yuck, it’s cold!!

Jules —  October 24, 2005

We didn’t get to go on our morning walk/bike ride this morning. It’s in the 30’s and I don’t have all the winter outerwear washed. I am really bummed that the perfect weather is now a thing of the past. I don’t think I’d mind it so bad if I didn’t have kiddos that love to play outside. It’s just not the same once it gets chilly. Plus, it’s so much work just to go anywhere when everyone has to be bundled up. Blah! I will try to make the best of this winter and have a positive attitude. I do love the holiday season.

A couple of people over the weekend asked for my vegetable soup recipe. It is so easy and yummy. It’s perfect on these cold days.

Vegetable Beef Soup


1 can of V-8
1 small can beef broth (I really like the campbells condensed beef broth. More flavor.)
1 32 oz. package frozen mixed vegetables
2 lbs hamburger browned (I used leftover roast and it was delicious)
season to taste


Simmer on stove top for a couple of hours and voila you have soup!

“Worries go down better with soup”



15 responses to yuck, it’s cold!!

  1. The ‘perfect weather’ only lasted a couple of weeks! :(

  2. What do you mean “A couple of people”???
    More than a couple.
    Especially your Antique Cousin.
    Mary and I will get you back for treating us like old ladies.
    Hummmmmm maybe thats why I cant find a date.
    Well I guess I better quit looking for a nice man, I dont think there are any more left….
    I loved that soup Jules…… I am making it this weekend. Ian loved it.
    “Whatever the (King) wants I make for him”.
    I liked it with the roast.
    I hope we can have a hayride before winter, I love the snow. I wish I knew how to snow ski.
    Well I am glad I got to see Mary and Karen.
    Torri (I hope I spelled that right) I hope Max did not wear you out, he is such a baby.

  3. I was whining this morning when it was 53 degrees out. We all bundled up and went to the park to play, I did my usual walk around the track, but in gloves and all tied up in my hood.
    I have found something new to me, call it my new addiction. Dannon Smoothie’s…80 calories, no fat, fills me up as a stand in for a missed meal or snack. I like the strawberry banana…my senses go crazy in my mouth with the flavor…it’s a summer drink for the winter time.
    I really hope I don’t see 30 degrees anytime soon, but since I am almost parallel to you it’s gotta be comming. We got Sarah and Aaron some “new” timberland boots, they are so excited to get boots for the snow! Chris and I are scared, we haven’t done snow for a looooonnnngggg time.
    Love you all

  4. I do not like driving in the snow.

    I am going to try that Dannon stuff. I am always looking for a new food love!

  5. Kandi, did you know you’re the oldest cousin? :evil

    Seriously, you’re young and fun!

    There are good men out there. There’s gotta be!

  6. Wow, that’s crazy! Missouri in the 30’s. In Minnesota today it was in the 40’s. Who would’ve thought!?

  7. It was in the 30’s this morning when we normally take our walk. It got up to like 50 this afternoon.

  8. This is the best soup of all time. I wish to have it every time we come over, along with that creamy corn bread stuff. James is so lucky to have such a soup nazi in his own home. I know he demands veggie soup weekly if not more! :puke

  9. Talkin winter reminds me about my leggins and coats mama used to make us. The neighbors would give mama their old coats , and one neighbor I understand was good size. They would have them clean and give them too us and mama would make Marilyn, Nita, and I new wool leggins and coats to match. We were so proud of them, and no one ever knew the difference. I and Marilyn always got new 5 buckle boots. So we were always warm for the winter. Those Dannon Smoothies are good.
    I’m finding each day I have to bundle up a little more. :( I’d rather it be 90 to walk in than 9 :eek :eek :eek Tootsie

  10. Grandma must be an incredible seamstress! I can’t imagine doing what she did.

    Does the colder weather cause your asthma to flare up on your walks?

    Went to the doctor today. I had several things that needed to be fixed. I brought me home a bag of medicines from the pharmacy and I am doing better already.

    I ran out of my prescription inhaler quite some time ago. She gave me a knew prescription today and I am feeling so much better. I didn’t realize that I wasn’t breathing well at all. When she listened to me breathe she said “Oh my you need some albuterol”

    Anyway, I wondered about you walking today. Cold air causes me problems.

  11. It got cold after we got down here in Tenn. This Morning My back kept feeling tense from the cold so I went in and put one of those patches on my back to keep it warm. I was nice and cosy all day. Therma Patch, just like the comercial says: It’s a heating pad with out the cord. Love em.

  12. The above one was from Me, Punkie, Or Marilyn. I am going to try that soup as soon as I get home if it is still {{{COLD}}}} out. Thanks for sharing it. {{{{{Marilyn }}}}} 😉

  13. I fixed it for ya!

    I wonder if those therma patches would help Jessica’s leg aches. On occasion she gets those growing pains and she uses a heating pad. Sometimes it’s hard for her to be restricted by a cord.

  14. You might try the neck size, don’t know if they make a smaller size or not. I use the neck size on my back. I’m cheap, you get more in a box. The back size seems big to me. Just be careful, I have gotten burned once by them. Probably layed on it to long.

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