We’re off the floor!

Jules —  June 10, 2006

If you’ve been reading this blog over the past year, you may remember this post about our new king size mattresses. Well I’ve been waiting, wishing and hoping for a king size bed frame for over a year. Our mattresses have been on the floor. It makes getting in and out of bed easy, but I don’t think it had a very comfy, homey feel.

As you know, I love garage sales. The girls and I have been going weekly and their stuffed animal collections have grown by leaps and bounds! I’ve found a few little treasures but Friday morning I received a big payoff!!!! I consider this buy a gift from God so I have to give him the credit for this one. I purchased a solid oak, king size bed! It is only a year old and I wiped it down with polish and couldn’t find a single nick or scratch. It matches our oak entertainment center and James’ oak computer desk perfectly. I only paid 90 bucks for my pretty new bed!

I completely cleaned my bedroom today from floor to ceiling. It looks so nice and feels so comfortable–just like a real bedroom.

I ran up the door, closed the stairs, said my pajamas and put on my prayers, turned off the bed and hopped in the light, all because you kissed me goodnight”



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  1. Ohhh I am so happy for you and James. Now doesnt that make you feel better getting a find like that?
    It is so pretty. Enjoy! 😀 :band

  2. Great!!!!What a buy :eek Your bedroom looks so nice. I love the curtains and shades like you have them.
    I wish I could go to garage sales like I used too. Some day I will.

  3. Julie! How devine! Don’t you just love the feelin of a great deal and Gods blessin, love it. 😀 :band Joe and I got a neat head board for one of our guest bedrooms not long ago for like 10 bucks, cool!Dyou feel real high up? Did you see my post about Joe’s cuz Carolyn? Im wondering where she’s at ,Carolyn are you there? Come join us ! later lovey’s :p

  4. It seems sooooo big and high up! I feel like a queen in my king size bed! I’ve been waiting for a good deal. Didn’t want to buy one new and spend more. This is just perfect. I can’t believe the oak stain matches the other furniture so well.

    I made those curtains a few years back. I really like them. Thanks!

    Ten bucks. . . now that’s a real deal!!

    Hello Carolyn! We would love for you to join us. The more the merrier!!!

  5. Elaina was napping. Doesn’t she look so sweet and little. Lydia’s cat Max suddenly decided he likes lying on our bed now. He lives at the shop and comes and stays weekends with us.

  6. Your new Bed Room looks beautiful!!!! Iam sure you feel like a queen on a :king size bed. Our God is awsome to His kids.

  7. I knew you would like it and be happy for me! :love

  8. I like your curtains too, and you think you aren’t talented. I really get a high from a bargain, better than any ole drug. The bed looks really nice, and I like the style. Sleeping babies are so precious. Looks like there is room for a crowd there, especially on a stormy night, when all the kidos might be scarred. I love our :king size bed. :cool

  9. Carolyn, are you the one with the grey dogs? Weimerwimers? I know I butchered the name. Welcome to the blog, we’ll keep the light on for ya.

  10. Yeah, Elaina gets in bed on James’ side every morning between 3 and 5am and sleeps there the rest of the night. Last night it thundered real loud and Anjelia came running into our bedroom crying and snuggled with me the rest of the night. The big girls get to take an occasional turn staying up late with us and sleeping in our bed. And of course whoever happens to be sick camps with us too. A king size bed was one of our best purchases ever!!! We need the space!

  11. Congrats on the bed Jules!
    Aaron ran full speed into the door frame today. The frame is fine, just kidding, Aaron is fine. I put ice on his head and stayed with him until the tears stopped then we all left the room. I heard Sarah crying and went back in, she was balling her head off saying nobody liked her anymore.
    Where the heck did that come from?
    And the baby isn’t even here yet….
    Why do girls think that? Aaron has never worried about that.

  12. Well I must say if Sarah was a boy, instead of thinking no one liked her, she may have either plowed HER head into the door frame so she could get attention too OR smacked Aaron for hitting his head in the first place! I’m not putting boys down…that’s just the responses my boys give to each other. Gotta love ’em! :rotfl :rotfl

  13. Oh, and Julie…thumbs up! You did good, girl. :band You rock at garage saling! This is what happens when you get garage saling instead of getting distracted by chain gangs?! :p :p :p

  14. Wow! The bed looks so pretty! It does match your other furniture, very elegant! I bet you feel like your bedroom is finally coming together.

    We would love to have a king size bed but alas if we did we would walk in our bedroom and have to jump on the bed and walk across it to get to the closet or bathroom. None of our dresser drawers would open. I’m not complaining though. I feel happy where we are in our little house with our add-on. I feel blessed here.

    I’m happy for you and your new bed. What a deal! I love garage saling!!!

  15. You have a queen though doncha?

    I was glad to get into something bigger than our full size. The kids really made it feel crowded!

    I like your house too. It’s very comfy. It’s one of the very few places I can take the kids and I can actually relax. I love your home!!!

  16. I just gotta share something that is totally off-subject but still about great finds. Connor got a metal detector for his birthday. Steve and he were playing around with it this week at Steve’s parents’ new place here in town and found a silver charm bracelet. It was about 3 inches deep in the dirt and had 2 charms, each with a child’s profile charm with name and birth dates etched in them (1959 and 1963. I just contacted the former owners who moved across the state from here, and she said it was hers. She was so thrilled and couldn’t wait to see it, but didn’t know why it would have been in the yard. She asked if we found a third charm as they had 3 children so we’ll have to go back and scan some more to see if it’s nearby. I just thought that was so cool!

  17. So Connor has a new job of reuniting people with their jewels. Way Cool.

  18. Hey, that’s a great story! Did she say how long it had been missing?

    Great job Connor! :indeed

  19. That is one cool story. I have always wanted a metal detector, but don’t know why I just keep wanting and never go get one. That is so neat to reunite someone with something they lost. Maybe someday Conner will finally find something nice he can keep :evil :(

  20. Jules:
    I made a long commment about my day today! on Tizzy.

  21. Jules, the lady said she didn’t remember how or when the bracelet got lost–in fact, she hardly remembered having one at first. But the more I described it, the more excited she got.

    And I told Connor he needs to keep searching so he can find ME some jewelry!!

  22. Deb, how cool, tell Con- man I need a present too. 😀 Trish Im sorry for little Aaron, tell him I hope its all better soon. I too wonder why little girls are like that , Im sure if we think on it we would know. I just talked to linda , they left this morn. on their trip, pray for a happy ,safe trip.Justin and Kiki are gettin excited their house is under way, we went buy yesterday to see the progress,yeh!! later lovey’s

  23. OK–indulge me as I share another cool metal detector story (maybe I need to start my own blog instead of hogging Julies!). This week our church is having Vacation Bible School. Monday one of the youth helpers stepped on a rusty nail in the preschool play yard and it went through her shoe and a bit into her foot. She had to get a tetanus shot and anti-biotics. Then next morning a preschooler found a rusty nail and gave it to his teacher.
    This morning before the kids all arrived, Steve and the boys scanned the play yard with the metal detector and found 29 rusty roofing nails! Most of them were just laying in the grass, not buried. We had our church reroofed early this year and those nails have been out there for over 6 months while preschoolers play out there 2-4 days a week. It was a pure miracle that none of them have gotten hurt! :worship

    I can’t believe I rolled my eyes when Connor said he wanted a metal detector…and then again when Steve got him one! :oops

  24. Sounds like a handy dandy lil gadget to have around, Deb.

    Trish, how is Aaron’s lil noggen. Hope he don’t have a goose egg there. I suspect he’ll dodge those door posts from now on, they don’t move.

  25. I just had my house roofed. Tell Conner to be here this weekend.

  26. How about July–we’ll be in town then!

  27. Hi everyone,
    I’m makining that burrito dish Jules, looks great!
    We have always had a king size bed, the kids have piled in on storms or just any occasion, can’t live without it. But your find is amazing,
    right place, right time :worship thank God!
    Al’s brother’s veins collapsed from the surgery he had in Feb. All the places repaired collapsed and has to be stinted if that fails they will do the same surgery again as before. His veins are very small, they say it’s genetics.
    He will have procedures start after 2pm on Thurs.
    His doctor said he’s been doing this for a while and can count on one hand how often this happens.

  28. ps. Audrie has walked on the treadmill uphill and around her block many times uphill and the baby is not ready to come. Doc says anytime now! We thought the full moon would do it but no.

  29. Debbie, you’re not hogging my blog. I enjoy your comments so much. I like your stories.

    I can see how the metal detector could be addicting! Especially when you start saving small children from harm and finding long lost treasures! Sounds very princely! Keep us updated on all Connor’s chivalrous acts.

  30. I need Audrie’s address. Guess I’ll send an e-mail request. Bless her heart, that last jog of pregnancy seems like an eternity. I’ll be praying for her. What an exciting albeit difficult time.

  31. Hey Deb:
    Yeah. Tell him to bring it. NO, I am just teasing. It sounds cool.
    I will see you all in July!

  32. Speaking of off the floor, I bet that carpet could use a good steam cleaning…

  33. I am waiting. . . I’ll make you some peanut butter bars or that corn casserole stuff you like so well. You will get a high off doing our carpet. It’s covered in dark spots. :evil

    You need to get your crown molding for your cabinets so James can get that finished up.

  34. Oh that bed is just gorgeous! Nice job!!!

  35. Thanks, Mel!! Just call me queenie!

  36. I love that quote, Jules. Too funny.

  37. Ooh that’s hilarious! I missed the quote altogether until just now! I had to go back and read it!

  38. I loved that quote, too. I LOVE kisses like that! James still makes me feel that way even after 16 years. :indeed