us girls just wanna have fun

Jules —  June 16, 2006

Well, it’s that time a year again! My Mom, Aunts Tootsie and Punkie, Cousin Kandis and Grandma Dorothy and I spend a weekend in a hotel each June. We always have a dorky, fun time!

Here are some of the highlights of Friday evening.

My Aunt Linda sent us all chocolate covered coffee beans in the mail. We received them today just before we left for the hotel!

Well, most of us got coffee beans. . . Someone was just a little disappointed.

Carl and Mary gave me a bottle of Port Chocolate Raspberry Sauce. Kandi and I have really enjoyed it! It’s good on Mom’s rhubarb cobbler.

Knife swallowing is always a fun activity.

Mom gave me my birthday present. It’s a really pretty porcelain figurine. She waited all day at an auction to purchase it for me.

A cheerful heart does good like medicine. Proverbs 17:22



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  1. Wow! Quick post! Poor Auntie, I bet her coffee beans are melting in the mail some where… :cry

    You girls have fun and be :angel

  2. Wow, you ladies look like you are already having a great time. I’m so glad you get together like this each year. I know Julie always looks forward to it.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Oops!
    From the looks of a certain picture guess I should made sure someone got some coffee beans. We didn’t get any in the mail here.

    Marilyn, thanks for the 2 notes that I have found so far.

    Hope all of you are having a great time. I can tell from the pictures that you were last night!!
    Hope you don’t get thrown out of your motel.

    Every thing is fine here, great chicken today.

  4. Hey, Mary! Thanks! We are having a good time. Unfortunately, I’ve been very tired today. I was glad when we arrived back at our room this afternoon. I took a nap! Sad, but true. As soon as I relax away from the kids, I get very draggy and just want to shut down and sleep! I am hoping to be up and full of energy now. We are making wind chimes. I am getting ready to start mine. We are going to have an oreo eating contest too.! :evil

    James, I miss you so much. I know, I am a wienie. I hope we can spend some time alone together soon. You are my bestest buddy. Love ya. Give the kids a kiss for me.

    Uncle Gil, Aunt Marilyn thought you’d be horrified at that picture. I think it’s cute and really hilarious! Sounds like she’s taking good care of you, even while she’s away!! :love

  5. Gil I was going to leave you more notes but I ran out of time. There are more than 2 though. So far I haven’t spent money on anything but food. We are having a lot of fun. Ok Deb, Kathryn, everyone where are you? Any updates on how Morris is doing?

  6. Ohmigosh! Y’all look like you’re having a hysterical time! I could hear the manic laughter in the background while I was just talking to Mom on the phone!

    Poor little Mom not getting any beans! Um–uh–I gotta confess…I think actually that’s my fault. Aunt Linda called here to get some of y’all’s addresses and I told her Mom didn’t like the chocolate coffee beans. So don’t lynch Linda or the mailman–it was ME! And y’all have to come a LONG way over here to get me so I’m not too scared of YOU! :moon :rotfl

    Oh and another thing–why is Jules leaving notes around for my dad? EEEEWWWWWW!

  7. oops. . . I fixed the sign on.

  8. I think y’all are just gonna have to put up with me tonite. I tried about 30 minutes ago and couldn’t get either Kel or Kathryn on the phone. Either they’re out on the town partying it up without me or they’re avoiding me. They both have caller ID! :( I guess they could be sleeping already, but doubt it.

  9. Hey ya’ll Im sooo jelious ha- ha spellin! I have been workin and then Joseph came in, I’ve missed ya’ll.WHAT FUN :cry I want to be there too. I probably could have won that oreo contest :rotfl Maybe next year. Marilyn, we thought you did’nt like the coffee beans. Morris got out of the hosp. fri. ,he’s doin good, he went to meet a friend of mine fri. evening, then they went on a date Sat., he seems to like her and vice versa. Jules I love your figurine, its lovely. Ya’ll be careful, later lovey’s

  10. Actually, I really liked the coffee beans from where Jared works because they don’t seem to be heavy on the bean part. I got my share this week-end getting into theirs. There is a little more bean in these though. We had a giggly goofy fun week-end. Kandi, and I are home now. The others should be soon. Marlis has some stuff to post too.

  11. That was me above, I forgot to change the name to protect the innocent. :angel :fish

  12. Aunt Marilyn:
    You are so much fun!
    Next year it is going to be WHAT????
    What fun can I look forward to for next year???
    Hummmm I hope it does not rain next year.


  13. I got back home at 1:40 and Rich headed home about an half hour later. I promised I would’nt call on him again for awhile. He’s getting married in Aug. the 8th. Their about thru getting plans together. I had a blast, that’s evident, since I blasted Kandi’s hair. Hee hee

  14. Do you get to go to the wedding? Is it an elopement or small.

    It sure is quiet here, no giggleing or chatter. I’m ready to go again. Marlis, glad you made it home ok and in good time. Were they suprised?
    I’m so glad every one got to come, cause if anyone is missing, it’s just not the same. :cry

  15. No, it’s a very nice church wedding. Juliannes Catholic church that she is a big part of and has been all of her life. Her parents are dead, she has a sister Nancy, and Richs family is coming in for it. We are not going. I told her that if she had it down here, Richard could still not go and for her to plan her first wedding like she would really like it. She’s glad I told her that I think.

    Yes I miss you all too. I had a blast, but ready to rest.

  16. That pouting picture is priceless!

  17. I was tired after my TRIP to the hotel and back home, it was such a long way for me to travel but I came and had a great time anyway!

  18. Poor Kandi, I know it was a tough trip for you, but I am so glad you made the sacrifice. Love ya. :fish

  19. Thank you Mel, you don’t know how much hard work went into that.

  20. Whats so funny is that Marilyn really does love the candy. Said she did’nt just siding up with Butch. We had fun with the situation.

  21. Kandi, I am sooooo jealous that you got in a nap when you went home! I wish I hadn’t been so wore out feeling this year. I hope next year I feel better going into the weekend. I am still tired this morning! It was so much fun. Wish we could do it again soon.

    Mel, I love the pouty picture too!

  22. Cool present…I hope it remains safe and sound! Glad you enjoyed the chocolate sauce. Its one of the highlights of the stay in Hermann when they bring that 9:30 p.m. cookies and ice cream dessert!

  23. and from a distance those look suspiciously like bags of pot!!!

  24. All activities were legal. I promise!

  25. Oh, the chocolate syrup was sooooooo good on the Ice cream, mmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m so glad to hear that all we did was really legal!!!!!!!!!

  26. I had planned to bring home some of Nita’s rubarb pie, but got away with out it. Jules, tell Nita I really liked her pie. It was real yummy too. :p :p :p