We need to buy a cow. . .

Jules —  March 14, 2006

We’re drinking a gallon of milk a day!

I wonder what the neighbors will think?

Who was the first guy that looked at a cow and said,” I think that I’ll drink whatever comes out of those things when I squeeze them?รขโ‚ฌย Calvin & Hobbes



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  1. That is nice Kandi, hope I live up to it. Or maybe she’s trying to tell me something. :( :eek

  2. When we were Missionaries in the Phillippines we did not have any fresh milk as there were no milk cows from island to island. We ate fresh rice ceral with lots of sugar and powdered milk every morning. Our kids(James and Christie) were very good about it. :indeed

  3. Hey everyone.
    I extended my contract at the same hospital I am at now, until 7/29. That way Sarah can perform in her recital for tap and ballet. I am off May 11-16th! Ya’ll know what that means!
    Aaron’s birthday is May 15, so plan a big party. He’s only had party’s with us, poor thing.
    Auntie Kathryn be nice to my sissy.
    Love ya

  4. When we came home to America we worked for a dairy farmer. Richard and I milked over 100 cows every morning and evening. Of course not by hand but milking machines. One of the blessings was we got free milk every day. We drank milk like water. Ice cold milk!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. When gpa Linford was selling milk most of the cows were done by hand, but gpa did have I know one milking machine and it did help. When we were around, we’d milk cause gpa could wash off the udders and get them on the machine. Otherwise he had to do it all. I don’t remember if gma helped him milk or not, she did do the separating.

  6. Deb, can you believe this crap, I can’t believe these people really think Im mean to you , law- law :cry

  7. Yea, Trish gets to be on vacation!!!!!!I hope I get to also. Don’t know where this road is leading. I know who does though. :worship
    You don’t realize how much you value something til you can’t have it. Drink milk!!!!
    We’ll have to plan a party for Aaron, catch him up.
    Kathy, you don’t have a mean bone in ya, do ya?
    Kandi, nice quote. :indeed

  8. Dear Everyone,
    Please pray for Chris and my neice in NY. She has 4 children ages 7yrs to 5months. Yesterday her apartment burned down because she accidentally left a candle burning on the TV as she took a shower, the 4 yr old got curious and dropped the candle. She heard the alarms and saved all the kids with the living room full of fire while just in a towel. She lost everything. She is young and alone. Her name is Lori. Thank you God that we aren’t going to funerals!
    I love all of you!

  9. How awful, that poor girl. Thank GOD they are all right. Prayers will be coming from this house.

  10. God is good :worship :worship! So happy to hear
    everything is o.k.
    We may not always be nice to each other but we do have alot of fun!”Ya’ll are just poop heads,”Kathryn said that :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl
    from : Kathryn,Kelli & Deb too

  11. Marilyn,I believe that you are the one,that sent me the e-mail,that had all of these patriotic songs on it.I really loved it,but I deleted it by mistake.I know there was a lot more on it than just somgs.If you still have it,would you please e-mail it to me again.Thank you.I am so sorry to hear about that terrible fire.I am so glad that nobody was burned.They are in our prayers.

  12. Trish, I’m thankful your niece and her little ones are OK–how scary! Does she have a place to stay now?

    I’m glad your contract was renewed there in Baltimore–I knew we’d be more likely to see you this spring for “you-know-what” if you stayed there. We’ll start planning a big ol’ party for Aaron!

    Aunt Kathryn, I forgot to thank you before we left Kelli’s last night. Thank you for my beautiful new earrings. I’m gonna wear to them to church this a.m. {{{HUG}}}
    You all should see her new collection of earrings she made–very beautiful…I had a hard time picking which ones I liked best!

  13. Oh, Trish, how awful, just think of all the things she lost, but they can be replaced, Thank God she was able to get everyone out. Candles are so easy to forget, I know I really have to be careful. We will be praying for her & children.
    Did Chris go to New York to help her, is she with family ????????

    I hope everyone will also pray for Gil as we go to Columbia on Mon. to see the Cardiologist, hope it isn’t bad news. We are also expecting a snowstorm or sleet & rain Mon. :disgust

  14. The red cross is putting her in a hotel for 2 weeks until her new apartment is ready. Can you imagine 4 kiddo’s in a hotel room? :banghead
    Chris’ mom and his 2 brothers live in the same town, the one brother being her father. Chris’ mom took home 2 big bags of laundry from Lori’s house the night before the fire. She said she never does that but wanted to help her get caught up. So at least now they have some clothes of their own. The 4 yr old Savannah that started the fire is very traumatized. Chris and I are going to try to go up soon. As Sarah and Savannah like to play together.
    I will pray for Dad tommorrow. I know he is anxious.

  15. We will all be thinking about Gil and praying for him, Mon.

  16. Trish, the girls have a lot of clothes. There almost all hand me downs but they are in good shape. I could go through them and send a few. What are the ages of her girls?

  17. Trish, Im very sorry for Chris’s neice,let her know we’re all praying for them a place soon. Let us know if there’s anything we can do. Jules Kelli and Deb got some pics. of Dimitri last night, their going to send them,ya’ll are gona see the prettiest little man!!!! :baby ๐Ÿ˜€ later all.

  18. Oh, that poor little girl. I hope they can help her so she don’t carry around guilt all her life. I’m so thankful none of them was hurt, so she won’t have that to live with. :worship

  19. There was a family from our church in the past, who were hit by the tornado around north of us last week. They didn’t know a tornado was comming till they saw the horse trailer fly by the window. They tried to get to safety, but think they got caught in the house. The mom was hanging on to one son when he said I can’t hang on any longer. They found him 2hrs later under the house rubble alive with a head wound. They all escaped alive w/diff. hurts but going to be OK. They lost everything else. :worship

  20. I sent Chris some money to give to his niece. She needs it a lot worse then me right now. I thought I had lost everything when Tommy died. But I found that had I lost him and all the gifts he gave me, the pictures of us and him, then I would have lost everything. Pictures and the cards he had given me through the years, kept me together. I can only imagine how she feels. :cry

  21. It’s the sentimental things that I couldn’t stand to lose. They are irreplaceable. I hate the thought of losing my china and photos and memorabilia.

  22. That’s what I was referring too. It may not have sounded like it, but yes, little insignificant things you keep. Those can never be replaced. Your pics, kids drawings,etc. The list is priceless.

  23. Hi All, We just got back from Jasmines birthday party, she’s 11 today.She decided she wanted to pick out her own clothes for her birthday. She loves to shop and it made it easier on me. Henry’s family was all there too, so we had a houseful. His dad grilled Mexican steak on the grill. It was good.

  24. Thank you all for your prays and gifts. We are going up soon to assess the situation and hopefully help her out. Chris and I took a few pictures of her and the kids so maybe we can start a photo album for her. Aaron wanted to give all his clothes to them. Her daughters are 7,4 and 5 months. Her son is 3. The 3 and 4 yr olds are big for their ages. So if they need clothes I’ll let ya know.
    Sure does make me feel different about how I look at my family and “stuff”.
    Happy birthday Jasmine :birthday
    love ya’ll

  25. I keep my pictures in the closet nearest the front door so in case of a fire maybe we can get to them. I’m sure Lori will be glad you are there to help her out.

    Happy Birthday Jasmine. :birthday :birthday
    My Land, 11 yrs. old!!! How did that happen!!! They grow up so fast.

  26. Jasmine, I hope you had a wonderful :birthday. My they are growing up fast. I just can’t keep up with all the little one’s.
    Hope you got everything your little :loveheart desired.

  27. Jasmine, :birthday Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday surrounded by lots of people who love you!

  28. Good idea about pictures by the door! :indeed
    We are praying for Gil and eager to hear good news. Does everyone have smoke alarms in their houses? I’m gonna put new batteries in ours.

  29. I have a post prepared for tomorrow. Once I get all the pics I’ll post the ones ya’ll sent, too! I know it’s time for a new post.

    Lydia, Jessica and James were up all night puking. I am sleepy today! Bless James’ heart, he went to work this morning anyway. It’s hard for him to take time off. I was hoping he’d be home early but he’s still there. Maybe he’ll come home soon.

    I was supposed to go to jury duty today. They won’t let me out of it! There’s no way I’m leaving four kids (two puking) to go to jury duty. I couldn’t go last time either (a few weeks ago). All the girls were home from school and James was too busy. I am supposed to go next Monday, now. When I worked I didn’t mind doing jury duty but now I hate to have James watch the kids and try to work from home so I can drive into the heart of the big city. This has stressd me out so much! Please say a prayer for me!

    I guess I’ll have to buck up and just do it. :cry

    I hope everyone’s doing well. I need to check my fire alarm batteries too.

  30. Oh and :birthday JASMINE!!!

    Shopping is sooo fun! :indeed

  31. I will have to keep stuff near the front door.
    I do have a big fireproof/water proof safe that most of my valuables are in. I have some pictures in there.

  32. We just got home from seeing the Cardiologist, and he said that the stress test showed that there MAY be a blockage somewhere in one of Gil’s veins but the only way to find out is with a angioscope, which is a small tube run up to the heart and squirt dye there to see if there is a blockage in any of his veins or arteries. We will do this on Thurs. morning around 9:30. So we will be praying that there is no blockage. He has felt fine, no symptoms so I am not expecting any big blockage. Thanks for all your prayers. It started sleeting right after we got home. Am thankful it didn’t snow while we were gone.
    :worship :worship :worship

  33. I’ll pray too that there is no blockage. Hope Thursday comes quickly for you.

  34. We will keep praying Marilyn. Thursday will be here before you know it.
    I just got back from listening to Regan Graverson sing for two hours. Tara, Henry, Jasmine and Butch went too. The place was standing room only and she sings beautiful. In case you don’t know her ,her parents are great childhood friends of Kathy and I. She’s Kathy age and they have always stayed great friends. She is living in Nashville and working on a carreer as a singer/songwriter. Shes’s also a great musician, plays violin(fiddle), piano, guitar,etc. I hope she goes far, I love her music, voice, and songs.
    I told Tara to get your blog on Julie, so jasmine can read her Birthday Greetings.

  35. Marilyn and Gil, you are definitly not alone in this we are all here for ya’ll, we love you guy’s. :worshipLinda Im glad you all got to hear Regan, does’nt she have a heavenly voice ? She’s so talented but things move so slow for her I know if she could get a good break she would be really big with the people and such a little doll, and a good christian girl. Kelli, did you send Jules those pic’s ? Please say yes. Happy late birthday sweet Jasmine :birthday. later all I love ya’ll.

  36. We have a friend near here, who is 19yrs old, and he can play 28 instruments. He has been putting on a Country music show near here on Tues. nights, then he goes to Ill. for a show on the week-ends. In Dec. he will start touring with Trisha Yearwood. We will hate to see him leave but happy he is doing well. We will be listening for your friend to hit it big.

  37. Thank you Kathy, Linda,Deb, Kelli, Jules, Kandi& every one for your prayers. :flowers

  38. thank you for saying happy birthday to me! I had a great Birthday.I got 244 dollars!!!!!!! I can’t wait to go shopping !!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ jasmine

  39. Jasmine,
    You will look like a Diva with all that money.
    Better save some for later ๐Ÿ˜€ ! College will be here before you know it!

  40. Aunt Kelli

  41. Aunt Kelli,

  42. Sorry about that.Anyways,Aunt Kelli I can’t wait to go shopping. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ It will be so much fun!!! ;)I miss ya’ll a lot!!! :cry

  43. oops I forgot to say bye.