trick or treat

Jules —  October 31, 2005



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  1. What sweet pictures. I’ll bet the girls had a lot of fun, and I’ll bet people really enjoyed seeing them. James you look sweet too. Love all the pictures you posted. :indeed

  2. How sweet, Oh how much fun!!!!!!! Like I said before, halloween :evil always was my favorite time of the year. After we moved closer to town, daddy would take us to a certain area and we could’nt believe the treats and fun. 😀 I did’nt have a single one here :cry Thats the way it is down here. Most all go to town even here. I miss seeing kids on halloween. :(

  3. The girls are darling and so are you James. I can just hear the squeals of delight from the girls. Wonderful times, they will remember.

  4. It was an easy, relaxing night. We went to Carl and Mary’s. They had special treat bags made for the girls. James’ Aunt Joyce lives a street over so we went to see her and then we trick or treated around their neighborhood for a bit. The weather was lovely. I enjoyed walking with my family. James and I had fun standing on the street and watching Elaina bounce to the doors in her big dress. It was priceless.

  5. That doesn’t even look like Jessica!! She looks so grown up! Every time I see her I think that.

    I’m glad you guys had fun last night. It really was a beautiful evening for trick or treating.

    How did you get Jeli in that rabbit outfit? Was it her idea?

  6. The girls will do things for James that they won’t do for me. He suggested it and she said, “Yeah!”. I think she saw the others dressing up and wanted to do it herself.

    Jessica was extremely beautiful last night. Red is her color. I told her to be very careful with my special piece of velvet.

    Did Jaden where a costume?

  7. They were all so cute last night…I hope they got a good haul of candy. We had a ball with Anjel-baby and are glad you left her with us for awhile.

  8. 😀
    Last night I cooked up a big pot of chili and while it was simmering Ian had me make up his face. I used lots of fake skin (stuff you can get at wal-mart) and made lots of scabs on on his face and then added the fake blood (i injected the fake blood under the scabs) then I let it drip from different parts of his hairline all the way down to his neck. He went as a “head eating zombie”. He went to all the girls houses in the neighborhood trying to scare them. His attempts to scare the girls did not go over as planned. All the neighbor girls knew it was Ian which ticked him off and a few of them giggled and thought he was a cute “head eating zombie”.
    He had fun and had a pillow case full of candy.
    His face looked real good, I should have went to work in Hollywood as a make up artist. Ha Ha…
    Ian had fun and Mark was glad it was over by the end of the evening. Max had purple wings attached to his back and was Ian’s head hunter dog. Ian put 8 glow sticks around Max’s collar which was supposed to be the “inner power” that gave max the ability to hunt down heads for Ian.
    [I am trying to fill you all in on Ian’s imagination which is quite large]!!!!
    Ian had to tell his story at each house before they gave him candy. It was a long night.
    :rolleyes :rolleyes :rolleyes

  9. Oh, Max of course had to “growl or bark” at each scary kid. And I think Max scared some of the kids just by all the glow sticks Ian wrapped around that poor dogs neck. But Ian had to of course try to scare as many girls as possible with his dog and bloody face.
    :rolleyes :rolleyes
    Mark said an evening with Ian, Max and me was like having a sharp stick poked in his eye.
    He was just teasing though, we had a lot of fun…..
    😀 😀

  10. Ahhh…a pillow case. That’s a good idea. The girls used plastic grocery bags. I didn’t know what to use.

    It sounds like you guys had a great night! I bet even Max was wore out!

  11. Thanks for watching Anjelia, Carl. James and I had a relaxing time and I’m sure she had more fun at your house.

    Yes, the kids have an enormous stock of candy!!

  12. Chris put makeup on Aaron’s face, he went to look at himself and came back with tears, I took it all off and used my dark eyeliner to just slightly alter his face. Sarah was a pretty butterfly. Both were so excited they were dancing down the street. The neighborhood’s houses were decked out with scary things. It was nice, they are nice row houses, so not a whole lot of walking involved. We went to 3 houses all with barky, yippy dogs!!!
    Sarah is scared of them, so I had to carry her. I told her not all houses had dogs and not to be scared….so of course, next house had a great dane… :eek We resorted to going to houses were the people were outside, then sent her and Chris home. Aaron and I had a blast! I always forget how fun it is to reconnect with one child at a time. Got to make more one on one time! The girls look so good. I would e-mail you a picture of Sarah and Aaron, but don’t know how.
    Love computer retard

  13. Your neighborhood sounds so neat. I can picture it in my mind. I love those kind of houses. I wish I could see a picture of the kids! I can’t believe I am actually learning how to do computer stuff.

    It’s hard for me to get one on one time a lot with 4. It is nice when it happens. If James or I have to run an errand, etc. we try to take turns taking one kid at a time. Sometimes it’s hard to remember who’s turn it is. Of course, everyone argues that it’s their turn!

  14. Trish, sounds like you all had fun too. Wish I could have seen the kids costumes. Sounds like a different neighborhood than in Az. Love ya

  15. Your kids look great! And we did enjoy our time with Baby!

  16. Wow, those costumes rock! Can’t wait to see you guys soon. 😀

  17. Oh my word! They are so dang cute! I just want to squeeze ’em!