weekend update- part 2

Jules —  June 17, 2006


Please forgive me for these gooberish posts. I feel the need to share our stupidity.

This was the licking stage. All the icing had to first be licked off.

Cookie dipping stage.

Mom began to choke. There wasn’t much concern.

Kandi got sprayed on the back of her head from milk coming from Tootsie’s nose! All the milk had to be drank. Mom won and Punky came in second! Kandi was last cuz she nearly peed her pants.

“Think what a better world it would be if we all, the whole world, had cookies and milk about three o’clock every afternoon and then lay down with our blankies for a nap.” Robert Fulghum



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  1. Those are priceless! I can’t stop giggling! Connor just came in to see what I was laughing about. I showed him yourlovely cookie pictures. He shook his little 12 year old head and said “Okaaaaay–yeah!” I don’t think he gets our humor!

    I must say–I was expecting big chocolate Oreo smiles with chunks of cookie wedged into your teeth! But my disappointment over not seeing that was rewarded by Tootsie’s nose milk blast picture! Kandi’s expression is hilarious! :rotfl :rotfl

    Oh, and Jules, how conveeeenient that you as photographer had to miss out on being in the contest and the pictures! Uh-huh! I noticed your absence there! :p

  2. Christa Ballew-Matthews June 17, 2006 at 9:17 pm

    Is this much fun legal? Where is you gals chaparone?

    It was great meeting you all today. Hope the rest of your weekend is fun. πŸ˜‰

  3. And what’s up with Aunt Tootsie? It looks like her gown was already slopping wet before the contest even started! Was that drool from having to pose with a cookie on her tongue?! hee hee Just teasing, Auntie…you know I love you! :love

    Until seeing these pictures, I never realized how much you all look alike until you stick an OREO in your hand!

  4. Hey, where’s Gma Dorothy? Wouldn’t y’all share the Oreos with her?

  5. Hey,
    What’s going on over there. Must be a fix going on!!! Who bought off the judge “aka Jules”? How could Marilyn not beat someone choking?
    Marilyn aka “Punky” has apparently been secretly practicing for this contest for the past 2 weeks. There is no other explanation for the fact that I have turned the house upside down several times and have been unable to locate any Oreo cookies here. Just for that I ate all of the chips and ice cream!!!
    Glad you are having a great time, hope all have a safe trip home. Will be keeping the light on.

  6. I went in to wash the makeup of the day off my face and the sink was so far back from the edge, that it looked like I took a shower in my house dress in stead of just washing my face.

    Marilyn was laughing so hard at all the three of us, she could’nt hardly eat or drink.

    Iand Nita were laughing so hard we got chocked at different times.

  7. Oh my gosh! You are so adorable! That’s hilarious!

  8. Those are hilarious pictures! I am giggling just looking at everyone obviously cracking up. Looks like fun. Who came up with the rules for the contest? And is that a DISHWASHER in your hotel room??????

  9. Yes, we had a dishwasher but if you put dishes in it and started it the unit ran and ran and ran and ran. It never would shut off. Something was wrong with the dishwasher. But it sure did clean the dishes.

  10. Hey Mel, I’ve missed you!

    Punky came up with the rules. I guess there’s a cute commercial that she patterend our competition after.

  11. Aww, thanks Jules! I’ve missed being in on the blogging world! Hopefully, now that I’m not in school anymore I can stay more in touch!

  12. It looks like you all had fun. Who came up with the idea?? I would use the idea with our youth except Iam sure some don’t like milk. :puke
    As for Richard and me we love the stuff and every one loves Oreo Cookies. :fish

  13. Lets try that again!!!!
    I meant to have the happy face πŸ˜€ cause WE really do LIKE Oreo Cookies. :indeed

  14. It was Punky’s idea. She saw it on a commercial. Oreo cookies are yummy. What’s not to like. And I love milk and cookies.

  15. Oh and I should also mention how blessed I am to have such a fun loving family. You all are so creative and so giving. I think being silly is so good for the soul. You all are very theraputic for me!

  16. For some odd reason I think we’re all good for each other. I know I sure had one heck of a good time. Can’t wait till next year.

  17. You ladies are indeed silly! Good to see you all having fun.

  18. Thanks Carl, The first time we did this, was years ago, flying out to Arizona to visit Daddy and Dorothy. We were in a dinky mining town w/ 1 dinky old, dirty, dank, dreary, motel :eek :cry. I had stayed there with my husband before on a trip and knew what to expect. We bought lysol, bleach, and ajax and cleaned and laughed and giggled and was afraid of keeping everyone up, but could’nt help having a blast. It was a trip to visit daddy and we never will forget it. So we invite Dorothy every year and us girls want to keep up memories of having fun and being together. I am so happy and pleased with all of my family and personally do not know of another family that can enjoy each other as much as mine. Us six each year is just a small portion. WE LOVE EACH OTHER AND ENJOY EACH OTHER.

  19. Well I don’t see that Kelli has been on the blog so I’ll spill the beans—Audrie and Brian are at the hospital and we’re hoping that we’ll have another baby in the family by morning! So pray that all goes well tonite! We’re so excited!!!

    Aunt Linda and Uncle Butch are here too. They arrived today and will be here til Wed. Weren’t they nice to come over here during their vacation?! We swam and had dinner out at Kel’s tonite. Not exactly a girls weekend, but we all enjoyed hanging out! OOHHH and we each got a big bag of chocolate coffee beans! Sorry, Mom–I guess you’re the only one not to. I’ll bring some to share in July if you’ve decided you like them now!

  20. Gavin Keifer C. was just born a little bit before 6 a.m.!!! 6 # 5 oz. Blondish hair Congrats to Audrie and Brian and to grandparents Kel and Al.

    :birthday Happy BIRTH day to Gavin!!! :birthday

  21. Congratulations Kelly and Alex ;)and to Grt Gma Vera. πŸ˜€

  22. Welcome, Gavin, :birthday Welcome to this wonderful, nutty, humerous, loud laughing, family.
    Congratulations to Great Gma Vera, Gma & Gpa Alex & Kellie, GGgma , & GGGpa, and to Brian & Audrie. :worship Thank You Lord for the safe arrival.

  23. We just had breakfast with Kelli and Al at Cracker Barrel and got to see pictures of Gavin. He’s so sweet. They were headed home to bed.

    So so sorry Marilyn, I didn’t think about you being the only one not to get them, I really thought neither you nor Gil liked them. Now I will forever have to live with that unforgetably, sad face forever in my mind. How will I live with myself? If you are going to see Deb in July I’ll leave some extra here with her , but I don’t have two pounds left. I wish I could be at the girls party, maybe sometime! Looks like you had lots of fun. Sorry we haven’t commented much, we’ve been up in the mountains andout in the woods, even my phone didn’t work. Love ya

  24. In the mountains and in the woods sounds so peaceful. I bet you hated to leave, didn’t you? Yes, Linda, I just don’t know how you will manage to live with yourself, leaving me out like that and I don’t know if I’ll ever get over it either. :cry

    The truth is we over dramatized just a tiny little bit. :rolleyes If you leave any for me, make it snack bag size, ziplock. Ok, I just like one now and then. Hope you have had a really restful trip. Love ya

  25. What a lively bunch! Coffee beans and Oreo’s should be an illegal drug in those quantities! Linda made us some cappecino (sp?) and it made Mama throw up it was too strong for her empty stomach. It helped me stay awake all night to meet my little Gavin. He’s nursing and healthy, Mama said it was like her birth with Tootsie, exhausted and the cord wrapped around his neck but all is o.k. I woke up to see the pool full of red people and Alexis said it sure is nice to have Aunt Linda and Kathy and Debbie here they’re so much fun. Guess it runs in the family!

  26. I’m sure she meant to say Butch too!He is a character!

  27. See, you all did end up with a Girls extended week-end after-all, with the added bonus of a new member of the family. Now I wish I was there with you all too. :cry :cry :cry

  28. Come on down! Ya’ know we love the company.

  29. And we’ll share some chocolate coffee beans too! :p

  30. I forgot to say :birthday Tuesday to Beth. Hope you had a real nice day Beth.

  31. Oh, so many Birthdays to remember. And Julies is the 24th I think. :birthday :band I hope you have a real swinging :birthday Jules.

    Beth hope yours was one to remember also. :birthday BELATED. LOVE YA.

    Deb, email me about where Gavin was born, and anything else I need to know. I also need their address. Thanks sweetie.

  32. Me too!!!!!!!!I have to send to Jeri for family tree. πŸ˜‰

  33. Happy Late Birthday to you, Beth. :birthday

    And Happy Birthday today to you, Julie :birthday :band Hope you’re having a special day with your family.

  34. Thanks Debbie. My birthday is tomorrow. I am really looking forward to it.

  35. Oops a day early. Sorry, I’ve never had to apologize for being early–I’m always late! Hope you have a great day, cuz’–enjoy your day with your 4 little sweeties (and the bigger one too!)