something’s percolating!

Jules —  July 21, 2005

My auction loving mom picked up a great treasure for me Saturday. Mom and Larry frequent auctions often. It seems it’s one of their favorite things to do together. Some of their finds are amazing and they generally have a great time checking out the loot. Due to their talent for sniffing out the auctions, I now am the proud owner of my first percolator!!!!

Manning Bowman & Co percolator with cream and sugar set. The tray does not match. It was made by Hotpoint. The glass lid says Pyrex!

It appears to be about 85 years old. My clue is the 1925 date on the bottom! It came with a tray, sugar bowl and creamer. When I plugged it in, I anxiously waited for something to happen! Much to my disappointment, it did not work. I had James take a look at it last night. He discovered it needed a new fuse. There was a spare one on the inside of the base! Amazingly, It works now!!!! I need to get the mineral deposits out, but once it’s clean this puppy is going to brew me some coffee!!!

My mom has decided to collect a miniature tea set for each of the girls. Lydia has hers. A gorgeous little set that mom found and purchased for her. Saturday she really made out like a bandit with a beautiful set for Jessica. They were made in Bavaria, Germany. There’s a teapot, creamer, sugar bowl and six cups and saucers and six plates!! I need another china cabinet!!! She only paid $15 for this set. It’s a steal. They are in perfect shape and most likely antiques. I need to do some more research.

I am very thankful to have received such fun things this past week. God gives me so much more than I deserve, in so many ways. Thanks for letting me share my treasures with you. I know I can’t take them with me but I want to use my stuff to make fun memories while I’m here. Hopefully my children will love my things so much that they will be tempted to fight over them when I’m gone. (Just tempted!)

“Coffee and love are best when they are hot”German Proverb



43 responses to something’s percolating!

  1. How absolutely beautiful. That pot took my breath away. I’m jealous. With Richard and I here, we don’t need any more antiques in the house, but this makes me jealous.
    Aunt Tootsie

  2. James is so smart. How wonderful that it works. I bet the people would be sick to know that it was easily fixed. I did’nt get a ribbon on my painting, and I think Punky was more disappointed than me. She was not happy.

  3. You’re so funny!!!

    Mom said this percolator set was on the junk table and people weren’t interested in bidding on it! I’m offended!!!! She got the whole set for $6!

  4. Are you serious? No ribbon! They robbed you!!!

  5. Now I’m really offended!!!

    Shake it off, you’re good. We are proud of you.

  6. Congrats on getting more booty…I see the sale guru stuff is inherited!

  7. Booty?

    Yes, it is inherited. No doubt about it.

  8. Boots, whose Boots????????

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh you said booty.

  9. I have a nice booty.

  10. Yes you do!!!!! 😉

  11. I have nice booty’s too!!!!!!!I’m going to wear them dancing this Sat. Your coffee pot is beautiful. Vinegar will take off the lime. Heat it in the pot and let it set til mineral is soft. I’m sure you already knew that. The tea set is beautiful too. I have one I will probably give to Sarah E. I have something from Nita at Kandi’s house but don’t know what it is. Can’t wait to find out. I need to call her. I’ll bet the coffee pot wasn’t as pretty as it is now. You are so blessed.

  12. Yeh, come to think of it I have something from Nita at Kandi’s house. I’ll find out when I pick my grandson up Sunday. I can’t wait.

  13. I percolated vinegar in it today. I guess I should’ve let it set for awhile. I’ll do that next. How long should it take for all the minerals to soften? It’s looking real good. I wonder what it looked like before mom got a hold of it. She cleaned it up for me.

    I know what you got na nana boo boo! 😉

  14. Oh, how totally groovy, Julie! This is really cool. My parents used to have an old tin percolator that made a stout cup o’ joe! Of course, that was when I as a boy and I hated coffee still. I can’t wait to have a cup at your place!

    And how fitting that you have a percolator now to go along with the site!

  15. Yes, now I have a mascot!

  16. come up soon and I’ll make you a pot!

  17. Way to go, Nita!
    Good find.

  18. OOOOOOhh! I am so excited Mom (Marilyn)! Did you get Sarah a china set too? I was thinking it was a wonderful idea and was going to start looking. I even thought it would be good for Aaron, since someday, he will have a perfect, wholesome, pure, beautiful, giving, submissive, wonderful wife, who dearly loves her mother in law (me), we can walk across a field of daisy’s and I can have the antique china set as a gift for her and I will be her favorite from then on, she will always remember my birthday, want to be with us at christmas and let me have my holy grandchildren whenever I want. Don’t you agree?

  19. Walking on sunshine…wo-oh!!! OK, excuse us, I need to give Trish her medicine now. I don’t know where THAT all came from. I don’t know what she’s thinking—that’s the girl (and her 2 sisters) that MY 3 sons are going to marry!

  20. And in case you don’t know, Trish and her family are here with us this week. So I think we’ll all getting a little slap happy now!

  21. That is sooooo funny! I can relate very well to those kind of daydreams! Dream Big! Right?!!!!

  22. I’ve been thinking about you guys. I know it’s a hard time but I’m glad your slap happy!

  23. How cool, we’re on the blog at the same time!!

    Trish wants to know if you find your china at estate sales or garage sales?

  24. Garage sales. Mom’s the estate sale/auction guru.

  25. Mom finds lots of great buys at estate sales but garage sales are a littler easier for me and my entourage.

  26. Speaking of entourage, Trish and I went to the library yesterday with all 5 kids and thought of you as we tried to keep them together in the parking lot. Wow–mom of 4, we admire you, our new heroine!!!! There was 2 of us and had 2 kids that were much older than yours, and it was still a bit crazy!

  27. My good friend Karen and I get together every week or two. We just take turns at each others houses cuz between the two of us we have seven children and the oldest is seven! It’s fun but there is no way we would want to go anywhere.

    As for me, I do grocery shop and run errands etc. with them all. It is difficult and I’m usually very tense when I get back home!!! It will get easier as they get older! That’s what I keep telling myself!!!

  28. This time will pass….and then we’ll be wishing for it back.

  29. Yes, I don’t want to wish it away.

    Carl and Mary’s daughter Tori has been coming over once a week for an afternoon so I can do some errands on my own. It’s really a treat.

    I constantly panic, wondering where the kids are! Then I realize, Oh yeah I’m by myself!

  30. And it WILL get easier when they’re older. The boys are a lot of help–they often unload the groceries from the van and put the things in the fridge. Connor (11 years old) likes to help comparison shop to try to find the best deal. And they LOVE to push the cart (but sometimes I have to FIRE them or take away their “driver’s license” if they abuse that–like racing down the aisles and jumping on the cart or running into my heels with the cart-OUCH!) Trish said Aaron (5 years old) is a big help putting groceries away, too.

    I have found that some of the simplest things that I think of as chores, they LIKE to do.

  31. Well, I’ve enjoyed our chat, but I gotta go. We’re going to Kelli’s tonite for dinner and I need to get some food fixed to take over. Trish and Chris will probably be driving home on Sunday. Pray for them tomorrow–there will be a small private memorial service for his dad.

  32. Actually, I have 2 china tea sets, 1 I got as a teen, the second one is from your gma Sarah, she gave it to me back when she was still home. If you are thinking full china dinner ware, I don’t have that. Your 3 are so amusing to listen too, thanks for making our day.

  33. Oh….have a nice evening! (I got distracted and forgot to say bye!)

    I’ll be praying for you and your family, Trish.

  34. I picked up my beautiful gift from Nita today. A beautiful piece of Capodimonte. It’s made in Italy and have’nt gotten a piece for a long while. Not since Tommy died. They are flowers made from this substance or clay from Italy. Very delicate and fragile. I love my Capodimonte.
    Thanks Sis so much.

  35. I see those tears, you cry every time you get a Capodimonte. But thats OK. I need to get to Columbia and find my treasure. I thought we were going this week-end but didn’t.

  36. Pray for Trish & family, they are on the road back to Maryland. Pray that they will be alert.

  37. We made it back to Maryland intact! Thank you all that prayed for our safe journey. Keep Chris in your prayers as he grieves the loss of his dad.

  38. We miss you already! Love you sis and bro! And Aaron and “Sawah” (that’s how Aaron and James say Sarah”. We were all doing it by the end of the week!)

  39. Glad to hear you made it back safe and sound.

  40. Our prayers were with your safe return, and will continue our prayers for Chris. It’s hard to lose your parents or anyone you love. You do miss them so. Their with Jesus, and they are’nt suffering. I know, that does’nt help you right now. I needed time, and so do you. Aunt Tootsie

  41. Hey, I was googling Manning Bowman percolator fuse and found your comment about the spare fuse being in the base. Tah-dah. Mine works now. It’s a beauty. Many thanks! I can now return that butt-ugly Bodum thing I bought.

    Linda Griggs

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