welcome aunt kathryn!

Jules —  February 20, 2006

My Aunt Kathryn, mom’s little sister, discovered my blog on Saturday and has become an instant addict! I hope my mom and all her sisters can start commenting regularly. (I know several of you already do!) It’d be great! I could just put my blog on auto pilot and let the commenting fury begin!!!! I am proud to be a part of such a great family. Y’all are so fun, creative and energetic!


We are leaving today to stay overnight at an indoor waterpark! The kids have today and tomorrow off from school and James has a little space in his schedule. I can’t wait to go spend 30 hours playing with my family! The kids think we are taking them to the mall! We have so much fun surprising them. I’ll post pics later in the week!


Saturday we had a wonderful visit with Rob and Sarah. If you remember from this post, we visited Rob in Colorado last fall. We met up for the first time with fellow blogger, Sarah! Well, apparently the sparks flew and Rob and Sarah have become one hot ticket! They flew in for the weekend to give Sarah and Rob’s family a chance to meet. Undoubtedly, they are very happy as Sarah is a great catch for Rob! And vice versa I’m sure!

I feel so honored that we were there when Rob and Sarah first laid eyes on each other and maybe this is a stretch, but I like to think we helped their meeting take place! We all agree that the girls were great ice breakers.


Aren’t they super duper cute!!! How fun!

Before Rob and Sarah arrived the girls kept running around the house singing, “Rob and Sarah sitting in a tree K I S S I N G!” They were so excited. Lydia made some notes and valentines for Rob and Sarah. In one of her notes she wrote something like, “To Rob and your wife”. Hmmmmm. . .

“Love isn’t finding a perfect person. It’s seeing an imperfect person perfectly.”



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  1. I love that picture of Rob and Sarah!

    We sure had a great time Saturday evening.

  2. Hi, Rob and Sarah, Im aunt Kathy/ Kathryn. You two are adoreable.I think its true guys Im addicted to this now, look out everyone Im here to stay! Ive been painting this morn. and making earrings,washing ,cleaning the kitchen,and cheching this site many times .I havent heard from many of you, gitter done! Sorry abit of southern tacky.I,ll be back soon to check the blog ,you know I willand I want to hear from all. love me , you know who.

  3. Did you notice Kathryn, I threw in a ‘y’all’ in my post just for my sweet southern aunt!

  4. How cute!! Love the pic of Rob and Sarah. Keep us posted on them. We all have inquiring minds and need to know. . .

    I love the quote Jules. That is so very true. That’s a keeper.

    Have fun at TGWL tonight and tomorrow. Go down a slide and scream really loud and think of me. Sounds like a blast!

  5. Indoor water park, WoW, I wanna go too. I was always afraid of water until just the last 2 or3 years and now I love going swimming every day.

    Rob and Sarah, you are a really cute looking couple.

    Hey, again Kathryn, I’m so glad you are here to stay. Can’t wait to see what creations you are coming up with in the earring dept. Maybe I should make up a batch and bring them up to create some competition. 😀

  6. Hmmmmm…..I was wondering when I saw your post earlier mentioning Rob and Sarah in the same sentence, wondering if this was the same Sarah you all met in CO. Rob and Sarah, you all look so happy! :flowers

    Wow…Kathryn, Lookie…you got mentioned in the Main Blog entry.

    Julie, I didn’t even notice the y’all till you pointed it out. That’s how us folks talk so it’s just nat’ral,y’know whut I mean. 😉

  7. Deb, you’re so funny. Love ya. :love

  8. Jules I have always loved water, I have alot of great memories in the water, we all love Kelli,s and Alex,s pool but sadly we don,t play in it as much as we all would like. Oh, Deb did ya here we un,s was gonna hav some comnee a comin soon? Im as happy as a possom in a tree,a hangin up side down,ye huh, reckin I better go fer now my one rite index finger is a gettin tird and cowd. lov to ye all Aunt Kathryn. later

  9. Marilyn, you do need to bring some of your earrings too, Id love to see some more of your creations.Moma just cll to chat awhile, she is so eager to see that new movie out of Johnny Cash, I think its call I walked the line. Maybe we should buy it for her when its released. later all Kathryn.

  10. YEE HAW, Y’LL. Now you all know baby sis (kathy)

    Jules, have a little splash for me too> Lake is cold.

    Rob you picked a little beauty, your a nice looking couple. Good luck.

  11. Tootsie I just love you ,yee huh, I rekin Im aliitle bit on the funny side, I prefer to think of my self as unique it sounds better to me than the way some people discribe me.You still havent told us what we have planned for are celebration. I would like every one that is coming to let us know, we are so excited.We are gonna have a rael good time in Tn. Oh sometimes Deb refers to me as Princess, which is alright with me, I have no ideal why.ha ha. later all, Ill be back very soon.

  12. Kathy we love you and glad you are finally using that computer. We are’nt making fun of you. Just the way you picked up the talk and I think it’s :cool. Read your email, I’m sending you a message.

  13. Tootsie, you know I have lived in the south for 32 yr,s, people can,t tell that I was,nt born here.People here make fun of my southern country accent. Iknow your not making fun of me, you love me,and I love you . The Dr`s all make fun of me but thank goodness they know Im smarter than I sound. later ,love to all.

  14. Have fun, D Family! We loved going to GWL with Tori and Liz a couple of years ago. I know your kiddos loved it when you went too. Now that Baby can go also it will be a blast.

    Rob and Sarah look so wonderful together. Great picture. Now I have the K-I-S-S-I-N-G song in my head (thanks so much, Jules).

  15. Well, well. Weren’t we busy today. Some of us had to go to work!
    Gotta go watch the olympics…I’m addicted…Makes me want to skate around and do twirls all the time!!!
    Love y’all

  16. Ihave to work tomarrow so Iwon,t be on so much, but look out wed. I`ll be back. We just got home from Kiki`s and Justin`s he cooked ribs out on the grill, they were so good.Dimitri kept us all entertained, he is such a sweet happy baby. I have to go get in the shower now talk to you all tommarow night. love ya .

  17. Oh yeh Im goning to go do some twirls before I get in the shower. by by.

  18. You guys are so boring, I did four twirls and six twizzles already today. I’m also the only one in the family who speaks normally.But I still love y’all. Hope you have fun at the waterpark Julie. I love waterparks, we’ve been to quite a few of them. I climbed to the top of a platform, grabbed the cable, and swung out over the pool, clear to the end and plopped right down, nearly to the bottom of the pool. It took me awhile to surface. Yes, I did that once!!!! :cryNever again. I can’t even swim! Good Night.

  19. Me, well I’m just fizzled. Good Night.

  20. Jules, we had a fabulous evening with you and the family. I loved hanging out with your kids and, of course, you and James- can’t wait to do it again! (And thanks for the photos!)

  21. I love singing the Great Wolf lodge theme. “You’ll have a ball ( at the great wolf, at the great wolf lodge…)

  22. Oh Gross :puke , kissy stuff!!! :rotfl

    So sad we missed you guys on Saturday. Hopefully next time!

    I am so looking forward to pics/post of your Great Wolf Lodge day. I’m sure you all are having a ball right now and I’m really happy for you!

  23. Linda, Julie usually sets the pace of something to talk about, with a post, but always says we’re welcome to change the subject.

  24. Ok guys Im home for lunch and to let the boy,s out for their PM BM .I see some of you have chimmed in. Well I have to go back and take care of the sick at the hosp. What would they do with out me ,Oh I have to take care of the patients too. later .

  25. Just so y’all know, Kathryn really does come home at lunch to let the dogs out. That’s just part of her work day routine. She didn’t come home from work just to check the blog…..um, at least I don’t THINK so. 😀

  26. Jules, hope you all are having a blast at the water park–looking forward to seeing pics. I bet the girls will be worn out and will sleep well tonite.

  27. I wonder if Julie took the computer with her, she said she was able to, but I’ll bet she just left us here “Home Alone.” Hope you all are having a blast. Bet the girls were suprised when they found out they were going to a Water Park.
    Trish how are you doing with your twirls, you to Linda. Wouldn’t it be fun if we could all compete on the twirls together. I’ll have to have my “BOOTS” on. They are getting dusty as I have gotten to wear them since Dec. :cry

  28. James took his computer for work related things. It’s his office. I admit I checked on things, but wouldn’t let myself comment! We just got back. :cry I could’ve stayed and played for a few more hours, but the little ones were so tired they couldn’t stop crying. Will post a few pics later.

  29. I just wrote this long note and it disappeared and I had to start over! I love Marilyn’s comment
    Jules left us home alone! We love Wet and Wild but
    we are going to Destin, FL the first of April. Erin is in 12th grade and Alexis 10th grade.Scott and Amber are planning a wedding around the end of May. Audrie’s baby will be here in June! I love you all very much!

  30. I don’t know how to make the faces come up in my
    notes! I’m sad. Now how do I do it. I taught Kathryn to get on here though!

  31. That is such a nice pic of them…awwww…

    And hope you’ve had tons of fun at the park with your family!

  32. June will be here before we no it! How exciting. Does she know what she’s going to have? I didn’t know about Scott and Amber’s wedding! Big things are happening!

    Thanks, Ciera. We had a totally terrific time!

  33. Once you have started a sentence, you can click on the icons. Than you have to place your curser back next to it to start writing again. Hi Kelli, glad to see ya here. Visit more often. Love ya’s.

  34. Kelli, the icons don’t work when you click onto them? A word comes up 1st, then when you click “Say it” they appear. Where is Scott getting Married? This is news to me too. Wonderful.
    Glad you had a good time Julie.

  35. Trish, I just watched Kemmi M. skate on the Olympics, she did a great job. No mistakes. I bet her parents are proud. :indeed

  36. ;)Sasha Conan(sp?) got the gold I wanted to see it and I fell asleep. Moma has been glued to the Olympics and keeps everyone posted. Audrie is having a boy named Gavin Keiffer Cordell. Scott and Amber moved to Texas and will get married in the Catholic church there. Scott has been taking classes to be a Catholic. We are glad he is studying the bible! Hopefully it will develop a relationship with Jesus. The Word of God does not return void! I don’t want him to be puffed up but to know Jesus. PRAY! :worshipsoon to be Scott!

  37. I’ll be praying for Scott.

    A little boy. How wonderful!

    Thanks for the updates!

  38. I’m so glad you had so much fun! Cute picture too! They do make a cute couple, don’t they! Can you believe we didn’t take one picture at our house? Then again I was sick; I guess it makes sense that I wasn’t exactly feeling up for documentation of my sickly face!

  39. You must be feeling better to be blogging. I hope you make a full recovery quickly!

  40. 😉 sounds like you all had a great time!

    man, reading about your exploits makes me want to do some traveling soon.. i think my birthday trip to DC will be cancelled so i need to think of something else. .. maybe chicago..

  41. Jules, Scott is Kelli’s son, who is getting married soon, not a little boy. Or did I read your note wrong.

  42. I love little mini-adventures. The kids are getting old enough now that we can do it and have a great time! It’s really fun.

    Angela, I definitely think you need to treat yourself to an adventure!

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