sponges. It’s definitely worth the purchase. After each use you push a button and the cleaning pad pops off in the trash. The cleaner is already in the pad. It makes cleaning the toilet kinda fun. Hmmm….that’s an odd statement.

“My theory on housework is, if the item doesn’t multiply, smell, catch fire, or block the refrigerator door, let it be. No one else cares. Why should you?”
Erma Bombeck



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  1. I’m concerned that your foot, apron and mop all appear to be roughly the same color!

    Cheer up James, you’ll only have to mop every other day.

  2. Yeah, I think the camera settings were a little off! I set it on vibrant to show off my new pretty red mop! I wore my red apron to compliment my new purchase. I look a little sunburned!

  3. I can see Debbie smiling now!!! I’m sure her mop is on overtime, Chris had to take our kids to her house while he is getting his dad settled. His dad was diagnosed with stage 4 lung CA thursday, so he took off back home to see his dad and they already set him up with hospice. Please pray for Chris, his Dad is also his best friend.

  4. Trish, I’m so sorry about Chris’s dad. My prayers are with you both and his dad. I still haven’t bought THE MOP, but I guess I’ll have to give in some day, to help my STOCKS. HE, HE,.Love to all.

  5. Oh how sad. I am sorry to hear that, Trish. Our prayers are with you guys.

  6. Hey, Julie, I’m back from Colorado, tired, & don’t you look like Mrs.Domestic? And so cute. You also look like my Deb a little bit, enough to tell your related. I love my mop that Deb give me for my Bday. Didn’t know about the duster attachment. I am also sad to hear about Chris’s dad. Love ya.

  7. Glad your back! I hope you felt well for the entire trip. I bet you are wore out! Did you ride on a bus?

  8. I just received your e-mail. I am so glad your back did good! Sounds like it went very well. God’s work was accomplished through you and your team!

  9. Bravo! Bravo! Here’s someone who is crazier about this mop than I am! I want it on the record–I DO NOT have a picture of my mop! hee hee

    And silly me thinking “I” was the domestic goddess, and here I’ve been de-throned by someone who actually owns an apron! I didn’t know women still wore those kind!

    Actually, Julie, I think your write-up is wonderfully hilarious and am glad you like the mop–I think I love mine so much because my 2 youngest sons argue over who gets to mop first! It’s a MIRACLE MOP! I should buy some now to store away for my sons when they get their 1st homes! My daughters-in-law would definitely rise up and call me blessed (AKA Proverbs 31 woman!)Although collecting mops doesn’t seem to have the sentimental touch that collecting china sets to pass along does. I guess I need to keep thinking of ideas for the boys, huh?!

  10. You’ll never guess where I got my apron……A GARAGE SALE. I know, you must be shocked.

  11. A garage sale? In our family? It’s a family tradition!!!!!!!!!!!!Otherwise WALMART!!!!YEH!!!Did I use enough exclamations?

  12. You guys are silly. That’s what I love about my family. Love ya.

  13. How exciting! I love buying cleaning products! I am going to check into the toilet clorox wand.

  14. They also have a bath wand but I don’t have it. It’s triangular in shape to fit in the corners of the tub.

  15. Julie,
    That is great that you finally “GOT THE MOP” Isnt it a wonderful mop????? After Debbie’s email I went out and got one last year and I love it……… Mom got the wrong mop. I hope she gets one soon.

  16. I bought the wrong mop too! I thought, “Hmmmm…this is just ok.” Then I realized that was because I bought the wrong thing. It was the only Vileda mop our Wal-mart carried. That’s when I switched to Swiffers, which are great, but like I said, not very cost efficient. So, now, here I am with THE MOP! Karen gets to inherent my Swiffer stuff. Who knows eventually maybe she will have THE MOP too!

  17. Since your talking CLEAN, I’ll add my favorite thing to clean the bath tub and sink. My new bathroom is 3 or 4 yrs old now and is as shiny as ever. I use a dryer sheet to clean up after I shower, and I don’t have to use it each time if I use the liquid body soap. The bars make more skum and is harder to clean. I have a Swifter dustmop that I love but don’t care for the mop pads for washing the floor. The Vileda is my favorite for moping. Thanks again Deb!!!!!

  18. A dryer sheet? Never heard of that. Huuuuh, well OK I’ll give it a go.

  19. OK, I gotta ask–why is James mad in the Wal-Mart picture? I hope it’s not because you bought THE MOP!

    I know I’m being noisy, but I know I’m not the only one wondering!

  20. You’re not the only one who’s asked!

    Here’s some background information:

    James took over the checkbook a few years ago when finances were really tough. There have been times just this past fall and winter when he would not have enough money or work to pay himself. I’ve recently taken it back over again but now we are starting doing better financially as God is blessing the business. James has been able to give himself bonuses to help boost our otherwise insufficient income!

    He decided to splurge and buy him and the girls a Play station 2 and some games. I freaked about how much it cost and he was mad at me for stealing his joy.

    I like to shop but I’m really tight and want to get a deal. He works hard and has LOTS of stress so I need to relax and let him enjoy some of his money. I need to smile and say “Good for you!”.

    It’s funny now and we joke about it because at the time he said he was going to open his own checking account so he could put his spending money in there! Instead he put some cash in his pocket on payday!

    I am just thankful we are having to adjust to having some extra cash to enjoy!!!!

    I am VERY thankful that God has answered our prayers and has given the business favor in the eyes of God and man. According to our accountant, our numbers are looking great and the business is very profitable. James landed an awesome deal installing cabinets and countertops for an elite group of homes just last week. Thank you Lord and I’m really proud of James!

    Sorry, you got the long version!!!!

    Short version: I need to relax!!!!

  21. The neat thing is that God has given us two supernatural words about hanging in there with the business. Once last fall and another time just a few weeks ago! Basically He has told us to hang on that His blessings were coming and that he’s seen our faithfulness! I think having a struggling business is so extremely stressful that God really showed himself to James. It’s been amazing!!

    We want to run a business that is full of integrity. It’s a very high calling but one that I know James is up for.

    To God be the Glory!!!!

  22. One thing I need to get over, too, is worrying about people judging us for how we spend money. Like with the fireworks. I wondered what people would think and James said that we are doing nothing wrong and if anyone judges us then they are in the wrong. I seem to have a problem worrying about what others will think about decisions we make. James wants me to only be concerned about what God desires and what we decide together as a family. I need to mature in this area.

  23. Being a people pleaser is a hard mindset to break. I’m speaking from experience here and for once, don’t have any advice–still in the trenches!

  24. Well, I’m not alone, huh. It seems women tend to struggle with this more than men. At least, that is what I see in my experiences. I think guilt is another issue women tend to struggle with more. I know I do.

  25. Wow! It’s interesting what kind of conversations a post about a mop can lead to! I’m glad to share my life!

  26. I admit I struggle w/people pleasing, but we are really supposed to be God pleasers. Sounds like you shared the fun w/the fireworks w/friends and am sure God enjoyed the show too. Glad things are going better for you 2 financially. We’ll probably be driving up the drive to your mansion some day. I am doing better w/people pleasing now that I am getting older. I do what I feel God wants me to, or at least try to.

  27. Maybe with age comes the wisdom and maturity to not be so concerned about what people think. This is good news…I have something else to look forward to!

  28. By the time you get my age you don’t care what people think. Just as long as it’s right with my Lord and me, I don’t care. It’s kind of like trying to lose weight, you get to the point you don’t care. Well, now that I’ve had my say, I hope you did’nt mind. Hee Hee,. Really, people are to judgemental. It really is NOT THEIR BUSINESS. I have enough to worry about, without worrying about how everyone else lives.
    Love ya, Aunt Tootsie

  29. Good for you!!!! Thanks for the encouragement!